Convention Recap

October 4, 2010- CONVENTION RECAP
BY THE WAY . . . I have had a bunch of people that wanted my talk from
convention including the ‘Penguin Rap’ (which by the way, I DID write myself!)

So at the bottom of this e-mail is my entire talk from Convention including the
‘I am Statements’ . . .

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Please send a card . . . on
Joe asked Lawrencene to join SOC 2 days after he was diagnosed
with Cancer. Today he was in 8 hours of surgeries just days
after being diagnosed. I’ve been sending them cards for 5 years.
Joe is Lawrencene’s soulmate. They are kind people with
a beautiful family.


Megan has had an ‘I am’ Statement for a few years and this weekend
she lived one of them . . . I came on stage to HER DEBUT SINGLE ‘My Decision’
Almost 4000 people heard it. It will make you want to dance!
I got chills! It’s really really good. Check it out and buy it. It’s $1.99.
Leave a comment on her site!
I am proud of being able to help Megan achieve one of her ‘I am’ Statements!
This single is ‘HIT’ quality!


My debut single entitled “My Decision” was written specifically for me by my producer, Scottie Briggs. For those of you who ever feel like you are in a rut and lacking motivation to do what needs to be done, this song is for you. Please go and click on the link that says MY DECISION. It will take you to the site where you can purchase my song for $1.99. All proceeds go to the production of my first album. This has been my goal and my dream since I was 17 years old. Please leave a comment and encourage others to do the same. I appreciate all the kind words, smiles, hugs and support everyone in Sendoutcards has given me. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

(I meant to send this out in my call announcement last night but accidently deleted the link)
EVERYONE must watch the new Business Presentation online (now being sent in cards as well!) It’s 15 minutes. You’ll be blown away. It appears to be the same until you click the PLAY button. You’ll want to send it out to everyone you have ever come in contact with.
I got the question . . . ‘Should I call each person and tell them to watch it, should I e-mail the OR should I send it out in a card?’ First watch it and then do ALL OF THE ABOVE! This is really compelling and you’ll want everyone to see it. :)
Make sure you have each person send a card as well . . . I have found that you will triple your results if they send a card as well as watch the video.

Summer Gehrke wrote:

“I wish everyone I know could have experienced what we experienced this weekend. All the positivity, philanthropy, and inspiration…meeting people who truly want to make a difference in this world, and give of themselves, their time, and their money. It was so amazing, and I am already excited for next year in Vegas!!!” (that’s right! The convention will be in Vegas next year!)

We raised $10’s of thousands for the Make-A-Wish Foundation
and one of the amazing moments of the event was when 5 year
old Carlos Diaz took the stage as the Super Hero ‘Happy Man’
He has a rare spine disease that requires him to have painful
surgeries to straighten his spine every six months while he
is growing. He had a grin ear to ear as he ‘ZAPPED’ the crowd with
kindness. We granted his wish. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.
He came out on stage in a colorful ‘Happyman’ costume! SOC
created a really cool comic book feature Carlos as ‘Happyman’
and he fights the bad guys and restores kindness to the world!
Each comic book costs $4 and it all goes to ‘Make-A-Wish’

Sandy Morgan was born with Cerebral Palsy and has been
confined to a wheelchair for over 50 years. She has no control of
her muscles and was ‘branded’ as being ‘retarded’ all of her life.
Sandy actually is very intelligent and her mind is in perfect working order!
She wrote a book called Dance of Victory.
Sandy is a miracle and knowing her will enrich your life. Reading her
book will make you appreciate life and understand that the only
limitations we have are those we impose on ourselves. You can now
send her book with a card and you’ll want to. She is a SendOutCards
distributor and dances with Kody at every convention.

Jules price is one of our Eagle’s Nester’s. She’s an Executive from
Florida and sings with the New York City Ballet. Wow. The book she
has written called ‘Tales from the SOC Drawer’ is one everyone
will want to read as well. She breaks SOC down to it’s simplicity
and her stories will make you laugh out loud. I read it cover to cover
and couldn’t put it down!


Kathy started a company 20 years ago which today
is a $1.4 billion company. She is a SendOutCards Distributor
and is featured on the new SendOutCards Opportunity Video.
She LOVES SOC! She spoke about why SendOutCards is a perfect
business model and why she is promoting it! When someone like
Kathy promotes it (she doesn’t need the money) it’s because we
have something really special going on.

She came over to me after her talk and apologized for ‘misquoting’
me. I told her that she can misquote me any time she wants!! Kathy Ireland
said my name from the stage! :) Now that’s funny!


1. Help Millions of People Act on their Promptings
2. Provide a financial opportunity to people

Kody clarified and said . . . “We must all be in alignment
with the two fold mission and our strategies (which is the Fast
Start Guide and the Daily 8): However . . . . he recognizes that
we are each unique individuals and HOW we deliver on the two
fold mission is up to us as long as we abide by the policies of the
company. Whether you lead with the product or the opportunity
is up to you. Whether you use the online or offline approach is
up to you. We must all respect and celebrate our differences.


