May 23rd, 2016


Okay before we start, I want you to know that this call is NOT for everyone. This is for those of you that want to grow FAST. I’m not going to hold back
or edit. Regularly I’m asked what it takes to grow a big business quickly. It will require a significant investment in time and money. And you’ll need to make
a commitment to putting the time and energy into your business each and every day. If you are looking for an extra $500 a month or even a $3000 a month replacement
income, this call will be helpful but also may be a little overwhelming. As an entrepreneur there are never any guarantees. You have a chance to set yourself free financially
and there is also the possibility that you could fall flat on your face. This is when you experience the greatest growth opportunity. Failing is an opportunity to learn and adjust. Don’t ever let crisis turn into ruin.

If you want to get big, this call may challenge and stretch you . . . but that’s what it will take to break out of your current patterns and into the big time. For your business to change, you must change. I know I needed to radically alter my point of view to go from where I was to where I am today. I had to stretch to a level that I didn’t even know existed. I wanted to hang with the big dogs. And to do that, I had to face my demons and transcend my past conversations about success and money. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. If you are stuck and struggling with your business, there is absolutely no way you can break out unless you are able to rise above your limiting beliefs. This means finding a new paradigm . . . a new point of view. This will only happen when you surround yourself with people that are more successful than you are.

I’m going to go over 10 things that can rapidly accelerate the growth of your business and put you on a trajectory of meteoric success in the business. There are only a few people out of 1000 that are willing to pursue that business at this level. It requires unwavering belief, a strong work ethic and unshakable commitment to see the job through. This is not something you “try”. It’s about burning bridges and forging a new future with no intention of EVER turning back. Yes, it can be scary but it is also very exciting.

What would it mean to have the freedom to work from anywhere and take time off when you want to? What if your passive residual income exceeded your bills each month? How would that feel? What if you never had to be concerned about how much something costs before buying it? What if you could make your decisions on what to order at a restaurant by just looking at the left side of the menu and not the right. What if you never had to think or say, “We can’t afford that . . . ?” ever again. What if your money problems didn’t exist any longer?

I’ve heard it said that it is just as easy to go fast as it is to go slow. And actually, in retrospect, going fast can be easier because the result is so much better! Many successful entrepreneurs say that if you have a choice between thinking small or thinking big, it’s better to think big because the result is always better. In network marketing, you may have heard the analogy of a jet airliner trying to take off without ever reaching flying speed. The result can be disastrous. Taking off requires a certain speed before that aircraft will go airborne!

So let’s talk about 10 things that will rapidly accelerate your business growth and put you on the charts:

1). WORK HARDER – Be willing to do 5-10 times as much work in as the “average” distributor. Sheer work you put in during your first 1-3 years will put you light years ahead of the rest. Because everyone wants to be part of a winning team that is “leading”. When you do 5-10 times as much work as the rest, people will seek you out to be part of your team. Also, you will learn 5-10 times as fast as anyone else. The experience you’ll accumulate will be priceless on your journey. But working just because you are supposed to will be exhausting. You must work with a purpose and mission in mind. You must be out to change the world. Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Mark Zuckerberg, Kody Bateman work very very hard but most of the time it doesn’t feel like work because they love it so much. This can be said for almost every entrepreneur on the planet. So yes, I’m suggesting working 5-10 times harder than you already are. But maybe it’s more about getting committed to the cause. Becoming a real advocate for change in the business. Being a progressive builder vs someone going through the motions or just following the plan.


a. BOOKS: Read a minimum of one hour a day. Read the best books written for our profession. Make this a ritual. Readers are leaders. I’ve seen the personal libraries of some of the top people in our profession and they are HUGE. Fill your library and brain with books written by the top leaders in Network Marketing. Don’t just read them but begin to adopt the mindset of the leaders that wrote the books. You must begin to see yourself as one them . . . not “there is them and then there is little old me.” You need to begin to identify with the top leaders in the profession. Your identity must become that of Network Marketing Leader. You don’t need to really know “how” at this point. Just work to create a brand new identity for yourself by relating on a personal level with the top leaders in the profession. There is a long list of books I recommend in the back of Beach Money.

b. AUDIOS: Listen constantly to personal development audios in your car. Turn off the news and make your car a University on Wheels. If you are driving kids around with you while you are listening it will change their lives as well. Order all of the “Mastermind Sessions” from Art Jonak. Order GoPro “All Access. Make this a priority.

c. EVENTS: If you want to become a top earner, you MUST do what the top earners do. You must attend all of the events. Company conventions are a pre-requisite. It’s compulsory. Non-negotiable. And personally I believe you should attend at least one generic weekend event per year . . . like GoPro, MLM Mastermind or ANMP (Association of Network Marketing Professionals). It will expand our vision 10 Fold. Top leaders feed their brains incessantly. And it will get you excited about your future.

