In most network marketing companies, the presentation (sometimes referred to as the BP)
is the cornerstone to growth. In the old days they used to measure someone’s success by how
many ‘in homes’ they did each week and how many ‘white boards’ were being sold through
their organization. Because the presentation is how you find business partners. Business
Partners typically mean duplication.

In our business, we don’t really have a ‘Business Presentation’. We have the ‘Gift Account Walk-Through’
The Gift Account Walk-Through consists of 3 parts:

1. SEND A CARD – The person you are meeting with sends a card
2. THE TOUR OF THE WEBSITE – You give them a quick tour of the site including picture plus and campaigns
3. 3 OPTIONS TO START – You go over the 3 options to get started.

In today’s economy there are many people concerned about losing their jobs, losing their homes
and making ends meet with paycuts, etc. Therefore, I recommend ALWAYS asking the person
you are meeting with if they are interested in making some money as well. I prefer to do this AFTER
they have sent a card. WHY? Because typically if you say it beforehand, they will start asking all
kinds of questions about the opportunity that will lead you into the valley of death! Many
of you have been there! So, go through the 3 steps above and then ask:

“Are you looking at this simply to use it, or are you possibly interested in making
money as well?”

Another great question to ask is the following:

“On a scale of 1-10, 1 meaning you don’t have any interest at all and you want me
to just go away to 10, you want to sign up and get going now, where do you see yourself?”

If they are a 7-10, you have something to work with. After they answer, you can ask them what’s
keeping them from being a 10 and this can give you the info you need to satisfactorily answer their
questions and possibly get them going!


You are the catalyst for the growth in your group. In other words, you always want to look for opportunities within your group to book the next gift account walk-through. Remember I talked about how some other network marketing companies gauged someone’s success by how many ‘in-homes’ they were doing?

I can very quickly determine why someone is having success or not by looking at their calendar to
see how many appointments they have booked. Look for opportunities to book a GAW from a GAW.
Fill your calendar with Gift Account Walk-Throughs and teach your team to do the same and you’ll
be on your way!

In other words, when I get someone started, I’m going to ask them to set up some appointments for
me to have someone they know send a card on our system. I’m looking to book my next appointment
from my original meeting. I book lots of these with the members of my team regardless of what level
they are on. I keep helping people bring people in until someone starts to go on their own.

For example, I received a referral from someone in another Network Marketing company that uses
sendoutcards, loves it but is not allowed to recruit anyone because of his situation. He asked me to
sponsor someone for him (under me) because he is not allowed to. So I did. I asked the guy to
bring me someone. He did. He brought me Bunny. We did a 3 way call and I went through the 3 steps I outlined above with Bunny. She got excited and we answered some questions. Bunny signed up and did she did the exact same thing with Patricia. After Patricia signed up, the 3 of them asked if we could do
a group call with some of their potential card senders. I said sure! But I asked them to make
sure each person the was on the call with us had already sent a card on the system.

Here are the things I went over with the small group (we’ve done this 3 times now and each time they
have had 3-5 guests on the calls (see how I’m booking a meeting from a meeting and how I’m driving
it down?) So here are the things we cover on the call. It usually lasts for 20-30 minutes and we will answer questions as well. I prefer that each person has already sent a card because we are less likely to get those whiney, nagging cynical questions that we sometimes hear when someone knows nothing about the system.
Always have them send a card first.

1. Tell Kody’s story (about his brother Kris)
2. Tell a personal card story and how YOU use the cards
3. Talk about SOC’s growth from 2004 to present (2004 -$200,000 in sales
2005 – 2.4 million in sales, 2006 – 10 million in sales, 2007 – 24 million in sales,
2008 – 41 million in sales, 2009 projected – 90 million in sales)
4. Go over the 3 options to start (have them write it out)
‘Grab a notepad and a pen . . . I’m going to go over the 3 options with you
and then answer your questions’ Go slow and repeat yourself a lot so they get
5. Answer their questions.

As you are doing this for your team, they will in turn bring in other excited people that you can
then do the same for. You must be the catalyst for growth until you find one or two others that
can do what you are doing. This is simple stuff.

Remember, there is not too much to master. Here are a few things that will help you be
successful. Master these few things. Think about what most professions require to make
a living. We are talking about building a life by mastering a few fun things:

Things to master:

1. Attracting great people into your life
2. Setting a simple appointment
3. Helping someone send a card
4. Going over the 3 options slowly while someone else writes them
5. Appreciating people
6. Cashing your checks
7. Dreaming . . . (do lots of this!)
8. The mechanics of signing someone up
9. Doing a quick 3 way call
10. Sharing Kody’s story
11. Sharing your story
12. Sending pictureplus cards with your handwriting in them
13. Thanking people
14. Celebrating life NOW (don’t wait!)

Don’t these things sound kind of fun? Can you really believe we get paid
to do these things??

I spent years trying to cram to learn the business before I finally realized
that the business is not about learning more . . . its about simplifying.

1. Dream
2. Send heartfelt cards
3. Show others how to send heartfelt cards
4. Teach them to do the same 3 things

Remember we are not so much in the sales business as much as we are
in the business of ‘distribution’. Distribution means ultimately finding the
business builders from within your pool of card senders. Usually they identify

I’ve actually had people ask . . . ‘how can you make money off a .62 card?’
You don’t make much money when someone sends a card. You’ll make .02 to .35
per card that someone sends. However can you imagine getting paid .10 or so
on each card if thousands or ten’s of thousands are being sent out each day?
Today, we have 30,000 to 50,000 cards per day being sent out, but in the future we will
have millions per day. Did you know that netflix customers send out over 1.9 million
DVD’s per day?

Its like having your own vending machines placed all over the country and you don’t
have to stock the machines, collect the money, tabulate the reports or maintain the machines!
You just get paid each time someone hits send. Its like having your own printing press that prints


Actually, this one is 100% up to you. How you feel about it will determine
how fast people join you. I believe that the perceived ‘pain’ caused by
the economic news is the ‘motivator’ for more and more people to get involved.
I have seen 18 year olds with no money figure out how to come up with it once
they really wanted to do it. Money is simply an idea driven by emotion. People get
really resourceful when they see an option that can help them out of a tough

I heard it said recently (my good friend ‘Ja-Life’) that its not whether people have
the money . . . the question is are they going to give it to you! If you share your
excitement and involve them in your heartfelt stories, you’ll see some miracles!

Is your compelling ‘Why’ worthy of their time, energy and money?

People are just starting to come out of denial that things are going to get
better soon. They are beginning to realize that the MUST look at options. There
is no better time to be in network marketing!


What would it take for you to up your game to the next level for the next 90 days?
The fly still fly’s (process of action) but I’m talking about your ‘mental game’
Can you rise to the next level mentally such that others want to play with you?
That’s all I have for tonight!

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