1. Kody has invested $millions in infrastructure,
technology and Real Estate to prepare us for the
next few years. There is big news on the horizon.
Prepare for it by building your business. Corporate has
added over 20,000 Square feet and added a company store.

2. The iphone and ipad apps are still in development
but a basic App is now available in the App Store FOR
FREE. You can download it now and start sending cards!!! :)

3. Our peak day in 2009 was 405,000 cards. This year
our peak day will most likely exceed 700,000 cards!

4. We are sending 1.3 cards per second!

5. We have sent 60 million cards so far in 2010

6. We carry no outside debt

7. YTD we have experienced revenue
growth of 29% growth (industry is down 6%)

8. Gifting YTD is up 42%
2 years ago 50,000 gifts
last year 200,000 gifts
As of Sept 2010 360,000 gifts

45% of gifing business is brownies :)
We will be first in gifting trends

9. Our technology has the capacity to carrie 3.8 billion images


The nest of young eagles hung on every word as the Master Eagle described his exploits.
This was an important day for the eaglets.
They were preparing for their first solo flight from the nest.
It was the confidence builder many of them needed to fulfill their destiny.
“How far can I travel?” asked one of the eaglets.
”How far can you see?” responded the Master Eagle.
”How high can I fly?” quizzed the young eaglet.
”How far can you stretch your wings?” asked the old eagle.
”How long can I fly?” the eaglet persisted.
”How far is the horizon?” the mentor rebounded.
”How much should I dream?” asked the eaglet.
”How much can you dream?” smiled the older, wiser eagle.
”How much can I achieve?” the young eagle continued.
”How much can you believe?” the old eagle challenged.
Frustrated by the banter, the young eagle demanded,
“Why don’t you answer my questions?” “I did.”
”Yes. But you answered them with questions.”
“I answered them the best I could.”
”But you’re the Master Eagle. You’re supposed to know everything. If you can’t answer these questions, who can?”
”You.” The old wise eagle reassured.
”Me? How?” the young eagle was confused.
”No one can tell you how high to fly or how much to dream.
It’s different for each eagle. Only God and you know how far you’ll go.
No one on this earth knows your potential or what’s in your heart.
You alone will answer that.
The only thing that limits you is the edge of your imagination.”
The young eagle puzzled by this asked, “What should I do?”
“Look to the horizon, spread your wings, and fly.”

Jordan’s Keynote at Convention 2010:

Aren’t you glad Kody didn’t pick the PENGUIN as our
company bird? . . .

Penguins are cute but they just don’t
have the same majesty as the Eagle.

And . . . ‘I AM A PENGUIN’!!’ doesn’t have the same ring to it!

*******(FUNNY PENGUIN SLIDE)***********

Whitney would have been working
on developing the ‘Penguin’ watch.

Kody’s Rap would have
gone something like this . . .

(RAP) “Penguins waddle they always focus on the huddle”
“Freeze or thaw, it’s how they hoppin to a puddle”
“From the glacier they jump in to the ocean”
“Spread their flippers and waddle while the seas in motion!”

So Kody . . . thanks for NOT making the Penguin our company Bird!

In second grade I was in love with Roxanne Peterson.
She was my first love. One day I came to school and there was a rumor
that there was going to be fight after class in the Parking Lot. Roxanne
would be in the fight. Guess who she was fighting? Me!! I was petrified.
All the other students met in the parking lot to see the fight. Roxanne and her
twin sister, Kristine were there. I was going to be fighting the girl I love!
Everyone was chanting “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” I never did find out why
we were fighting. The fight was on and Roxanne came at me!
I wasn’t going to hit the girl I loved so I let her hit me. And she knocked me down
to the ground . . . and EVERYONE laughed at me. I got beat up by a girl and
for the next 2 years of my life I was belittled for losing to a girl.


When I first moved to Arizona I had no money so I slept on the floor
of a friend for 2 years with a blanket and a pillow in the corner of a completely
empty room. My friend David financed my first bed for me. It was a waterbed
for $30 a month . . . I had a co-signer on my first lone and it was for a bed1

Fortunately I didn’t let these experienced ‘define’ me
for the rest of my life. They were my circumstances but they
weren’t ME. Our circumstances don’t define who we are.
Our circumstances are a reflection of how we see ourselves.
They are almost like a mirror of our identity. Our ‘I am’
statements form our identity . . . which creates our circumstances.

An Eagle represents GRACE not STRUGGLE
An Eagle represents SIMPLICITY not COMPLEXITY
An Eagle represents VISION not SHORT SIGHTEDNESS
An Eagle represents FOCUS not SCATTEREDNESS
An Eagle represents COURAGE not FEAR
An Eagle represents STRENGTH not WEAKNESS


I am ‘Grace’. I am ‘Simplicity’. I am ‘Vision’. I am ‘Focus’. I am ‘Courage’
I am ‘Strength’. I AM AN EAGLE!

