May 21, 2007


For YEARS I had been TALKING ABOUT doing a cruise to the Virgin Islands. About one year ago, I just decided to ‘put it on the calendar’.
When you take something that you have been talking about and you SCHEDULE IT, you make it real and put it into existence. I heard it once said, That if you don’t SCHEDULE IT, it doesn’t exist. Scheduling it, puts it into existence.

So I SCHEDULED a Cruise to the Virgin Islands and I went. Everything changed on this cruise. There was really no amount of money that could define the rich experience of being on this cruise and making many new friends. In fact, it became very clear on this trip that I needed to do a cruise for our team. Megan did some research and we SCHEDULED IT! Then we put together a simple website and some qualifications.

The cruise cost me over $35,000. I took a risk and put the money down not really knowing what the result would be. I offered to buy Kody and Jodi Batemans Cruise and Leann and her Husband, Micheal’s Cruise as well.

I began to talk about it on the call on Monday night and MANY PEOPLE WENT TO WORK! In about 3 months about 100 people qualified and we began to book each person on the cruise and make all the arrangements. I knew it would be fun, but I had no idea the impact that this would have on our team.

Last year, I wasn’t in a position to have a cruise so I did a little training just prior to the conf in August and I invited anyone who promoted themselves. We had and amazing turnout for the convention . In fact, this promotion caused our group to grow by about 40% per month between June and August of last year. Today we have an amazing event coming up the day before the conference in August that will have turbo-charge your business in many ways if you use it!

Many of you will be spinning the wheel to win prizes, and MONEY! Go to and click on ADLER TEAM PROMOTION at the top. This is a real chance to exponentially grow your business.

Each person that qualified got a big fat lanyard that said SENDOUTCARDS CRUISE WINNER and a Gold Star Pin that said CRUISE WINNER.

Here’s what happened on the Cruise. There were 2400 others on the cruise that were not with our group. During the entire cruise, other passengers on board would ask our winners . . . “How did you win the cruise?” I had no idea that this would happen but it created a ton of conversation about our team.

We became WELL KNOWN on the ship! Also, these were bright red lanyards and so it became very easy to spot other winners. So many of us became close friends in 3 short days. We would see other winners, approach them and ask, “Where are you from??” So we created a bond of leadership that will last a lifetime. Each night we had dinner together from 6 to 7:30pm. Kody and Jodi were with us each night. We saw a couple of shows – Vegas Style in a 2 floor balconied Theatre. We danced and partied each night til we dropped. We ate at midnight Pizza Buffets, exchanged business ideas and laughed til it hurt.

Some of us went to the full service salon and spa for a massage. A few of us lifted weights and ran on the treadmills each day.

Yesterday afternoon, we were out on the pool deck with about 1000 others sipping margaritas and corona’s and dancing to calipso music. Burgers and Hotdogs were on the BBQ and a few of us jumped into the HotTub with a bunch of our new friends. The experience of this is difficult to describe.

On the second day, Ines said to me . . . We are just creating PERFECT MOMENTS. As I thought about this, I realized that what we do in SOC is simply create “Perfect Momemts” . Memories that can last a lifetime. I had many PERFECT MOMENTS on this cruise. If we simply build a team and then
Help to create “Perfect Moments” for ourselves and our team, the rest will fall into place.

As I was on the Treadmill Yesterday morning on the Observation deck, I was playing Norah Jones and looking out over a stunning 180 degrees view of the panoramic ocean. A man in the gym pointed to a group of whales off in the distance and then lots of dolfins dancing out at sea. A perfect moment.

Later in the day, as I was walking up to the outdoor bar to get a drink, I was pulled out on the dancefloor to dance to some ‘live’ Raggae Music” As I was dancing to the music and taking in the fresh ocean air, music and friends, I realized I was having ANOTHER PERFECT MOMENT.

On Saturday Night just prior to dinner we had a formal networking reception/welcome aboard party for the team. We had hors d’oeuvres and everyone officially had a chance to meet each other. Another perfect moment.

Can you remember that time when you held someone in your arms, looked at them and felt that intense closeness to them . . . Do you remember what it felt like to create that perfect moment with another person? Maybe it was your child, your spouse or a new girlfriend or boyfriend.

Each time we send a card or someone receives one, we have created ANOTHER PERFECT MOMENT. What if that’s all we did was to build our team and then continue to create more PERFECT MOMENTS. Sending a card creates a perfect moment. Receiving a card creates a perfect moment. Whenever you bring your team together on a call or in a group, you have the potential to create new perfect moments. What if you ran your life creating perfect moments? What if you ran your
BUSINESS creating perfect moments?

