Creating a Quantum Leap in your Business

March 30th, 2009- Creating a Quantum Leap in your Business

Just got off Executive Retreat and Eagle’s Challenge Point Earner Cruise to Cozumel!

Really want you to come next time. It’s worth working hard for these opportunities.

Kody’s Birthday is on April 27th and the TER is in Arizona on April 25th. Come to the
Seminar and let’s surprise Kody with a huge group and make him feel really special on
his birthday. Register under SEMINAR REGISTRATION on your MANAGEMENT TOOLS.

Ben Fitts is from CT didn’t get back on the ship once we were in Cozumel because
he had gotten word that his wife’s sister had been killed in an auto accident. They were very close and she is feeling really bad right now. Ben flew back early to be with his wife. His sister had 2 girls and was a school teacher. Please send cards . . . her name is Jennifer and she needs to hear from us:

Ben and Jennifer Fitts
11 Regina Rd
Vernon, CT 06066

The most valuable time on the ship was the networking with the 200 plus leaders around the pool on the cruise and at dinner. We all sat together and shared stories. The first day we were at sea. We met for dinner and all sat together each night at 6pm. We philosophized and came up with amazing business building insights and even some breakthroughs!

They had a great gym onboard and lots of people were up each morning on the treadmills and weights. They had Yoga, Aerobics classes and massages each day. There is a disco, casino, non-stop pizza, burgers, ice cream and everything else to make you fat. We had lobster for dinner on day 2.

On the second day, we had a really fun cocktail party. Everyone took a million pictures.
The party was held on the ship’s disco. Michael Yanke (our new VP of Marketing support) rolled out a really cool new recognition program which Whitney Bateman designed. You’ll be hearing more about this. The pins are amazing and promotion comes with some nice perks. If you have already been promoted, you can qualify for the new recognition by getting anyone in your coded organization to promote to your level. Then you and them will both get the recognition. The Executive watch is really cool!

On day 3 we were in Cozumel and about 50 of us boarded a catamaran to snorkel
out at sea and then we had a big beach party with drinks lunch sun and sand!
There was lots of dancing on the catamaran and we have lots of video to prove it! The water was perfect. You’ll probably see lots of footage of these trips and picture plus cards are already flying out the door!

Sawyer Bateman (Kody’s son) went deep sea fishing with Executive, Bart Ratliff.
Bart got a 7ft 150 lb marlin that he fought for 2 hours and it eventually got away as he was pulling it into the boat!

On day 4 we had a 2 hour session with Kody Bateman and the corporate staff.
I spoke on making a quantum leap in the business and David Frey showed explained the lesson of the ‘sower’. We talked about the technological capabilities of the new card editor. Kody gave many examples. We also got to see the new DVD in production which should be available any day now. We were introduced to the convention theme in a video ‘United we Send’ and also saw a great new Treat 薦m Right promotional video that will be available on the website.

The new card editor is amazing and has so many technological capabilities that we don’t have with the old editor. We all received samples of cards that have been sent on the new editor. We all received a personal card from Kody showing what the editor will do. All Sr. Managers should be receiving a packet in the mail with sample cards off the new editor. Most of the glitches have been worked out and it sounds like we will be taking the editor out of beta in the next few weeks. Right now we are successfully printing almost 20,000 cards per day on the new editor. They are amazing and I’ve been using it exclusively for about 60 days now. I love it and won’t ever go back!

The Xerox I-Gen is now installed in Australia and is in the final stages of testing. Right now cards sent on the old editor are being delivered locally in Australia, but cards on the new editor still come from the US. As soon as the new machine is 100% tested, cards on the new editor will be coming directly from Australia.

My personal most valuable insights that came from this were spending time with Phillip Wells (exec from Arkansas), Tommy Wyatt and Curtis Lewsey. These guys get what we are doing. It痴 really simple. We send personal heartfelt cards. We also show others how to do the same thing. When I look at what I did when I first got started in Send Out Cards . . . its just that. I do it and I teach others to do it. Phillip says that his quest is to find others that will do this. He says that you’ll burn out trying to get your people to do it. Instead, you’ll be working through your team to find others that will do it with or without you.

Phillip works locally in his area. When he signs up a new distributor he asks that distributor to make his/her list and then sets up appointments to talk to those people together either in person or over the phone. They do GAW’s and walk the contacts of his new distributors through sending a card. Pretty simple. He does this over and over again until someone raises their hand and says . . . I REALLY want to do this as a business!

In the next few days you’ll be hearing about a new DVD that will be included in the new
Info-pak and can also be sent out in cards. Its amazing and does a great job of not just explaining our crusade but also the great opportunity that we have with SendOutCards.

One piece of advise that I have for you. I hear people talk about having multiple streams of income to make ends meet. I understand the importance of having a job if that痴 what it takes to pay the bills. Many people start with a job and they have their business as extra income until it finally exceeds their job income. A mistake that I feel many make is to try and work multiple businesses all at the same time. For example I hear some say ‘I believe in multiple streams of income!’ I do too . . . however I also believe that the quickest way to wealth is to master one and get it really blazing . . . then take your resources into the next and get leverage. Let me explain. I have never seen anyone work multiple businesses at the same time and gain any success worth talking about. Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki both believe in multiple streams of income, but they also say to get one going strong and then invest in other types to businesses that through off additional residual income.

