Sept 26th, 2016



The following distributors promoted to Executive within the past few weeks and joined me on our Monday training call:

Melinda Russell
April Beck
Billy Aycock
Jennie Potter
Matt Scherb
Monica Ramanthan
Nisha and Lorenzo Ferdinand
Tom Signorello
Willie Diefenbach-Jones

Each of these new Executives have a different story. Be sure and stop and chat with each of them at convention. They have a perspective that you may not have if you are not yet an Executive.

This is the most important leadership position in SendOutCards. You can pretty much get to Sr Manager on your own efforts but to get to Sr Manager, you must have a different mindset. I’ll let them help you to see it.

1. Billy: Take positive action. Not just positive thinking. Stay in action and on’t quit.
2. Lorenzo is on the plane: Commit to a goal and set a deadline for that goal.
3. Monica: Be tenacious. Don’t be a quitter. Persistence counts. Did you ever doubt or question? Life happens. Stay plugged in. Don’t quit on a bad day. “Dad and sister dying. Husband lost job . . . but I never missed a call in 8 years. I gave myself the leeway to regroup”.
4. Tom: There is a simple system. Practice the 5 Habits. Be at level 4. Become unconsciously competent. Do it without thinking. It’s a challenge if you have to think about it. Figure out what you need to do . . . start with why you are doing it. Action without affirmation leads to frustration. Affirmation without Action is Delusion.
5. Jennie: Work where the fire is. Work with people that are running. Work with people that want it. Not where you want the fire to be. Where it’s roaring. Keep signing people up.
6. Matt: Consistency . . . 1 presentation per day is a nice habit. 6-8 presentations a day to get to Executive.
I am statements work – Didn’t know how I was going to do it when I wrote it.
7. Melinda: Have an accountability partner or even more than one . . . to get advice or someone to hold your hand. “When Melissa made Executive I felt inadequate” . . . Melissa said, “If I can do this you can do this!” “We had health issues, family issues, financial issues. It’s part of life. We all have issues. But they don’t need to derail us.”
8. April: I asked, what made me successful in the past? “I focused on team-building” – She sent herself a card with her “I am” Statements . . . and every day she looked at it! I put it out there to the group and 4 people stepped up and took off! She put everything aside for a few weeks and focused 100% of her time on getting it done! She told her friends and family she is not available for the next 5 weeks until this is all done. Healthy competition! “It’s not about you!”

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