November 11, 2013


1. To study intensely over a short period of time.

This is the first “Cram Class” that I will be teaching on our Monday night training call.

If these were my last 30 minutes with you and you wanted to build a successful SendOutCards business, what would I teach you? I’m calling this a “Cram Class” because I will attempt to cram everything you need to know and do into the next 30 minutes.

So, you want to build a successful SendOutCards business? You want to make a difference in the world and create a residual income that can pay you monthly for the customer volume you create?
There are a few beliefs that are essential to quickly building a business:

You must believe:

1. That there are millions of people in the world that can, and will use SendOutCards if they know about it.

2. That you have what it takes to learn a simple system for sharing SendOutCards with others in a way that the right people will “get it.”

3. That we are being guided by a source bigger than ourselves. That means that you are being guided by a source bigger than yourself.

4. That something good is going to happen for you as long as you stay in the flow of positive action and don’t quit.

5. That complaining to your up line, down line or cross line in person, email or on Facebook is counterproductive to the results you desire.

6. You only need a few who get a few to create massive results. The key is finding the right few.

7. That if thousands of others can do it, you can do it to.

8. That what others say or do has no bearing on your success. That you and only you are responsible of your success.

9. That your SendOutCards business is designed to grow. People will tell other people about a good thing that can make a difference in their lives.

10. That you, in fact will get back what you send out. When you consistently send out positives to the world, positives will come back to you at a rate that is almost inconceivable.

Beliefs are arbitrary. You either choose to believe or not. You don’t need evidence or proof. You must be 110% in to have the success you say you want. The action required to create success in your business must be consistent with the belief that this is going to happen for you. If you doubt or question the possibility of success, your journey will be disappointing at the least and painful at the most. If you base your belief on the opinions of others, you will never make it. I only have 30 minutes so I’m going to be brutally honest. You must have full resolve and you must act with confidence. Or you may simply get lucky and sponsor the right person at the right time. That can happen too.

The mechanics of building the business are quite simple. You’ve heard them over and over again (and you’ll continue to hear them).

1. WRITE DOWN YOUR DREAMS – (have you really done this???). Forget about what you think is possible at this point. Make a list of everything you would like to see happen in your life. It may seem painful at times because you don’t currently see how you will get them, but put your trust in your higher power and just write them down.

2. MAKE A LIST – (have you done THIS??) If you haven’t done it, do it now. Go through your Facebook friends and your phone list and write down the names of everyone that you know on a really long list.

3. INVITE PEOPLE TO TAKE A LOOK – Get a YES or a NO. YES, I want to take a look for NO, I don’t want to take a look. At any given moment, some people are looking and most are not. When someone is looking they will jump at the chance to learn more. Go into it with the attitude of “I don’t care whether I get a yes or a no. I just want an answer one way or another.” Ask the question, “If I could show you a way to make money for being nice to people would you like to learn more?” Get a YES or a NO. YES IS GOOD AND NO IS GOOD. Just collect answers.

4. SHOW A SIMPLE PRESENTATION – Validate with real stories and real people. I came in because I watched the DVD and it got me excited enough to email my sponsor. Have someone watch the DVD and send a card on the system. I don’t know of how many more ways I can tell someone how to do this. OR you can have them send a card on the system and then have them watch the Video. Which video? Any video! Go to Have them click on WATCH THE VIDEO. Get them to an event or create an event. A one-on-one presentation counts as an event. Demarr showed me over the phone and then I flew to Corporate from Arizona.

5. FOLLOW UP – Be unreasonably patient with people! Your top leaders will probably come from people that said no in the beginning. Embrace this. Stay in touch with calls, emails, CARDS, GIFTS and phone calls. Make sure the people on your list know that you are still engaged and working the business. This is the step that most people drop the ball. Todd Falcone was contacted by a woman that fell off the face of the earth and then I sponsored him when he was ready. Today he has over 15,000 distributors on his team.

6. SIGN THEM UP AND TEACH THE 7/30/Q – It’s important to know that it’s not about going to GET customers and distributors. Yes, we talk about GETTING your 7/30/Q and GETTING your promotions. However, SendOutCards is a philosophy of GIVING. If what Kody Bateman teaches is true, then we must be focused on giving without the expectation of getting. The getting will take care of itself. Give abundantly and you will receive abundance. GIVE PEOPLE THE GIFT OF ACTING ON PROMPTINGS. GIVE PEOPLE THE GIFT OF OPPORTUNITY. When I show someone SendOutCards, I am offering them the gift of financial freedom if they choose to embrace it. We all have the same opportunity. It’s what WE choose to do with it that will determine where it takes us. Put yourself in the mindset of giving abundantly. GIVE out DVDs. GIVE out gift accounts. GIVE gifts. GIVE people a chance to break out of a rut.


