Creating Little Stories is the BIG STORY!


If you have attended a Promptings Academy you know that most of it consists of stories
that inspire action. This is why so many people sign up as customers and distributors after attending. When we get in the habit of sending 1-10 cards per day, a few end up landing in such a way that they create a story. Many of the stories from Beach Money have ended up on a card and been sent out to thousands of people over the years. Stories drive out business.
Everyone that has joined our business has a story of how they got inspired to sign up. Stories drive our business. The mechanics won’t cut it . . . the mechanics are driven by the heart and the heart is in the stories!

Kody’s Initiative is to make SendOutCards a billion $$ household name.
In 2017 my goal is to make that happen. I have been putting my mental energy towards things that we can do to create more exposure, duplication and Card Sending. And it’s all about leverage. How can we increase the volume by having a bigger megaphone? How can we expand our reach through traditional and non-traditional channels? How can we simplify to foster more duplication?

Knowing that the heart is the engine of our growth, how can we create more powerful stories that others want to share? And how can we deliver it and a simplified way so that it’s easy to share? That’s what we must do.

We must create personal stories for ourselves and others. Love is the killer app (name of a book written by Tim Sanders, Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo) This is where our power lies.

And this is why it is so important to walk someone else through sending a card. It is the engine that drives our growth. We are going to make this happen by:

1. Creating BIG STORY
2. Fostering a SIMPLE MESSAGE
3. Igniting Duplication

Let’s talk about opening the floodgates in 2017

Post a promotion and get 3 likes. Post a pic of shaving off your facial hair and get 225 likes and 91 comments!
(Roger Hallback). I posted a simple comment yesterday on FB and got 300 likes and 100 comments –
“I can’t have girl scout cookies in my home. 1 1/2 boxes gone in 2 days. Not good.”
But post anything about your business and you get 2 likes. One from your mom and one from your spouse. Stories are interesting. Business posts are boring and mostly annoying. So let’s create and post the little and big stories. Sometimes the little stories become the big stories!

I shared the very short video and picture collage of Lance West (Reporter at KFOR) talking about A’Layah Robinson “Lemonade for Love”
(Card Flurry #3) and it already has 3200 views! Social Media will be our friend if we post stories worth talking about! Let’s give the world
so many amazing stories that they can’t stop talking about us! A’Layah is helping foster kids and we just flooded her with hundreds of cards
and gifts delivered to her by the NBC affiliate reporter Lance West that covered the story.
My new friend Frank Napoli lives at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas. He sells high end luxury sports cars. He also lives in a building
with people that can buy luxury sports cars. So he came up with a plan! Once a month he brings about 20 new luxury sports cars to the building
in the circle drive (which the building management loves because it looks pretty impressive!) and he has a special event . . . any resident can take any sports car
for a drive! And all the cars together drive to a special location where he caters lunch for everyone and they get to network and meet each other! And guess what?
He sells a few $200,000 cars each month doing this! He’s creating a big story by creating lots of little stories. What can we learn from this?
1. Demoing works
2. Bringing people together works
3. Investing in your business works.

Frank becomes famous in our building and sells more cars. People meet each other and magic happens. Frank created that opportunity.
Everyone wins. Even those that don’t buy a car win. And guess who these people are going to go to when they are ready to buy. Frank!

(by the way, this story is a story and could become a card that could be sent to your contacts at luxury car dealerships!)

Let’s talk about #2 – Fostering a simple message . . . I’ll say it again. Your message must be simple, concise and powerful. People
need to say to themselves, “I get it and I can do it . . .”

1. Tell your story (how and why)
2. Share the App and demo it including showing the video
3. Share the plans and packages
4. Ask the 4 part question.

Follow up with a few cards and a small gift.

I called Melissa the other night and asked her how she is showing the business when meeting with someone one on one. I also asked her how most of her team
is showing the business . . . she told me that most of the presentations are one-on-one and then the follow up happens with cards, cards and gifts and invitations to be on the Tuesday webinar as a second look. And I asked her what specifically they are doing when they do a one on one. She said . . . sharing the app, demoing and then going over plans and packages.

I do believe a breakdown in our presentations happens when many of you get to “Plans and Packages”. You must know the plans and be able to explain them in a way that others understand. If I were to stop you on the street and hand you a notepad and pen and ask you to draw out the plans and packages, could you do it?
Get ready cause I might ask you!! LOL Seriously could you do it? You need to be able to tell me about the subscription and bundles and what you get with each.
This is an important part of succeeding in the business.

Do it and teach it. Do it and teach it. Share stories. Demo. Send Cards with stories. Encourage others to share on social media.

When going over the mechanics with people their are two things you can do to turbocharge your message.
1. Talk about Why.
2. Share stories that support what you are saying.

It’s the EMOTIONAL CONNECTION that people have with SendOutCards that will determine whether they “get it”, get involved and do something. If they don’t have an emotional connection, they won’t get started and if they do get started they won’t do much. People think we are a greeting card company. This is the biggest obstacle we have had to date. We must show them that we are more than a greeting card company. This is why the Promptings Academy works so well. One’s range of vision is expanded after attending. They see it not as a greeting card company but as a way to be better in life. Business applications do the same thing. It becomes a powerful appreciation tool that grows a business. Your business will grow to the extent that you can create an emotional connection. I never saw us as a greeting card company. That is why I have done well. Card Flurry takes us far beyond being a greeting card company. People see an outpouring of love for a simple action that takes a few minutes. They see lives transformed. If you want to give someone a magic pill that will get them to see how powerful this is, let them experience the love in the sending of a card to someone they care about. That is the transformative elixir.

For example after I walk someone through sending a card on the app I tell them a couple of different ways
they can use the app and how it will help them. I show them WHY the app is so powerful and how it can help them. I will then tell or show a couple of stories of how others are using it. Getting them to a promptings academy, letting them listen to Kody’s story or read it in his book OR show them a card flurry news broadcast can get them to feel what you feel.

You don’t need to get fancy with this. You can have 2 stories you use over and over again. I share with you a couple
of examples of stories I share. You can steal them or come up with your own.

Donna Blohm – Car Dealerships
Stealing pics of Facebook and putting them on a card
Jim McCord
Card Flurry

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