I have found that one of the most valuable abilities you can adopt in becoming a successful entrepreneur is the ability to personally “restart” each day. Not only is this an acquired habit, I believe it’s one of the benefits of being your own boss. The business tends to be a roller coaster of emotion. Even in the early stages when you are just getting going, you’ll find that something as simple as a friend not calling you back can cause you to go into a tailspin. As your business matures and you deal with larger numbers of people, you’ll find that managing your emotions become one of the most important
skills you can have. You may need to “reinvent” yourself more than a few times a day on some of your more difficult days. Kody calls them “shut downs” in his new book called MLM Blueprint.

I wouldn’t be here today if I had not adopted this quality early on. When someone I had high hopes for disappears or an email that I send out upsets a bunch of people, I need to step back, learn from it and press the “reset” button on my day. Sometimes I do this 2-5 times a day. Other times I may not need my “reset” button for weeks at a time.

Here’s how it goes. I’m doing my business each day and something happens that sets me into a
tailspin. It may be an email from a disgruntled rep. It may be that my check went down this week and I
expected it to be up. Or I get a bad cough right before a Treat ’em right weekend. Any of these things can cause me a setback in my business. These are the times that I need to step back and hit “reset”. It’s time to start over. Start fresh.

After we have been around the business for awhile we tend to accumulate experiences that color our perception of things. Depending on these experiences, it can help us or hurt us. I have seen big leaders in network marketing get so jaded that they are unable to rebuild. They become “one hit wonders”. Getting jaded is the one thing that will kill your chance of success. Some of you are jaded from past experiences with other companies or you may have had something happen to you since being in SendOutCards.

Here’s the deal. We all experience the same circumstances. What we do with them is up to us.
I have a few friends that built massive businesses in another company and have not been able to repeat
their success. They are jaded.

We must remember that everyone signs up with the same level of excitement and enthusiasm as we did the day we signed up. The past never equals the future. Whether you are brand new in the business or have some history, it’s important to follow these three steps when you feel yourself going into a tailspin:


Start with a fresh set of eyes. Go back to where you started from in terms of your level of excitement
and focus on possibility. Stop-Breathe-Press Reset


There is an article in the current issue of Business Week called:


It shows a picture of a guy wearing a suit laying on his stomach on the beach face down covered in water. He’s holding a briefcase. It’s a representation of the millions of unemployed upper management and CEO level Executives that are looking for work in a marketplace with virtually no job growth.

It made me think of the millions of students graduating from college fully expecting to land high paying middle management job. Boy, are they in for a surprise.

What are the options for these 2 groups?? Start a business? Loans for a business startup have all but dried up. Even successful companies have trouble getting loans today for business expansion. A typical business costs between $20,000 and $250,000 to start. Most college students don’t have that kind of cash laying around. The unemployed “Beached White Male” is losing his home, his BMW and in many cases his family according to this article.

There is hope. Anyone with a cell phone, a computer, a few connections and under $1000 can start a network marketing business with unlimited potential. In fact network marketing offers the prospect of CEO level pay without
the typical restraints of going into an office and managing employees!

Imagine what a 19-25 year old could create by dedicating 4 years to the process of learning and practicing the business of network marketing. After 4 years he/she would have a business that is producing a consistent cash flow (residual income) that could far exceed any high paying job. Rather than graduating with a a degree offering theoretical knowledge and $60-$80,000 in debt, a young person can get educated by five and six figure monthly earners with real life experience and walk away with a business that produces a consistent flow of income and a lifestyle that no corporate
executive could ever dream of. I do work my business a few hours a day, but my life is a true perpetual vacation. If those on the traditional career track really knew, they would all be doing what I do for a living.

I know, most of my friends that stayed on the corporate track are in real trouble right now. They are coming to me for loans (I have been asked by close friends for over $100,000 in loans in the past 3 months. Mostly from people that are in trouble because of down-sizing and job losses) and many are desperately asking me how to do what I have done.

We have one of the only viable options in the marketplace today. The time has never been better to build a network marketing business. Besides everything we have talked about, there has never been a time in history that network marketing has had a better rap. Thanks to business leaders like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Paul Zane Pilzer, network marketing has gone mainstream. We have a track record of massive success and have withstood the courts and the test of time.

There has never been a better time to build a network marketing business.

Key’s to success

1. You must FIND the ones that are ready to change and to adopt a NEW way of thinking.
Most aren’t. Even many college students are surprisingly stuck in their beliefs about an old system that isn’t working any more.
2. You must quickly sort through people. Become attractive to others by being someone that others
want to be around. Become a conduit for adding value in a marketplace with lots of problems.
3. Practice reinventing yourself daily and stay fresh. Press your “reset” button as often as necessary. Stop-Breathe-Reset

I believe this is one of the greatest opportunities in our lifetime.

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