Okay let’s now assume that you only have 30 minutes a day to do all of this. That’s okay!
Some days you might find you can work 2-3 hours and other days not at all. What can you do in 30 minutes per day to get things going?

First of all you must know that you CAN do the business successfully on 30 minutes a day.
You’ll need to massively leverage the tools and stay laser focused and consistent because 30 minutes is not a lot of time.

First of all you must be 100% committed to productivity. You have no time to read emails and dilly-dally around on the internet. The FB and TV are your enemies if you have limited time. I cannot over-emphasize this.

If I had 30 minutes a day, my target activities would be:

1. Send 1 personal card every day. (5 min)
2. Send 1 card a day with a DVD in it. Set up as a campaign so you can send it in seconds vs. having to type everything out. (2 min)
3. Introduce 2 people per day, 3 days a week to SOC. (10 minutes each)
4. Follow up for 20 minutes a day twice a week (call, email and send cards to people that have looked at the business).

It’s okay to let people know you only have 10 minutes. They will respect the fact that you are really busy building a business.

Throughout your week connect with people as you are out and about. Be inquisitive and interested in others. Ask the question, “If I could show you a way to make money by being nice to people would you be interested in learning more?” Get contact info (Name, email address and phone number). Email them and ask for their mailing address. Mail a card and a DVD. Email the new business presentation:

You can also just ask people what they are up to and what some of their goals are. In other words, ask people what they want. When they tell you say, “If I could show you how to get that would you be interested in taking a look?” If they say,”yes”, then get their name, email address and phone number. Email them and ask for their mailing address(tell them you want to mail them something). Send them a “nice to meet you” card with a DVD and then email them the new business presentation.

So here would be a typical schedule on 30 minutes per day:

Monday: Send 1 personal card, Send 1 card with a DVD. Email out 3 links with Video to people on your list.

Tuesday: Send 1 personal card. Send 1 card with a DVD. Follow up with those that you have sent videos and DVDs.

Wednesday: Send 1 personal card. Send 1 card with a DVD. Email out 3 links with Video to people on your list.

Thursday: Send 1 personal card. Send 1 card with a DVD. Follow up with those that you have sent videos and DVDs.

Friday: Send 1 personal card. Send 1 card with a DVD. Email out 3 links with video to people on your list.

Saturday: Listen to recording of training call from the past week (30 minutes).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Answering questions, signing someone up as a customer or distributor, or training someone on the 7/30/Q always takes priority over other business building activities. When someone signs up, use your 30 minutes that day to train them using the 7/30/Q Fast Start Guide. Spend the next day teaching them to do EXACTLY what you are doing.

This is a very condensed schedule and requires extreme focus and belief. You can build it on a limited schedule but you must be VERY efficient and deliberate. Let people know that your time is very limited and valuable. They will appreciate it. Some will take the ball and run with it knowing that you are somewhat unavailable. After someone gets started and has others to show it to, make yourself available to do QUICK 3 way calls. Let the potential distributor know that you only have 10 minutes to chat. 3-way calls with potential distributors should always take precedent over any other scheduled activities.

Here is how to prioritize your activities on a 30 minute schedule (from highest priority to lowest priority):

1. Signing up a new distributor. (10 minutes)
2. Group conference call with guests. (20 minutes)
3. 3-way call with a guest. (10 minutes)
4. Teaching the 7/30/Q to a brand new distributor. (10 minutes)
5. Signing up a customer. (10 minutes)
6. Sending out a DVD with a card. (2 minutes)
7. Sending out personal cards. (5 minutes)
8. Attending a training event with new distributors. (30 minutes)
9. Listening in on training conference calls. (30 minutes)
10. Reading emails. (Limit to 5 minutes a day – focus on important emails that have to do with building the business.)
11. Facebook (only on your free time)

If you only have 30 minutes a day, you’ll want to spend most of your time doing things at the top of this list. If you find yourself doing things at the bottom of the list, you will never have the success you want.

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