There is a direct correlation between how well someone is doing personally in the business and how many apps/walkthroughs they are doing with others.
And there is a direct correlation between how well someone’s business is doing and how many apps/walkthroughs their teams are doing with others. is creating a compelling story by connecting who we are as a team with humanity. And it is being broadcast and documented by the news media! WE are creating the story by lifting others up in love during their toughest life struggles.

The stories being created can help you to get apps on phones and give others the gift of kindness and generosity.

The Card Flurry movement is in most cases being delivered through our mechanism of SendOutCards. It really is one of the things that SendOutCards was designed for. To see little 6 year old Willie Young III “beaming” two weeks after getting paralyzed from the waist down while he is opening his gifts and cards makes you realize how powerful the gift of SendOutCards is.

So let’s ask the question . . . how can these powerful stories that are being created help us to spread the word of SendOutCards and grow our businesses? Because the more apps we have on phones, the more people will be touched by the power of our mission. is a give-to-give movement. No marketing will ever be done with the list. The only emails the participants will ever receive are stories in the news and the announcements of future card flurries. There is no way to sign up for SendOutCards through the card flurry site. Hundreds of people that are not part of our company have signed up!

So it is UP TO YOU to take the powerful message of and show others the impact it is having. You can then set them up with a free account and give them the details of the upgrade options in case they want to continue using it (why wouldn’t they?). Use the stories that we have created . . . YOU’LL FIND THEM UNDER “IN THE NEWS” at

I am using these powerful stories as part of my presentation because they quickly communicate the heart of SendOutCards to someone looking at us for the first time.

We will continue to create stories month after month and touch lives in a way that no one else can.

The original goals of the card flurry were:

1. Harness the Power of Kindness (Love)

2. Harness the Power of Technology (Innovation)

3. Harness the Power of a big team of People (Leverage)

4. Harness the Power of the story through the press and social media (Story)

And we do this by selecting one family or individual per month that has experienced a devastating loss or hardship OR has been identified by the media as a hero to humanity and showering them with
cards and/or cards and gifts.

We have just completed our second card flurry and the result as been miraculous. The third card flurry will be announced within the next 2 weeks.

So what can you do?

1). Get your existing team members and new team members to register to participate at

2). Share the story with those not in our company by having them go to the site, watch one or two of the news broadcasts and register (IN THE NEWS)

3). Share the SendOutCards App with them and show them how to use it (walt them through sending a card)

4). Go over the plans and packages including the distributor option for those that want to use it regularly.

This does not replace anything that you are already doing. In fact, it just enhances it. Card flurry represents another powerful mechanism for showing SendOutCards. Card Flurry is powerful and moving. People get the impact of it when they watch the news broadcasts and then send their first card. Its responding to a devastating loss and instead of just feeling bad for the family or individual, this actually gives us the power to do something about it . . . to really care and to really help . . . to connect on a real personal level with another human being. We still follow all the same steps for showing SendOutCards. Card flurry is a story to add to the presentation. Card flurry can help to bring SendOutCards to life for someone.

So i have a very simple recommendation for you. Make it a point each day to share card flurry with someone. And then make it a point to show them how they can use SendOutCards to send out their card or card and gift. Many will want to continue to use SendOutCards in their every day lives.

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