April 24th, 2017


Energy is an interesting thing. You can not see it or touch it. It moves and changes moment to moment. In fact one word can change the energy of a relationship or an experience. And expression can change a relationship. Life is all energy flowing. Feelings. And we intuitively know the difference between positive energy and negative energy. We can read it in an experience instantly. Our gut just tells us yes or no . . . all day long every day. We can look at a person and instantly know whether we are attracted or repelled by them. And usually it is the energy that we are reading.

We must be aware that energy makes the world go round. When we go to a movie, we are moved by the energy of the movie. Does it make us happy, sad, inspired, excited, introspective, motivated, angry, or a range of a thousand other emotions. And our emotions make the world go round. Wars are caused by energy. Peace is a form of energy. When we are hungry or thirsty our energy moves in a certain direction. When we are in love we project an energy that is quite different than the energy of anger. So you see, energy is everything.

And if your business isn’t flowing in the direction that you want it to, I want you to seriously consider that the problem is probably caused by the direction and flow of the energy in your life.

As SendOutCards business owners, it is our job to EXPAND a good idea. And we expand it by projecting the energy of it to others. Our goal is to magnify the energy of our business to others.
We send out to give and by doing this, we are taking our personal positive energy and sharing it with others. That is a big start. The more you expand the energy to others, the faster you will attract others that want to be part of our movement.

Those that attract many other people are sending out so much positive energy that others can’t help to be intrigued or interested. As you scroll through the news feeds on Facebook, what are you attracted to and what do you just skip over? When you share a positive testimonial you are sending out positive energy. When you send a campaign with nice pictures you are sending out positive energy. When you call a friend just to say “hi” you are sending out positive energy. When you post a touching story you are sending out positive energy. When you train a group of people leaving them with something that will make their lives better. All of these things are energy magnifiers.

Think about a successful business that you know. Isn’t one of the goals of the business to project or magnify it’s core mission into the world? The goal is to get the word out so that others will be attracted to it. For example, let’s say your friend owns a delicious frozen yogurt shop. Whether they tell all of their friends or run some ads, the goal is to spread the energy of the yogurt shop outside of its current reach, right? If the energy doesn’t expand, neither does the business. Your business is no different! If the energy doesn’t expand outside of you, then neither does your business. Your business expands as you magnify the good idea that SendOutCards is into the world.

So think about what it means to expand the energy of SendOutCards beyond your reach. Let’ talk about 9 magnifiers . . . 9 things that will expand the reach of your business beyond you.

1. Share a testimonial at a networking event. The energy is transferred from you to them, thus magnifying and expanding the reach of the idea of sending out positivity.

2. Send out a campaign with an inspirational story or testimonial

3. Surprising someone with a card and a gift. The energy is transferred from you to them . . . expanding the idea beyond just you.

4. Do a blog post or an article about relationship marketing for a networking website or publication . . . more eyes see it and read about it expanding the energy of positivity from you to them.

5. Adding 1-4 new distributors to your team per month expands your army by 12-48 per year. Each new person magnifies your reach and expands your footprint in the marketplace.

6. Simply showing the business 1-3 times per day magnifies the energy you are projecting out into the world . . . even with those that don’t sign up – you did your job. You shared it and let them feel that impact of who we are. That’s a win!

7. Train a group of people on how to use SendOutCards. They now will be sending out cards which helps to project the energy of positivity and giving out into the world thus expanding our reach!

8. Sending out card flurry cards. We collectively as a team can give the press an opportunity to be our megaphone for a cause that will once a month help to lift up another human being or family in a time of need. www.cardflurry.com

9. Promote the conference calls and events. Conference calls and events are MAGNIFIERS! By having the members of your team at an event or on a conference call you are helping to expand the idea of SendOutCards into the world. Think of each person as a conduit or megaphone for positivity. Each person can potentially expand the good idea of SendOutCards to others . . . and events and conference calls can inspire them to do so.

So think about ways you can expand the energy of the idea of SendOutCards into the world. EVERYTHING that Kody Bateman does is designed to figure out ways to IMPACT more people in a positive way. And the only way he can do that is to EXPAND his idea. Think about it. When SendOutCards started, it was just Kody and his idea. He began doing the TreatEmRight Seminar and he recruited about 160 people in his first 2 years. By doing this he expanded the idea out beyond him. The energy exploded on to the scene making a positive “splash” in the world. And that energy continues to expand today through our efforts. And what are we doing? We are sharing Sendoutcards, Signing up new distributors and customers, doing conference calls, promoting trips and events, etc. Each activity is designed to magnify the positive impact that SendOutCards is having in the world. We are expanding the energy of SendOutCards beyond ourselves.

Stop for a moment and think about the meaning of this call. You are an independent distributor. Your ONLY job is to TAKE THE GREAT IDEA THAT SENDOUTCARDS IS AND EXPAND IT OUT INTO THE WORLD. And THE REASON WE DO THIS IS BECAUSE WE KNOW ITS GOING TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. The result is a bigger check and the reward of a better lifestyle.

If you were to make ONE SINGLE MINDED MISSION it would be to do exactly what we are talking about on this call

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