Birds’ Eye View (Eagles’ View):

October 15, 2012

Birds’ Eye View (Eagles’ View):

Seeing things through birds’ eye-view means seeing the big picture. I speak at industry events as an unpaid, outside speaker. I do this at least 3-4 times per year. In the past 12 months I’ve spoken at the MLM Mastermind event with over 1000 people, the MLM Cruise and the SavVy Success Seminar which is an event featuring top female network marketers from around the world. In addition to that, I am regularly asked to speak at other company conventions and leadership retreats. Most of them I turn down because my primary focus is building a SendOutCards business. I have never accepted fees for speaking at these events.

I get to see things that most network marketers don’t see. Being on the inside, I am exposed to the challenges that other network marketers and company leaders experience. Many of them share, from the heart, expressing their concerns and issues with me. Interestingly, the challenge of entrepreneurship is the same regardless of the company one is with. Everyone wants it to go faster (even those in companies that are experiencing so-called momentum). I have noticed that regardless of the company, the questions are always the same.

So, I would like to share a bird’s eye perspective on the BUSINESS of network marketing. As a growing leader, it’s your job to help others SEE THE BIG PICTURE so that they don’t get sucked into the black hole of negativity. As Kody says, “We live in a negative world. 87% of what we are exposed to is negative”. Facebook tends to feed the “drama”. I don’t really get it, but for some reason when one person complains, a bunch of others chime in. The next thing you know, there is a bitch-fest going on. This just gets everyone down and has no productive outcome. Here are 3 things you can do to insulate yourself from the negativity:

  1. Limit your Facebook time to 30 minutes a day – I know this is difficult with SmartPhones, but there is a pattern here. Facebook is addicting! You’ll rarely see people that are making money spending lots of time on Facebook or chatrooms.
    It’s so easy to get sucked in. It’s happened to me many times. I have found that my productivity is in the toilet when I’m spending too much time on Facebook. I’m only productive when I’m presenting SendOutCards to people, following up, sending cards, signing people up and training them, etc. As a general rule 99% of the people bantering back and forth on Facebook are doing nothing in their businesses.
  2. When you do see a conversation go negative, it’s your job to attempt to turn it around. Don’t feed the flames of negativity. It serves no good purpose for building a thriving successful business. “There will always be crows”, said Jim Rohn. Do your best to avoid getting sucked in.
  3. Block or unfriend those that suck your energy. I have found that when I remove negative people from my line of sight my day seems to go better. I do my best to love everyone, but for my own sanity, sometimes it’s better if I distance myself from those that always want to rain on everyone else’s parade.

Let’s talk about business from a bird’s eye perspective. These are the negative comments I hear from distributors from
ALL companies:

  1. “The sign-up fee is too expensive, it’s hard to sell people on a $________ package.”So, a business that costs under $1000 to start and has the potential to earn you $5000, $10,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 a month is too expensive? Really? My perspective is if someone understands the true value of SendOutCards, $395 is a ridiculously low price. Besides the fact that you get 50 cards, the DVD program, a Treat ‘Em Right Seminar, 3 websites and the full support of a multi-million $$ company, what about the OPPORTUNITY to own a business that has the potential to throw off unlimited income potential. We don’t think anything of spending $50,000-$100,000 on a college education with no guarantee of anything but a piece of pater called a diploma (and that’s if you graduate!) If you don’t graduate, you DON’T get your money back! $395 is a great value. Oh, and did I mention that you’ll have mentors that will train you for free? These are people that have built 5 and 6 figure residual incomes! So how is it too expensive??
    Traditional business cost 100X as much to start with a 95% failure rate. And did I mention that most of these businesses don’t have near the potential that we do with our business. (Do you see the bird’s eye view here??)
  2. “Why do our distributors need to get customers for us to get paid?”I once had someone that was considering the business say to me, “Is this one of those businesses where you need to get customers?” Think about that one for a minute. If someone offers you a business that requires no customers you might consider running for the hills! Yes we are required to get customers. For years it cost anywhere from $99 to $395 to be a customer. When Kody removed the barrier to entry (this is what the market demanded) and took away the sign-up fee to be a customer, we signed up more customers in 8 months than we did in our 8 year history! He made it so easy to get customers. And yes, unlike traditional businesses that require you to go out and get many customers month after month, you only need a few to qualify for everything. When the announcement was made to pay a new distributor $50 and give them a quick promote to Senior Distributor if they get their first 2 Retail Customers or one preferred customer in their first 7 days, everything changed. There is now no reason for someone to not get at least their first couple of customers. And by the way, the regulations regarding network marketing compensation plans are getting tough. We have high paid attorneys that help to keep us in compliance with the laws governing our profession. In network marketing, it is illegal to get paid to recruit. However it is okay to get paid when someone gathers customers. So we get paid when our new distributors gather his or her first couple of customers (or one preferred customer).
  3. “No one is making any money.”This is exactly what I was told back when I signed up in 2004. It didn’t matter to me whether other people were making money or not. I get paid on the volume I create based on my team and their customers’ volume. So, if a company pays $100 million dollars in commissions, is it true that no one is making money? Our residual payouts are among the top in the industry based on the size of our company. This one really triggers me. It’s a line that is used by other companies to try and weaken the belief of our people to get them to leave. The truth is, based on our revenues of about $55 million our percentage of payout is probably the highest in the profession. This is why I always go back to our mission to help millions of people act on their promptings. If you stay true to your dreams, your dreams will stay true to you! Focus on the right thing. There are over 1000 companies in our profession. There is money in ALL of them for the people that build them. Let’s create the greatest company of all time and those that help build it will be well compensated.
  4. “I’ve been working the business for 3 years and I’m only making $1000 a month in residual income.”Usually when I ask a few questions, I find out that the person that “worked” the business for 3 years really only worked it for a few months. It’s not about how many hours or years you put in. It’s about what you START! So $1000 a month in residual income is more residual than 100% of those working in Corp America for 10-40 years. $1000 a month is NICE car payment. $1000 a month is a mortgage payment for many people. $1000 a month is $12,000 a year. This would pay for a really nice family vacation.
    $1000 a month represents an interest payment (at 5%) off a principle amount of $240,0000. How long did it take you to save your last $240,000? Less than 1/2 of 1% of the US population has this much saved. The average retiree has $3700 saved. And their debt far exceeds this. So don’t ever discount a $1000 residual check! (Do you see the bird’s eye view here??)

