Billions in the Desert

October 9, 2012

Billions in the Desert
I can remember being at an event at a network marketing convention in Texas in 1987. I was in my late 20’s. This was my 5th network marketing company and I had never sponsored a single distributor in any of them. I had paid for an upgrade that allowed me to become a National Training Director with that company ($1000). I was working in the airline industry at the time and my pay was approximately $21,000 a year. I flew to Dallas to attend a 4 day intensive “NTD” training. On the last day of the training I got cold feet and asked for my money back. I was embarrassed and mentally exhausted and once again I had quit without ever getting started. I flew home discouraged and disappointed in myself.

I remember the roller-coaster experience of going from being really excited about my future to fearful that I will never make it in the business, and then back up again. I never questioned whether my upline had my best interest in mind. I devoured the personal development books and I listened to audio tapes every day. I was a sponge for training. I was never offered a guarantee. Over the years many thousands of people that joined the companies I was part of, quit and never went on to achieve the lifestyle that they once dreamed of. Although I questioned myself hundreds of times, I had a laser focus, a commitment, a willingness to work, and a drive to see the job through. I never ever gave up on my dreams for any length of time. I quit many times and kept restarting (sometimes in the same company and sometimes with another). I learned many lessons along the way and I wish there was a shortcut that I could somehow convey. I do think you can learn from those that went before you but some of the lessons you must learn on your own.

I lose sleep trying to figure out ways to communicate and train the things that will really make a difference in your success. There is nothing I want more than to see you live your dreams. This is the REASON I do the business.

I wish there was a magic formula or a “switch” that would allow me to give you everything you need to be successful. Unfortunately it doesn’t work this way. Like my helicopter pilot instructor said to me, “I can’t teach you how to do it. You just need to do it until you get it!” You must find your own path because the true route to financial freedom is different for each person. I can teach the principles, values and skills but you must practice it until it all comes together for you.

SendOutCards is the “quiet giant”. We don’t scream it from the rooftops, but SendOutCards is a program that everyone can use and quite frankly EVERYONE needs. Millions of people around the world will be using us to share kindness and appreciation. You don’t ever need to tell anyone how much money you are going to make or how they are going to get rich. Just show them the system and sign them up. I was sold two $6,000 flat screen TV’s because a salesman said, “Come here I want to show you something”. We do the same thing over and over again. Let them know that they can make some extra money too if they want to. No big deal. As we continue to sign up hundreds of customers per day, over time (but not too long) your checks will grow. You may receive $1,000 a month for years OR maybe much, much more. That’s up to you. You will create a ROCK SOLID income stream that grows a little bit each month. Just like a stately Oak that grows slowly into a giant and lives forever, you’ll have something you can count on that has sustainability. Avon is an example of a company like this. They do $14 BILLION in sales each year. (Billion with a ‘B’) and they did it quietly without all the hype!

In the 1950’s MILLIONS of people drove through Las Vegas and said “Let’s keep going. There is no money here!”

A few people had the vision to see its potential long before the evidence was there to back it up. Now, some 60 years later, millions of people from around the world plan trips to Vegas and each one leave an average of $500 in the desert that was once considered to be a waste of time by the masses. The challenge of leadership is to see what others don’t long before there is evidence to back it up. Entrepreneurship means being willing to take on a challenge has the potential to yield huge personal and financial benefits.

FROM SENIOR MANAGER, INES KINCHEN – Ines has been receiving a consistent residual check for years even though she took 2 years off raising her little boy:

If you are a new distributor, what to do in the next 30 Days:

  • Make lots calls and schedule appointments
  • Walk people through sending a free card
  • Show people the “Vision” video on the .biz website
  • Get people on a 3-way call with your upline to answer questions
  • Free your schedule of unnecessary things and multiply your efforts
  • Have fun and trust the process!

What NOT to do:

  • Do not tense up (if you tense up, you cramp up)
  • Do not pressure people to sign up; let them come toward you!
  • Do not try to “get” people… focus on how SendOutCards will HELP them.

Remember, the new MD’s being sponsored into our business deserve an amazing start and full support. If you know somebody well and can do it without stress or making things totally uncomfortable for them, you may ask them (if they are wanting to sign up anyway) something along the lines of “Hey, I want you to know there is no pressure here, but just in case you would be up for doing me a favor, we can get you started before NOV 7th.” – But again, only if it feels right. If somebody is not ready, they are not ready. My personal opinion is that it is absolutely not worth losing a potential future business partner by pressuring them.


  1. The activity created by striving to complete and win any incentive pays off for years into the future. You have exposed so many people to SendOutCards and the majority of them will sign up, whether it be this week, next week, or months from now.
  2. Striving to win an incentive is a great opportunity for us to stay mindful of our disposition with others. Trying to GET people into our business creates stress and the wrong focus. People can feel that and move away from your rather than toward you. We can check in with ourselves. If we feel any tension whatsoever, it is an indication that we are no longer focused on GIVING and helping the other person. Great practice!

So… stay relaxed. Have deep trust and confidence in the success of your SendOutCards business, short-term and long-term, and you will become like a magnet for the right and ready partners.

Remember, we are in the process of finding life-long partners to help with our global cause. It’s a very big picture! Over the course of your life-long SendOutCards career, you will have the chance to participate in hundreds of incentives. Choose to participate and SEE THEM THROUGH UNTIL THE END and you will reap major rewards every time, winning them or not. And part of that is just KNOWING that you have done your best and never quit.

Now go GIVE!

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