Oct 20th, 2014


Today is a BIG day in SendOutCards history! I have a lot to cover in a short timeframe tonight . . . but I want to get
everyone up to speed quickly.


I sat on the shuttle that gets me from the Oakland Airport to the BART to go into downtown San Francisco a few days ago.
While I was sitting on the shuttle for just 10 minutes I sent 2 cards with gifts and spent about $60. I KNOW there are a few million
people that would love to be able to do the same. I also know that when we sponsor a distributor and help them activate
2 free accounts, the company sends us AT LEAST $140 ($240 if you are a Manager and $290 if you are a Sr Manager).
I also know that Kody sends out a few million dollars a month in residual checks each month for the purchase of cards and gifts
by our customer base. Everything is working! The program is simple. We can never forget the essence of what we do and
keep the main thing the main thing.

Periodically I’m asked to come to Corporate for a couple of days to work with the team on sometimes difficult decisions involving
product launches, compensation enhancements, technology, etc. As I said at the retreat, I’m a little mentally challenged
when it comes to these things. Some of the decisions are really tough because a). There is no RIGHT answer b). Everyone has
a different opinion. Kody does his best to make everyone happy and at the same time he must balance marketing budgets, payroll,
expenses and a massive investment in future technology. I wouldn’t want to be him for a day!! The responsibility is enormous.
I get “brain-lock” in these meetings. Kody, OUR job is simple . . . send cards, show people, sign people up, train them. That’s it.

Sure, I have my frustrations at times . . . I wish the JOIN button was more prevalent! It will be.
I would like my groups to be in alphabetical order . . . they will be.

I wanted a $5 Starbucks Card for a couple of years . . . we have that now and much more.
I wanted an iPhone App for a couple years . . . yes, we have that too!

The “Bells and Whistles” are part of our future but let’s never forget what makes SOC work. You can make someone’s day
by sending them a card and a gift if you want to. AND they’ll pay us WELL for sharing this gift with others.

And here’s the BIG NEWS . . . there IS BIG money in SendoutCards. MILLIONS of people will be using us and when they
do, we will make LOTS AND LOTS of $$$. Were not perfect but we are very very good and we are getting better!

So as I go through these announcements, remember once again to keep the main thing the main thing.

That brings me to THE FUNNEL. This is the Marketing Plan . . . Go to DOWNLOADS (under Help) and click on THE FUNNEL AND MARKETING SYSTEM

THE FUNNEL will eliminate any confusion . . . Every tool and system that’s in place is designed to bring people to the funnel to SORT
them to determine whether they are interested in being a customer or distributor with us.

OUR BIG ADVANTAGE: We have the most exciting product/service in the network marketing profession

OUT BIG DISADVANTAGE: We have the most exciting product/service in the network marketing profession

People love to talk about our product and we truly are the “jewel” of the profession. Everyone seems to love us! But because of this,
people tend not to talk about our opportunity . . . Our comp plan is one of the very best in the profession but we get so caught up
in the appeal of our service, we neglect telling people about the big opportunity that presents itself!

As you look at the Funnel System, you’ll notice the green bar in the middle is how we SHOW the business. You can use videos, have someone send
a card, do one on one’s, two on one’s lunch meetings, home meetings, hotel meetings, etc. All of these are designed to introduce the business and the service
to NEW people. If 100 see the business, somewhere between 10 and 30 will sign up. If 1000 see the business, somewhere between 100 and 300 will sign up
and if 10,000 see the business somewhere between 1000 and 3000 will sign up. That’s just how it is!

The powder blue section above are the TOOLS used to bring someone to the party. You can use ANY of these tools to get someone interested in seeing the business. Social Media, Sendcere, Card Sharing Kits, Splash Paks, Mobile Apps, Personal Website, Videos . . . they are all designed to get someone to the green
section so you can show them the business. Pick the one’s you like most and that work best for you!

After showing the business (the green section in the middle, we ask for a decision . . . 1 or 2. They decide. And if they are not ready to pull the trigger, then send a card (and a gift if you want to!). Keep them in the loop! Send them a link for one or two of our Monday Night calls? Stay in touch until they are ready! Most of all, make sure they are in your contact manager and start to receive cards from you on a regular basis.

This is the FUNNEL SYSTEM and it’s the basis for everything we do to grow the business.

So what I am going to talk about tonight are enhancements to the powder blue area (Section 1)

NEW REFORMATTED 2.0 WEBSITE – Click on the link at the top that says “We have a brand new Website” This is the new modern website
that was launched at convention. Simpler/cleaner/easier to navigate,etc. You can navigate back and forth between Sendoutcards “Classic” and
2.0. Use the banner across the top. Eventually “Classic” will go away. FEEDBACK should be put on the green tab on the right of the new website and
not on FB.


Sending a card while standing in line at the bank!
Sending a card from the baseball stadium!
Sending a card while sitting in bed.
Sending a card while watching your kids play soccer
Sending from the backseat of the car
Sending a card while waiting in the cell phone lot at the airport


We are going where the people are . . . companies like Nike are abandoning traditional advertising and putting their money
into Social Media Channels. One in every 7 minutes online are spent on FB!!

As of today, you can send cards from ANY device including tablets and iPads. Again feedback should go through the green
FEEDBACK tab. Use this as a tool to sponsor new people. Have fun with this one!

SOCWALLET – Get your checks deposited directly to a credit/debit type card. Transfer $$. Access $$ from ATM’s. Very low fees. Website access. Apple and Android Apps. SMS Notifications. Easy way to manage your money on a card. When money is deposited you’ll get a text message. You can transfer $$ from you soc wallet to your bank account. You can view your history online. Perfect for getting international distributors paid immediately.
SOCIAL SENDCERE – This is one of those things that may not make a lot of sense to you until you get in there. It’s YOUR SendOutCards/Sendcere Marketing FB Page. I believe everyone should have this. Social Media Consultants charge thousands of dollars for something that we will pay under $150
for. (that’s per year!). Other companies and individuals pay $500 a month for the same service.
It’s free to new distributors for their first month. If you pre-pay the year, you get 2 months free. If you pay monthly it’s less than $14 a month.
It makes you look professional and gives you a way to communicate with your potential distributors and customers. It educates your customers and potential customers.
There is so much more to this than I can even describe on this call. Professional Associated Press writers will be writing approved blog posts for us on appreciation
and law of attraction.

Watch the video and get your account set up NOW! :)

BOTTOM LINE: Makes you look good and professional!

HOLIDAYS – Make sure and schedule your holiday card making webinars
for your customers . . . teach your customers and distributors how to send campaigns!
At the very least, send them to the webinar on how to create and send a campaign.

Coming soon as announced at convention. . . Global API and Branding Packages
FOR EXAMPLE: Jiffy Lube Cards! Kwik Copy Cards! Liberty Buick Cards!
Hillstone Restaurant Cards!

Imagine a business that wants cards branded to THEM and then allowing their employees
and salespeople to be able to send them through THEIR Contact Manager! Imagine
being able to set up business on a service like this and get paid to do it!

Let’s not forget the business were in! We offer a way for people to make money in the greeting
card and gifting business. You own your own internet based business. Use all of these great tools to
find people that want to grab a piece of a rapidly expanding business sector.

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