Now, you may choose to disagree with me. I’ve been hearing these things since I signed up in network marketing back in 1981. I actually used to say some of them myself! I’ve listened to many of our distributors say these things since I signed up with SendOutCards back in 2004. Here’s the reality. Some people see it and some people don’t. Most people have settled into mediocrity and given up on their dreams. Most people are complainers. Most people want to put other people down for wanting a better life for themselves and their families. I chose to do the opposite of the status quo. I took a look at what the average folks were doing and I chose to do the opposite. Most people don’t read personal development books, so I chose to read. Most people watch TV every night so I threw away my TV for 25 years. Most people are lazy. I chose to work. Most people focus on the money. So I chose to focus on the relationship. Most people don’t believe residual income is possible for them. I chose to believe it is. Most people gave up on their dreams long ago. I chose to continue to dream. Most people won’t make calls. I chose to make 10-20 calls a day. Most people show the business to 3 or 4 people and quit. I chose to show the business to 2000 people before I judged my progress. Most people can’t imagine making $20,000 to $100,000 a month. I chose to keep going until I got there. Most people quit everything. I chose to persist no matter what.

I have always found that the best way to maintain my power around business is to take a look at things from a much broader perspective (Vision). In my hang gliding days
I used to notice that when I left the mountain and looked down on the earth, my problems seemed much less important and I could much more easily see the big picture. (“Eagle’s Fly Higher – They have a much bigger perspective than the rest”).

Here are a few examples of looking at things from a broader perspective:

Thousands of network marketing companies have come and gone since the 4 year landmark court battle between Amway and the Federal Government in 1975. Amway prevailed and had it not been for their victory, MLM may not even exist today. A company like SendOutCards that has survived and thrived through its first decade of business is something to be relished. No one has ever done what we are doing. In many ways we are pioneers in our industry. Since I have been full time in Network Marketing, over 10,000 companies have come and gone. Only a few survive. It takes money, ingenuity, a viable consumable product, a compelling vision, leadership and a little luck to navigate the sea of change and growth in any business today. During arguably the 2nd most challenging time in American business we have grown from a $200,000 startup to a $55 million company with a potential market of $3-4 Billion. And we did this with no existing model for growing a greeting card and gifting network marketing company. We have paid out to our distributors over $100 Million in commissions over the past 8 years.

Currently there are over 1000 network marketing companies in the world. Although we are small, believe it or not, in comparison to the others, we are one of the larger network marketing companies! There are many start-ups. Most of them deal with product and inventory that you either consume by mouth or you have to rub on your skin. And 98% of them will not make it past their 5th year for a variety of reasons. Usually $250-$5000 worth of product must be purchased up front to have ‘on hand’ to sell to people in their homes. Most of the time the distributors in these companies are delivering product to their friends’ homes (most people don’t want to wait for a drop-ship). There is nothing wrong with product based companies. The example I have described works as evidenced by the thousands of companies that operate within this business model. Fortunes have been made. But we are ONE OF A KIND!! When I chose to make SendOutCards my home,

I considered the following attributes of our company: 

No inventory to stock.
No products to purchase.
Unlimited income potential.
No deliveries.
A truly work-from-home “virtual” business.

These things set us apart from almost all other programs out there today. Most distributors in product based companies are loading up boxes of product into their trunk to set up meetings and shows. They have inventory in their garages and closets that has been purchased to qualify for their monthly checks. SendOutCards on the other hand is truly a “virtual” business. You can work your business from ANYWHERE, including the beach! There is no limit to your income!

Probably the #1 most influential book in business is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. As you know, you can send that book with a card to anyone you choose. This was the 2nd personal development book I read and many of the most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that it has impacted their business lives more than any other book that they have read. I love this!! There are millions of young people that have never even heard of this book. You can change someone’s life by sending them a card and this book.

I did some simple calculations this weekend and discovered this: 

If you had just ONE stadium full of people in your down-line (60,000) that each agreed to send out one book and one card per month (12 books a year with a card), your monthly residual income would be approximately $45,000 a month (assuming 5% blended residual off of volume). If this seems beyond your reach, please reread the short chapter in BEACH MONEY on Filling a Stadium.

I’m not even including birthday cards, sympathy cards, gratitude, thank you’s, etc). You must have a big vision for this business to have big success. At the SavVy Success Seminar in Salt Lake City this weekend Tiffany Peterson quoted: “The harvest cannot be prevented, be true to your dreams and they will be true to you”.

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