Defining Moments

June 14, 2011- Defining Moments

IF YOU ARE STUCK, go back to what built the business. The fundamentals will never fail you. Go back to setting people up on “Gift Accounts” and walking each person through sending a card. When you have someone send a card on a Gift Account, everything changes. This IS a DEFINING MOMENT for most people. Talking about SOC doesn’t work. Curtis Lewsey, one of our Eagles learned this at a Home Meeting he did a couple of months ago. There were over 20 guests in the room and he had one of the guests send a card in front of the others. Only one guest signed up. Guess which one?? Yep!

You can save yourself a lot of time and energy if you will go right to getting someone in front of their computer and having them send a card. After doing this, have them watch the video and THEN, if they are not ready to be a distributor, offer them the $9.80/mo subscription to “test drive” the system. I tell them that it will allow them to begin to build their contact manager, send thank you cards (which they know they should be doing anyway) and get comfortable with the SendOutCards system.

If you are “talking about it” and asking people to sign up and they are “pushing back”, it’s because you’re not having them send a card FIRST. This is so so important. Always go back to the fundamentals. You can help to create DEFINING MOMENTS for others by having them send a card TO SOMEONE THEY CARE ABOUT.


Defining moments are those things that happen to us or that we create, that change everything.
It can be something little like something that someone says to us. It may be an encouraging word from
someone we look up to or a compliment from a stranger. Sometimes a defining moment comes as
a shock, like the death of someone important to us or a serious health challenge. It’s possible you had
a defining moment when your doctor broke some news to you or when you got robbed or when
you had a car accident and everyone was ok. One thing is for sure; defining moments cause us to view life differently. We become a different person. These moments define who we are. Defining moments are not limited to things that “happen” to us. We can create our own defining moments by attending seminars, making certain choices about what we spend our time on, the people we meet, etc. Maybe you chose to attend a seminar where you walked across hot coals to prove that you can do anything and to break through your fears and limiting beliefs. Maybe you sent a card to someone that you have always admired from afar. There are so many ways to CREATE DEFINING MOMENTS.

I think it’s important to be aware of the defining moments that led you to where you are today. Think of one or two things you are grateful for in your life. Now think about one or two DEFINING MOMENTS that helped bring you those things you are grateful for.

I would like to share with you a couple of defining moments that really shaped who I am today. Today, I seek out opportunities to CREATE DEFINING MOMENTS that can change things for the better. I look to meet people that can make a positive contribution to my life. I send cards to those that did something nice for me.

Yesterday morning I was sitting with Kody over breakfast and were were discussing “Defining Moments”. He shared one of his with me and then said, “You know Jordan, it seems that it’s really only a few simple defining moments that shape who we become.” As I thought about this, I really began to realize that defining moments are usually experiences that result in something very simple. We begin to repeat this to ourselves and it causes us to believe, see and do things differently.


“I CAN DO THIS” (Dinner with the 10K/mo Club)


“DON’T EVER QUIT ON A BAD DAY” (Everybody quit in Peabody, Mass) (They lost my entire downline!)

“EVERYONE GETS TO BE ON MY TEAM!” (I got picked last!)

Your defining moments will either fuel you or shut you down. Sometimes defining moments are what holds you back because you begin to say things to yourself that disempower you. It’s important to get clear that defining moments are happening every day. Whether an event or experience becomes a defining moment is typically related to how much emotion it brings. What we do with these emotionally charged experiences or events can either fuel us, or shut us down.
We all have defining moments that have limited us in our lives and others that have taken us to new levels of success.

Defining moments are gifts to be embraced. Kody Bateman had a defining moment. Many others faced with the same set of circumstances could have become bitter and jaded. Kody chose to embrace this emotionally charged event. He was able to see the miracle in the opportunity that he had to touch the lives of millions of people. The crushing impact of Kris’s death became a miracle that is changing lives forever.

What defining moments are you currently experiencing that could represent the life changing miracle you are looking for? Really take a look at this. What are you experiencing right now or what have you recently experienced, that will redefine who you are for the better?
Beach Money came from ONE TRIP to Venice Beach that completely altered my perspective. My freedom. My residual income, the book, the concept that is now spreading worldwide is a result of one moment in time, a 30 minute experience from the mid-eighties.

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