Back in the early 90’s I was in invited on a camping trip with some friends from the airline . . .
We were in the forest in northern Arizona . . . It was a perfect sunny 70 degree day
on Mingus Mountain. I took a hike to the top with some friends. The wind
flowed in from the valley floor. The pine trees sounded
just like the ocean as the warm breezes moved between the branches of the trees.
The endless valley looked like a sea of air that went on forever.

******(VIEW FROM LAUNCH)********

I looked around to see 20 or so beautiful colorful triangular shaped hang-gliders
propped up in the forest . . . waiting for the conditions to be just perfect.
Scattered throughout the forest they looked like a giant colorful butterflies.
It was beauty at the peak of it’s richness.


A few minutes later each pilot walked his glider up to the steep launch facing
the valley. One by one they would yell, ‘CLEAR’ and step off the mountain as the
wind lifted them into the sky. It took my breath away.

My dream to fly was launched in that moment. I had to experience
what it was like to fly like an eagle. I had to feel the wind in my face
and be suspended from a cloud.

BUT . . . I had no money. It cost $500 to take lessons. My credit cards
were maxed out.
I was earning $12,500 per year at my job at the time. I didn’t have the financial
resources to pursue my dream. So for the next 6 months,
I saved my money til I had $500.

It was summer in AZ and the morning temperatures in desert were
in excess of 110 degrees. We loaded up the trucks and I had no idea what I was in for.
No idea . . . Hours and hours of painful drills getting the feel for
handling the weight of a 70 lb glider on my shoulders
and a 40 lb parachute on my chest in the sweltering heat.
No flying . . . just stumbling around on flat ground while the parched wind worked to blow me over.
The desert was unforgiving. The dust and sand in my teeth,
the heat, wind, jumping cholla cactus and giant boulders made learning to fly
a challenge. The only thing that made it all worth while was holding on
to my dream of flying off that mountain.

******(JEEP SLIDE)*********

I was in the desert every Saturday for six months . . . Weekend after weekend getting the ‘feel’
for the glider, stumbling up small berms and learning to launch and land.
Over and over again.

Launches and Landings . . . and then small turns.

After months of training in the hot desert it was
time to fly the mountain. Up until this point, the longest flight I had had was
about 20 seconds. I was getting ready to launch off a 9000 foot mountain
with a landing zone that was 5 miles away. Between me and the landing zone
were power lines, barbed wire fences, cows, mountains, saguaro cacti
and lots and lots of AIR!

We drove to the top of the mountain. I was standing in the exact spot
that I watched the 20 or so gliders launch into the sea of sky 6 months ago.

I set my glider up and carefully assessed
the conditions. The wind was just perfect. I lifted my glider up on my shoulders
and slowly moved toward the edge of the steep launch. There is nothing that can fully
prepare you for the feeling of fear that comes at this moment. Minutes later
your feet will lift off that mountain, You must have faith
that the drills and the training you have gone through have prepared you to
handle whatever comes up. You can’t think about . . . you just need to do it.


I stepped on to the launch, hooked in, did a hang check, stood up straight and looked out
over the valley. My heart pounded as the weight of the glider on my shoulders
tried to lift up with the wind flowing over the leading edge.
My instructor and a friend held my side wires until I could maintain control. I waited
until the wind was blowing right in my face and all the streamers were pointing up the
mountain. When I was ready I yelled ‘CLEAR!!’ took two long steps and then the RUSH of air
as the glider sank down and within a fraction of a second I was lifted up with a
roaring thermal . . . suspended up high over the mountain . . . like an eagle. Hanging
from the sky . . . floating like a cloud.
I was flying. the wind in my face . . .
just like I had dreamed about since being a child.

Eagle’s soar . . . they always focus on their goal!

Why didn’t I quit? It was tough. It took commitment. I had to step out.
I had to step up! It was painful at times and I had lots and lots of fear. Why didn’t I quit?
. . . because I am an Adler! And EAGLES DON’T QUIT!

So what does it mean to be an Eagle?

To dream. To prepare. To practice. To drill. To have the courage to fail.
To remember where you came from so that you
may help others appreciate their journey.
To work through your challenges
regardless of how tough they may get at times.
To know when to work harder and when to let go.
To see the future with clarity. To have a purpose worthy
of your life. To lift others up. To see potential where others see
nothing but gloom and doom. To find your strength and understand
that it has nothing to do with physical power. It has to do
with your presence, your grace and being who you were born to be.
To be the beauty that you wish to attract.
To learn. To grow. TO FLY. You were born to fly and to be an
inspiration to those around you. Otherwise you wouldn’t even
be here in this room.

And in Demarr’s case you were born to FLY FISH.

******(DEMARR FLY FISHING SLIDE)***********

Soooo . . .
Are you ready to fly?
Do you want freedom?
Are you willing to pay the price?
Will you work hard?
Will you lift others up and take them with you?

******(EAGLE FLYING SLIDE)*************


(with music that builds . . . )

I am ‘Grace’.
I am ‘Simplicity’.
I am ‘Vision’.
I am ‘Focus’.
I am ‘Courage’
I am ‘Strength’.
I was born to fly!


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