How many times have you had something go wrong in your life or your business? What if your BELIEF was that your job was to created perfect moments for the people in your life and in your business REGARDLESS of the circumstances. Imagine that everyone agreed that this is the objective. So now if things go wrong, which they sometimes, do, you can ask them, “What can we do to turn this into a PERFECT MOMENT? Imagine driving to your vacation with your family and finding out that after arriving to your destination, you had no reservations and everything was sold out! You of course get upset. But what if at that time you all decide and ask the question . . . What can we do to turn this into a PERFECT MOMENT?? You have the ability to create perfect moments and also take any situation and turn it into a perfect moment. .

Again, we are creating PERFECT MOMENTS for ourselves and others. Isn’t that why most of us want Passive Residual income once we believe its possible. We can create PERFECT MOMENTS FOR OURSELVES AND OUR FAMILIES when we are free! Right now, I am doing this call from the beach in Venice California after returning from 4 days out at sea. Without residual income I could not do this.

Now imagine this. . . We embarrassed the Japanese tourists by how many pictures we were taking! What a fun time! So now as we leave the ship, we have HUNDREDS of photos to send out to other members on our team to inspire them to be part of the next big promotion . . . I am so excited to turn some of these pictures into fun cards and to send them out to the team.

I found out that so many of our team members really just focus on Sending Out fun cards with photos, captions and borders just to make people smile, laugh and sometime even cry. When you make an emotional impact on someone and they LOVE what you are doing, many times, they want to be able to do the same. We even have people on the team that are really great at creating picture plus cards that are so creative, they almost never have to go out and call people . . . But these people are sending 5 to 10 really creative cards each day. If you want to see examples, you can go to the SOC site and look at the Picture Plus Contest Winners.

A really great idea that came out of the cruise was from D’vorah. She suggested, when getting ready to do a group presentation for some mortgage or Real Estate People, do your best to do a GAW with someone from the office like an assistant or Manager that may be able to do a testimonial at the meeting. This will triple your credibility when doing these meetings. Go to and click on TRAINING. Then click on ‘Trade Shows and Small Group Presentations’ The password is ‘thecoolbuzz’


Each week I get the question, “How do I get someone started right after bringing them on board?”

What I am doing now is have someone go to and click on STEP 1 – Quick Start and go through the Steps. The steps take someone through EXACTLY what they need to get started.

My final thought for the night is:

How many people do you believe will use SendOutCards in the US and Canada? How about the rest of the world. Right now, we have less than 100 distributors in most states. I believe there is a market for at least a few hundred thousand in most states and provinces. In the past, the average consumer sends about 1 card a month. Creating a 7 billion dollar industry. Our customers and distributors average 30 cards a month! Can you imagine what can happen as we CREATE a whole new industry?? Kody believes (and I agree with him) that we can take the INDUSTRY to a 20-30 billion dollar industry and WE will lead the way.

April 30, 2007 The information I am going to share with you tonight may sound really esoterical and unimportant. It may be confusing for some of you. Sometimes it’s confusing for me as well. It may sound theoretical and you might ask “what does this have to do with building the business?” Sometimes a minor shift in focus can completely alter your view of life and that shift can be the difference between making it or not.
For example. . . Tell Jeep story (when I focus on the broken windshield I can’t
See the road ahead – I shifted my focus)

I was hiking in the woods with a really good friend, and she said . . . “You are really lucky” and I replied. I AM Lucky. I AM LUCKY. For those of you that have taken Kody’s TreatEmRight Seminar, you know that a portion of the training is focused on “I am” statements and how Kody turned around the company using his “I am” statements. When you focus on GIVING TO GIVE, you are sending out that abundance. When you are GIVING TO GET, you are sending out scarcity. When you send out abundance, you get back abundance. When you send out scarcity, you get back scarcity. When you give to give you imply “I already am/I already have” When you send out scarcity you imply, “I don’t have/I need” Have you ever heard someone say “I am just unlucky”. What do they attract? They attract EXACTLY what they send out!
What would your life be like if you were lucky? What if you were lucky in love? What if you were lucky in business? Some people attract luck just like a magnet. Some people attract problems just like a magnet. Your IDENTITY or who you are will either attract or repel. Someone who is lucky tends to attract luck. Someone who is unlucky tends to attract problems. When you are a lucky person and something good happens to you, you say, “See, I’m just lucky!”. When you are an unlucky person and something bad happens to you, you say See, I’m just unlucky!”