I see it this way. Remember burning leaves as a child with a magnifying glass. If you were cruel, you used to burn insects with the magnifying glass. Now imagine taking the magnifying glass and running it quickly across many leaves attempting to start a fire. It really can’t be done because there is no focus. Now imagine that the leaves are your business and you are trying to get them to burn. It requires laser focus. Get focused on one part of the leaves and start a fire. The rest will catch on fire from the original fire! I recommend powerfully focusing on your business and get it to a point where its producing a substantial income for you and your family. Then fuel other businesses like Real Estate with income from your business. In my opinion this is a much more productive use of your time.

You can apply this same philosophy to your SendOutCards business. The people having the greatest success are not trying to implement many things all at the same time. They have zeroed in on the 1 or 2 things that produce the greatest success (meaning they are focusing on activities that create solid and long lasting growth and retention). It is no mystery the best results come through networking and building relationships with others through heartfelt appreciation. So why convolute and complicate your message by trying to do and teach all those other things all at the same time. Get massive leverage by focusing on the things that will give you the best results now. Let’s say you come up with a really great way to bring people in, but it doesn’t provide the long term retention of distributors. Consider that you’ll create some great short term income but you’ll never get big in the business. Why? Because you will never have the leverage of having LOTS of people continuing to grow the business.

Let’s talk about taking a quantum leap in your business. I recommend getting a book called ‘You2’ by Price Pritchett. He talks about that little fly trying to escape through a window by trying to fly through the glass. 10 feet away, there is a wide open door and all the fly would have to do is think differently and it could effortlessly fly to freedom. That little fly’s strategy is to ‘try harder’. Most people ask questions that give them answers that teach them how to escape by trying harder. But what if that quantum leap comes not from trying harder but from thinking differently. Quantum leaps don’t come in the realm of the ‘How to’. They are a feeling that’s created by thinking differently. That fly still fly’s but it just fly’s in a different direction! Your process of action is your flying. You must still fly, but realize that trying harder and learning more stuff will just lead to burnout and possibly death. Now imagine 18 flies on that window trying to get out . . . one little fly decides to fly in the opposite direction. The others say, ‘You’re stupid! You’ll never escape going in that direction! Its not logical . . . it doesn’t make sense to fly away from the light. But quantum leaps in your business are only possible as soon as you realize that they are not only possible, but actually easier. Flying to freedom is as effortless as that fly flying in the other direction.

Here are a few examples:

1. Riding a Bicycle – Success doesn’t happen in the realm of ‘How to’. Proof –
You can’t learn to ride in the classroom. Success comes through the feeling
of ‘Balance’. It’s a feeling.

2. Kody in Reno – 500 people. 45 minutes of philosophy. 2 minutes of SOC
40 people want to sign up.

3. Story vs Process – David Frey, Jason Isaksen, Michelle Bateman: Everyone
moved to tears. Others trained on process. Which story gets communicated to
others? Process (flying) is essential but the feelings.

These are some things to think about. Again . . . its not logical. It comes down
to feeling vs thinking. It comes down to story vs. strategy. It comes down to
Simplicity vs Complexity. It comes down to knowing vs. believing!

The great deception is that somehow creating new and exciting strategies
will outpace the tried and true time tested skills of networking. Make it grow faster!
Cutting corners only creates a volatile team.

There is nothing wrong with meeting people on the internet. There is nothing wrong with advertising. There is nothing wrong with cold calling. They all work and have all had a place in marketing businesses. And they all are in the head vs. in the heart.
Heart moves mountains. Your team will do what you do and you can make great incremental gains through strategy and technique. In fact, I encourage you to learn great techniques. But I also know that taking it to the next level will require you to go from your head to your heart. Do you want incremental or do you want exponential.

Let’s just look at what Kody has done and how he has done it. He’s moving mountains.
He’s doing the impossible. What if we were to just do what he does? We share his story and help others to touch the hearts of the people in their lives by having them send a special personal card to someone they love. We create stories through sending cards. That’s what inspires people. Systems, processes and strategies are boring and uninspiring. People will lose interest. But a crusade that is meaningful will magically bring large numbers of people to the table . . . very rapidly. I’ve seen it and experienced it. Are you part of the crusade or just part of the deal? This could be the big differentiator for you!

So then you ask . . . ‘How do you get to that place?’ Again . . . it’s not a how to!
It’s a feeling like ‘faith’ is a feeling. It’s a knowing. When you are there, you have no
more questions. AND you still must fly (just fly in a direction that most don’t go)

I’m not talking about creating new systems that mass recruit. I’m actually talking about the opposite of that. Again . . . it’s not about doing more. If anything its about doing less.
Remember, success is effortless. Can you believe that its possible to go from where you are to where you expect to be in a blink of an eye? Attracting lots of people is more about how you feel about what your are doing than the techniques that you use.

Get to your heart and out of your head. Questions come from the head. Inspiration comes from the heart.

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