3). START THINKING LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR: Entrepreneurs do two fundamental things differently than non-entrepreneurs.

a. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: Stop blaming the company, the comp plan, the products and your upline for your lack of growth. Take control of your business. If your upline isn’t giving you what you need, then you become the best upline that your company has ever seen. The past does not equal the future. Your business will rise and fall on leadership.

b. THINK LONG TERM: The work and money you invest in your business today will pay you 1-3 years from now. You must have vision and patience.
You are sowing the seeds of opportunity. ALL entrepreneurs view their investment of time and resources as investments in the future of their business. Invest in yourself and invest in people. Think about what each hour and each dollar will mean magnified in time. For example, when you take a trip to work with your team, think about how the training you provide for them will help them develop THEIR business into the future. When you encourage your team members to attend an event, think about how the inspiration from the event will propel the growth of their business into the next 1-3 years. Consider that every dollar you spend is an investment in your FUTURE business.
This is very different than how we view things in the job world. Employees don’t think this way.

4). RELATIONSHIP BUILDING WITH A FOCUS ON CONTRIBUTION – Those that build large and fast growing network marketing organizations figure out ways to connect with LOTS of people through networking and social media. People need to know who you are and you must become someone that others want to connect with. Usually this is because you offer them something that will benefit them. I have become somewhat of a connector of people. I look for really great people that need to know each other and I introduce them. I have become a collector of business cards over the years. And I do my best to stay connected to many of them. Some people blog, others are great at producing really interesting content on instagram or Facebook and others want to follow them. But the bottom line is you must have a strategy for meeting and getting to know LOTS of people AND then finding ways to serve them. Find out what people want and then look for ways to give it to them. For example, if you find out that someone is trying to grow their business and you give them a book on a relevant topic, they will remember you for life. When I find a book that I think everyone should read, I purchase a ton of them and I give them away to people in my network. This is also THINKING LONG TERM. It’s an investment in my network.

5). BECOME A MASTER AT PRESENTING – If you want to have an exploding business, you must MASTER your presentation. This shouldn’t take weeks. You can learn it in 1-3 hours. Do this now. Start presenting tomorrow. It’s okay if it’s not perfect. The person on the receiving end doesn’t know the difference. You will never have a big business unless you can do a presentation.

6). HAVE A FULL CALENDAR WITH APPOINTMENTS TO SHOW THE BUSINESS AND TO FOLLOW UP – Every day you should have a LONG list of people to set appointments with and follow up with. And it needs to grow daily. Anyone that has ever grown an explosive team has a FULL calendar. It’s the barometer of growth.
I’ll tell you a quick story of Keith Mceachran (The greatest story ever told). Signed up 40 people in his first month right before he went to prison for drug crimes he had committed 8 years prior. He wanted to make sure his wife and son were going to be okay. Within a year he was making $40,000/month and then went on to make $350,000 a month. IN his first 30 days he called 100-150 people a day.

7). LEVERAGE IS THE KEY TO FAST GROWTH – Your business will grow big quickly if you figure out ways to leverage the people, tools and events that are available to you.
Never do a presentation with just one person if you can do two. Always invite someone else from your team to be present. Create alliances with leaders from other organizations in out states and cities. You work for them and they will work for you. Do 3 way calls. The first 5 that I did I was a nervous wreck. When Richard Brooke told me that I would increase my income by $50,000 a year just by mastering the 3 way call, I took it on! And one year later my income went up $80,000! It’s a leverage tool. Leverage
conference calling a webcast platforms. I’m leveraging a webcast platform tonight by having all of you on this call together. I’m doing the call once but then posting it for others to listen to down the road. It will get listened to thousands of times after tonight. And it took me 90 minutes to put it together and 30 minutes to do it! That’s leverage! GIVE tools a way! They will work for you while you are sleeping. Get a commitment from someone to do something with the tool before giving it to them. For example, you can say, “If I give you this Beach Money Book to read, when can you get it done by?” Get a commitment up front. Practice giving away 3-5 tools a week and watch what happens! Books and CD’s are great leverage tools.

8). GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY – I could do a four hour workshop on this one. You are your own worst enemy. Release those tethers that are holding you down.

9). DREAM BIG – Start dreaming again on an epic scale. Be bold with what you plan to create in your life. It doesn’t have to involve private jets and mansions. It can be around your family and your kids/grandkids. Part of inspiring others is to dream big yourself. People don’t want to follow small thinkers. Find something worthwhile to create in your life and tell others what you plan to do and how you plan to help many others live the life of their dreams.

10). PUT IT ALL TOGETHER – When you apply all of this at the same time, your business can’t help but explode onto the scene. You’ll become known as a master network marketer that others want to work with. Only about 1 in 1000 do all of these things. Yes, it will take lots of work, but you won’t have to do them forever. This will launch your business on to the scene and bring significant growth to your team AND your checks! This is a case of 2+2 =10. These things all fuel each other. Have you ever put vinegar and baking soda Together? It creates a chemical reaction. The same holds true when you put the above strategies in place . . . your business will take on a life of its own. Ask Melissa Barlock or Darla DiGrandi. I have done this twice before and the result is almost 250,000 distributors and $20 million in income. It didn’t just work once. It worked twice And I have many many other friends that have accomplished this and more.

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