January 27, 2014


Who wouldn’t want to be part of a company that has that mission? Be thoughtful and create miracles. Yesterday someone posted on my Facebook wall a response to a post about our new gift offering, “SOC Gardens”. It said, “yeah, so you can get rich!” Let it be known right here and right now that I have no problem making money from an idea that creates miracles for people and gives them a true mechanism for being thoughtful. And I don’t believe you should have a problem with that for yourself either! Money can be a result of doing good in the world. Especially, when it has to do with network marketing.

From when I was a very young boy, my mother taught me the importance of being generous and thoughtful. I will never be as good as she was, but I try. I had no idea what I was setting up for myself for throughout the many years that I practiced what my mother taught me. Today, I have a miraculous life. Kody suggests that you get back what you send out, 10 fold! I can attest to that! There are days that I question the abundance that comes my way. I observe this all around me every day.

Have you noticed that Kody and the magnificent SOC team keeps coming up with more and more ways for us to reach out in kindness and make a meaningful contribution to another human being? Kody is currently investing millions of dollars into enriching the customer experience.

I was on stage at the TER in Las Vegas on Saturday and it hit me like a freight train. SendOutCards doesn’t just give me a mechanism to be kind. SendOutCards gives me a REASON to be kind! Wow. What a concept!? We are creating meaningful moments for people all over the world!

Bob and Betty Ann met a couple of nice magicians in Las Vegas. One of them introduced them to a retired rock star. Bob inspired this guy and he invited Bob and Betty Ann into his circle of friends. Bob and Betty Ann are back stage at many of the mainstream shows in Vegas now as a result of a couple of meetings and their generous character. If you talked to them they will tell you it’s all about networking and being nice to people. They have brought literally HUNDREDS of people to many Las Vegas shows. They have become connectors of some major talent in the city. You have heard me say when you introduce people to other people, you enrich their lives! So over the past few months, many lives have been enriched as a result of introductions created by Bob and Betty Ann. What do you think the unintended result of all of this was?
Bob and Betty Ann have sponsored 7 people personally over the past 30 days and their team is growing like crazy!
Miracles are happening all around them! Tammy Shaw and Seth Grabel got married on the Grammy’s last night. Bob and Betty Ann took over 100 SOC Distributors to see The Frankie Moreno Show at the Stratosphere and Frankie toasted to their Anniversary from the stage in the middle of the show! Bob and Betty Ann sponsored 2 Grammy Award winning rock stars and also had a part in a rock video that is being distributed by Universal! Bob and Betty Ann are creating miracles and you can too.

Use SOC the way it was intended. Take pictures. Celebrate lives. Send chocolate covered strawberries. Send Flowers. By the way, our flowers aren’t cheap. They are designed for a VERY SPECIAL OCCASION. These are at the level of Nordstom’s or Saks. They are HIGH END. When someone receives them they will FEEL the impact of your generosity.

RIGHT NOW, you can become the person that is known for being kind, generous and giving. By being generous you become attractive. That means you attract nice and appreciative people into your life! There is no other company in the world that has the culture of giving like SOC. Be proud of that!

Will you inspire people with your generosity or will you suffer? It’s your choice. You are growing through giving or dying through withholding. You can succeed and party or fail and ponder.

This is your chance to really make a difference in the world. Focus on what you can’t control and you’ll be pissed and depressed. Focus on what you can control (who you contribute to) and you’ll be alive and inspired! Wallow in it OR rise to a level of spirituality that allows you to help others. Sending cards and gifts magnifies all the beauty in your life. It’s too easy to get focused on the negative, ugly and depressing things. Magnify the beauty of your life.

Let’s talk about your strategy and your story. If strategy was all there was, then everyone would be rich! We all know the strategy. It’s your story that holds us back or propels us forward. We all know HOW to build a business but that usually doesn’t make a difference. Why? Because, our STORY is empowering us or inhibiting us. What’s the solution? Be aware of the story you are telling yourself. If you are not happy with the result of your actions or lack of actions, then examine your story. Strategy works but only if it is fed by the right story! Strategy fed with a disempowering story is useless! A great way to examine your story and develop a more empowering one is to READ STEVE SCHULZ’S NEW BOOK, “Yes, Sometimes it is about the Money!” (

See, we are all about CREATING A COMPELLING FUTURE. We can take immediate action by sending cards and gifts and then sharing this mechanism with others. But again, the mechanism is MEANINGLESS WITHOUT YOUR HEART. Add heart and meaning to your message and you have everything you need to change the world!

I heard a quote recently that I love and has much of our message in it.

“Every action we take is a cry for help or an expression of love.”

Take a moment to think about this one.

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