Do Overs



Last night I received a text message from a friend that said:
“Is it possible to hit the do-over button on my life?”

I responded: “I think so. I have hit the do-over button many times over the course of my lifetime.
I still use it quite a bit today. I found that I usually have to hit it 4 to 10 times for it to work once . . . So I have to push it a lot”

I think that we all have a do-over button but we don’t use it enough. There are weeks that I use it every day. Its the button that allows you to start off fresh and new. Its like taking the etch-a-sketch of your life . . . Turning it upside down and SHAKING IT! We all need to do this when things aren’t going our way. The problem is not that you have challenges and problems . . . The problem is when you stop pushing your ‘do-over’ button. Each time I push ‘do-over’, my starting point is a little higher on the scale. Push it a lot!


You should be getting almost daily acknowledgement from the cards you send to people. People should be telling you the LOVED the cards you sent them . . . Or at the very least, thank you for the cards you have sent. If they are not, consider the following:

A. Are you putting pictures with PERSONALITY in your cards?
B. Are you ACKNOWLEDGING and COMPLIMENTING others for who they are to you?
C. Are you remembering important dates?
D. Are you using your Handwriting and Signatures?

Ask yourself . . . What do people say to me that makes my day go a little better? Do that same thing for others at least once per day.


Its September 1992. I just returned from Wells Fargo Bank. I’m angry and Frustrated. I just went in to check on 8 checks that bounced. $20 X 8. $160 that I don’t have. I’m frantic. They keep my bank card. America West’s CFO just announced last week that we have less money in the bank than all the change in the pockets of the employees in my department. America West may be closing its doors. 10 more of my closest friends stop into my office to say goodbye. You can see the fear in their eyes . . . Mortgage payments, Car Loans and Kids to raise. They might lose everything. I’ve just received 2 pay cutst and I’ve been given the responsibilities of the employees I just laid off. I’ve been working my company now for about 4 months. My father has been begging me to quit. He says he won’t be my customer. I’m in San Diego reading a letter from my aunt addressed to my cousin Eddie. It says that my Dad told my Mom in Chicago that my company is a ‘House of Cards’. My mom wrote my aunt in Las Vegas who wrote cousin Eddie and told him that my parents are against this and Eddie should get out now. The whole family is against me. And its spreading across the nation.

Last night, I just received my second $75 ticket for driving around in my 1987 Jeep Wrangler with a Shattered wind sheild. The second ticket was for not paying the 1st ticket. I just don’t have the money.

I finally decided to quit my job and just go for it . . . This month (1993) my checks totalled $1500. They are pretty small but going up. I’m scared but optimistic. If I had only known that the next month and the month after, I wouldn’t even get a check. It seems that my company lost my entire group in the company computer. No report, no ID#, no checks for 3 months! I am now $36,000 in debt and on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. The bill collectors are calling.

My group was getting paid, but I was no where to be found in the company computer. There was no ‘Distributor Support’ to call. Everything needed to be faxed in on a special form and then you just waited for a response. I waited for 3 months before I got my next check.

I have my first growing group in Peabody Mass. We are having serious problems getting 800#’s hooked up. My two strongest guys get frustrated and decide to quit. They were the ones holding the team together. They haven’t told me they quit, so I flew out to MA in a Blizzard to help them and not one of them show up! I’m another $1,000 in debt! They couldn’t come because of the blizzard. I came 2000 miles and made it on time.

At this point, I pushed the DO-OVER BUTTON once again. I stood on the doorstep in the blizzard in early 1993 and said to myself . . .” If anyone has EVER done this, I am going to do it. I no I am not very good at it, but I know there are people out there that are. I am going to find them”

This was a MOMENT OF TRUTH for me. One of many. People haven’t changed. Technology has gotten better, but the nature of people is still pretty much the same. I formed an UNLIMITED TOLERANCE THRESHOLD. Most people have a defined limit on what they are willing to ‘take’ before they give up. The greatest success stories are written by those who have no defined limit . . . They just keep working until the job is done.

These are all tests and until I realized that each test was just an opportunity to learn something and then press the DO-OVER button again and again and again my bank account would remain empty.


Here’s something I read in a book recently . . . About motivating people:

If they are the right person, you won’t need to:

1). Motivate them
2). Manage them
3). Discipline them

You can save yourself a lot of headaches if you will stop trying to motivate your people and stop managing your group! Your job is simply to:
Show it to them, sign them up and point them in the right direction.

When the right people appear in your group, their level of activity will blow your mind . . . And you won’t know what hit you!

It always cracks me up when someone calls in a panic . . . “What should I do with ___________? I haven’t even trained him and he’s already bringing in people . . . What should I do?!!!”

Get out of his way. This is a good thing!


Your goal is to QUICKLY replace yourself. I had a great boss when I worked for America West Airlines in the 80’s. His name is Jack Birnbaum and he became one of my first SOC distributors many years later. He gave me some advice that impacted my life in a profound way. He said, “If you want to become successful in Management, you need to find ways to quickly replace yourself” Now many
Managers are afraid that if their people become better than them, in some way, they will lose their power. In reality, the better you become training others to do your job, the quicker you promote in whatever you do. You become more valuable by training others to do what you do!

He taught me this lesson when I was in my 20’s. I took this powerful message right into my Network Marketing Career and still use it today.

Always ask yourself the question, “How can I become better at replacing myself quickly?”

If you hold on to your people too tight, they will never learn, and you will always be doing everything. Your group will only grow at arm’s length. You won’t duplicate at the rate you are capable of. You must hold someone’s hand in the beginning but not for too long. You must cut them loose pretty quickly if you want to grow. Your job is to get someone started, train them and cut them loose. Here’s the key for
doing this. When signing someone up, help them immediately put 25 people into their contact manager. Ask them if they know 20-25 Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners or Network Marketers that they can put into their contact Manager. When you sit down with them, do 4 things:

1. Have them send out 1 or 2 unexpected cards.
2. Send Out a campaign card to all 25 of those in the Contact Manager with a DVD in it briefly explaining the business.
3. Get on the phone WITH them and call each of the 20 people one at a time. Set up appointments with them and walk each of them through
Sending a card on a gift account until you have their 1st 3 card senders set up.
4. Cut them loose to continue to do the same thing you have done with their people.

Again, your job is to train them and cut them loose. Each person is an INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER and the only way they will grow is to do the same thing. Get them started and then look for opportunities to work with some of their people and help them do the same thing

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