Oct 10th, 2016



You know I’ve heard Kody and others say many times, that we are the best Follow Up System on the market today and I believe that to be true! And if that’s the case, it’s important that ALL of us embrace this and start using SendOutCards as the follow up system it’s designed to be. But not only that, follow up is WHO WE ARE. Most of our distributors have points in their account that aren’t being used and there is a whole lot of “hoarding” going on! Hoarding points is a sin in our business. Those points will work for you if you put them to work!

When I show the business to someone, they are typically going to receive at least 3 cards and one gift before I sign them up. I send them a thank you card IMMEDIATELY after showing them the business AND usually I include a little gift. I also send 1 or two campaign cards that I have previously set up with a story, metaphor, example or just a bunch of photo’s that I’ve grabbed from their Facebook Wall. I highly recommend going back to and listening to the REPLAY from Aug 1st, 2016 called “Following up with Cards and What to Say”. This will give you LOTS of ideas on what cards to use to follow up.

Follow up is who WE are and therefore it is who YOU are. And because WE ARE THE BEST, YOU MUST BE THE BEST!

It truly pains me to see someone take the time to set up an appointment, get together with someone and show them the business only to never to hear from that person again.
This is NOT WHO WE ARE! We are the follow-up Kings and Queens of the universe and we must act like it! Most people take 5-8 follow up touches before they sign up.
Most people quit when the business doesn’t seem to be working for them . . . yet the reason it is not working in many cases is because the follow up is not happening! You have this
tool at your fingertips and now if you are on an iPhone (soon to be Android), you can follow up with a campaign card right from your phone!

Last Thursday, I showed the business to the couple that sold me my home. I drove out to them in Boulder City (35 minute drive) and met them at their warehouse. They have a dramatic machine shop for making custom engines and automobiles and their home is in the warehouse! They have built out half the warehouse into a beautiful high end customer home. I have never seen anything like it! It took me going back and forth with both of them for a few weeks before we could nail down a time to meet that worked for all of us (I wanted both of them there). I sent them a cards about 2 months ago and then I sent them another card from Bora Bora with some pretty dramatic photos . . . In fact when we did meet, they mentioned that they want to be able to send out cards like the 3 panel card I sent them from the Island. We probably exchanged 15 texts before we could nail things down but I know that the cards helped to convince them we needed to meet. We got together and I had her send a card to him on the App. I use an iPhone and they use Androids.

When we got together, I had her send a card to him from the App. She was BLOWN AWAY and they really did think they knew how it worked and what it does. That card that she sent to her husband also served as a follow up. When I got home I sent them 2 more cards. I don’t want them going out to an empty mailbox. She called me the day after I showed them the business and said she was ready to go. Well, they still have not signed up, but she is assuring me that she will sign up tonight or tomorrow night. I leave NOTHING to chance. I told her I want to walk her though the sign up process and walk her through the system for signing up. I’m waiting for a text from her. But if I don’t hear, she has 2 more cards that will be arriving on Tuesday or Wednesday. ]

Follow up is as important as the appointment and the presentation. The couple I met with thought they understood the business, but really had no idea until I sat down with them.
They LIT UP as I demo’d the app and showed the video. It was like I watched them transform in a moment. But they didn’t pull the trigger right away (I thought they would after seeing their reaction). Soooooooo, I need to BE WHO WE ARE and follow up!

Cards are the best follow up mechanism on the planet.

I hear frustration in some of the posts on Facebook yet many of those frustrated are not using the system to it’s greatest capacity. One or two cards is typically not enough. Again, if you are not sure what to follow up with, listen to the call I referenced earlier.

Become masterful at follow up. It’s who we are and its what we do:

1. Use photos in your cards (pictures that you took while you were with them or photos from FB are always good)
2. Send gifts.
3. Add value when you can . . . give them something that will be useful to them

I posted something on FB the other day asking you to post scenarios you are dealing with and what to do next when someone is not pulling the trigger. I answered most of them and ended each one with “Show it to 10 more people.” Don’t wait around for people. Stop doing this. Instead, send a card . . . then another . . . then another . . .then another until they move and you can’t track them down or til they sign up! Also, show it to 10 more people so you always have a group of people in your pipeline.
This is how you build a substantial fast moving business.


It’s the perfect storm. There is a proven model that is working. The transition to our new modern platform is complete. We have system that works
and that people love. Very few people know about us. There are many more enhancements in the works. We are so well positioned in the marketplace.
We must get the app on everyone’s phones . . . now is the time to crank things up. The opportunity is bigger today than ever before. In the past we had
to catch people or schedule people in front of their computers. Today, they carry it around with them wherever they go. This condition has never existed in the
past. We are sitting on a multi-billion $$ opportunity. And now with the ability to send campaigns from your phone, follow up can be done in seconds.
There is a wave coming like we have never seen before. I believe fortunes will be made. Don’t sit on this or wait for things to be perfect. I’m seeing many
people return to the business that have been sitting things out for a few years. My phone is ringing off the hook with people asking to be re-trained and re-engage.
It’s a special time in our history. The opportunity will pay-off for those people that take action now. If you want a plan, keep it simple. Start SHARING THE APP
with people that you come in contact with and COACH THEM THROUGH LOADING IT AND SENDING THEIR VERY FIRST CARD. Then show them the video
and go over the options to get started with them (If you want to learn more about how to do this go back and listen to the call on from Aug 15th, 2016 called
“Giving the Ultimate Presentation”.

Here is something to think about . . . How many people out of 100 in every city in your country have the app on their phones? Exactly!! Not even 1 in 100. That’s the opportunity.
We must get the app out there . . . demo it and follow up with the best follow up system on the planet. What if 3% of the people in your state (that’s just 3 in 100!) had the app on their phones and it was all under you? Do you have any idea what your residual check would look like??

We own this space. No one else is better positioned to take advantage of this growth opportunity.

Build rapport with people and then use the 2 step texting script:



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