How do you attract luck?? FIRST, you BECOME a lucky person. You are a MAGNET for luck when you are a lucky person. Lucky people get all the breaks. Lucky people are in the right place at the right time. Lucky people meet all the right people. Lucky people don’t get very many problems. Lucky people have all the resources they need to solve the few problems they have. Lucky people DECLARE that they are lucky. And like a miracle, luck just comes their way!

So, quite a few years ago, I decided that I am a lucky person. How did this happen? In the 80’s, I was sitting behind a drafting table and my boss came over . . . He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Jordan . . . You have a star following you!” What I heard, is “Jordan, you have a LUCKY star following you”
So what happens to people that have a LUCKY STAR following them?? They have ALL the luck! Ever since then, I have been living in the light of luck! I believed what he said and just accepted that label. Do you really think some people are just born lucky and others have all the hard luck? Do you think
That some people just get the short end of the stick all of the time?? Great things happen to me EVERY DAY! Some people are baffled by this! Some people get really green with envy. I AM one of the lucky few.

“How can he be so lucky” “He gets ALL the luck”
What would happen if you woke up tomorrow and declared yourself lucky?
What if all the good people started coming your way the first thing tomorrow morning?
What if any time something good happened to someone in SOC, it positively impacted you?
What if you GOT ALL THE LUCK?
Because I am a lucky person, I have this giant space in my life for lucky things to happen to me. If I was UNLUCKY, I wouldn’t even SEE the opportunities to be lucky. When I am lucky, I ONLY SEE the amazing opportunities that present themselves to me.

By the way, this principle can be applied to any area of your life. Luck is easy to attract when you are a lucky person!!
Write On your I AM cards “I am Lucky” and say it every day! Say it until you start believing it and you don’t question it any more! Luck can be interpreted as a random force by some people. Luck IS NOT just a random coincidence. My message to you is that luck just represents a belief in yourself and that you are one with exactly what you want and you attract it by who you declare yourself to be.

If sendoutcards is a CHORE for you or if it’s WORK for you, don’t expect Great results. SendOutCards is DESIGNED to be easy, fun and low stress. SendOutCards makes you feel good and it makes others feel good. If you are struggling to get things going, consider that the struggle is stopping You from building a successful business. Struggle is a strategy that will drive people and things away from you. Why? Because with struggle comes ‘trying to get’. When you try to get, it means you don’t have. When you don’t have, you get what you focus on . . . You get more of “don’t have”. Why is it that when you have money the bank wants to give you more? When you don’t have money, the bank won’t give you any! That doesn’t make any sense . . .
The people that don’t need it can get it and the people that need it can’t get it! ‘Don’t have” is negative energy and it attracts more of the same. “I am/I have” Is positive energy. SendOutCards is fun, easy and effortless. It adds to life. It causes new growth. Struggle takes life away. . . Ease and simplicity adds to life. Struggle is hard. How “hard” is it for a plant to grow? How much struggle is there in it? Growth is easy and natural. Struggle is contrived. “Struggle is the drama that is made up by us to explain why something is not working for us”. What would happen if you let go of the struggle and allowed success to flow to you as a lucky person. What if sending cards was fun, easy and effortless? So what does this mean to you? Again, consider that struggle is just a contrived concept that is getting in the way of your growth. Your ship will not come to port in a rough sea. What does it mean to let go of struggle and embrace ease? Let’s take an example:

Kody calls this “loosening the grip”. Let’s say you are writing a 10 page paper.
If you are tense and stressed, how do you hold the pencil? What happens if you hold the pencil this way for the next few hours. How does your hand, elbow and arm start to feel? Now . . . What if you were to relax your grip? Do you see the difference? The energy flows in a more positive direction when you relax.

Sending cards as a chore is a sacrifice.
Sending cards as a fun activity to make others feel good is an opportunity! Sacrifice equals struggle.
Opportunity equals ease.

If you are STRUGGLING to get this, most likely you are struggling in your SOC business or other areas of your life.
When you receive the summary of this call, read it over and think about how this might apply to you.

Bottom Line –

1.Think of Sending out Cards not as a sacrifice but as an opportunity
2. LET GO of the expectation of getting something in return for sending your cards
3. FOCUS on your INTENTION not on your ACTIVITIES (But be aware of your activities)
Call this week from a Rep “I’m doing my GAW every day, I’ve been tracking it and my business is just not taking off” – What does Kody FOCUS ON? Our business is a subset of Kody’s. He focuses on his INTENTION not on his stats!

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