Events are Like Family Reunions

Have You Been to a Family Reunion Lately?

I recently went to Ohio to my mother’s side for a family reunion. Do you have those relatives that you haven’t seen for awhile and when you see them you remember why? Well, I have some of those, too. How about the aunts and uncles that come up and tell you all these stories about you when you when little? Of course, there are some relatives that you haven’t seen that you’re glad that you’ve seen at the reunion. Since you haven’t been to a reunion for awhile, there are a lot of relatives that you’ve never seen there. Does any of this sound like your reunions? You do feel like after the reunion is done and over with that you’re glad that you went when you really didn’t want to go in the first place? Does this sound like the events in your business?

Company Events are Like Family Reunions!

Happy PeopleNow that I’ve said that, let me explain. When you go to a company event, you get to see and meet everyone that is there. Rub elbows with all the big wigs!!! You get to hear first hand on how the leaders have made it to where they are now. You learn what not to do so you don’t make the same mistakes. Best of all you meet life-long friends that you’ll see year after year just like those cousins that you see at your family reunion. If your business is not network related then find courses to take that are relevant to your field. This will also build team camaraderie and motivation to do better in their businesses. So, make plans now to get to your company’s next event and plan on taking your team. If you are in my company then make sure you come and find me so we can become one of those life-long friends.

Make it a GREAT Day!

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