Be Generous Every day

March 2nd, 2009- Be Generous Every day


Tonight’s message will be short and to the point. I was walking on the Venice Beach
Boardwalk last week with Megan and Casey sand a beautiful young girl with lots of piercing was playing guitar. I had heard her before and I asked if she would play a song for Casey and Megan. She had a very unique and intriguing style. I reached in my pocket, pulled out a five dollar bill and gave it to her.

As we continued down the beach I really got the experience of what we do and how it makes a difference. We get inspired and we become generous with our time, our money, our words and our relationships.

Here is one secret to real fulfillment. Four simple words . . . “Be Generous Every Day” Be generous with yourself and be generous with others. Many of us feel guilty if we treat ourselves special because we feel we don’t deserve it. When we are generous, we feel good and others feel good. Those that are most successful in all areas of life are those that get this. Just be generous. Money, compliments, gifts, etc are like water. They turn stagnant when they sit for too long. Don’t let money, compliments, gifts or sit and get stagnant. Hand them out as if your life depended on it. Overtip. Always do and give just a little more than what’s expected.

Jay Smith (the #1 distributor in Excel at the time) wrote me a little note and tapped me on the shoulder before I had even my first distributor. I looked up to
Jay. The note said, “Nothing would make me happier than to see you get your Executive Promotion”. Jay passed away and I still have that little note to this day. I dedicated my book to Jay. Jay was generous with his words and it made me a better person.

SendOutCards is a ‘Stand On Your Feet and Cheer Each Other On” kind of company.
Kody says this all the time. We are generous with our applause and our appreciation. In fact when we were in Australia we went to see the musical “Billy Elliott” It was one of the most fantastic productions we had ever seen. Spectacular . . . yet at the end, everyone applauded but no one stood. But guess what? We did! And we started a standing ovation. We started something that caused that amazing group of performers to feel just a little more appreciated.

When you become generous with your money, your words, your time, your relationships, you can’t help but succeed in a big way. Bigger than you can even imagine. It’s so easy to become self absorbed in the problems of every day life. We all do it. I have found out one thing. 1/2 the people I share my problems with don’t care and the other half are glad!

Success in our business is directly connected to how generous we are and how many people we touch in a positive way.

I especially don’t want to overlook the importance of being generous to yourself. This is as important, or possibly even more important, than being generous to others. You must appreciate yourself and begin to really love life in a way that inspires others to want to have what you have. Give to yourself all of the love and appreciation you wish for those you love the most and you’ll attract the most amazing people into your life. This means taking the time to do things that inspire you and feed your soul.

Remember the in-flight safety announcement? ‘Secure your mask first and then secure the masks of those around you” This principle applies in life as well.


Stop for just a moment to take in the true miracle of what we do and who we are. We inspire people to be their best. We send love into the world and offer others a way to feed the number human craving. . . ‘The Desire to Love and be Loved”

A single card has the potential to really change the world. How many families have been reunited because of a card that was sent to say ‘I’m sorry’ Of course the business applications are obvious but think about what one heartfelt card has the potential to do. Now imagine 1,000,000 people sending out at least one card a day. Each card carries with it a charge that can lift someone up just a little or a lot.

Now add the power of technology. Do you realize the just a few months ago, we didn’t have the tools to do what we do today. Finally there is a business that can take us anywhere in the world. With wireless internet, Skype or a telephone, we can virtually be almost anywhere in the world and we can send cards, meet people through the social networks and build a successful business. Today with our growth in Australia, do you realize that you can a business that never sleeps.

You are getting paid while you are sleeping because people are sending cards around the clock. Before tonight, many of you thought residual was a ring in your bathtub!

Did you know that David Frey and Sara and Bobby Basloe have spent months building their businesses from the beach in Costa Rica? That’s what I’m talking about! When it’s Midnight in the US, its 5pm in Australia and people are buying points and sending cards. There will be a day when the sun never sets on your business!

Many companies say they have a ‘Home Based Business’ but they really are not. We are one of the first truly home based businesses. Many of us build exclusively from home! I signed up my first 38 distributors from my home in the mountains in Arizona!

I have sent cards from all over the world. I have sent cards from Costa Rica, Australia, Ireland, the west coast and the east coast. I love sitting by the pool on the rooftop of my condo in Arizona and sending cards to my friends all over the place!

How big can it get? Well . . . if Netflix is sending out 1.9 million DVD’s per day,
I can certainly see a day when we are sending 5 million cards a day. How much of it do you want?

This is just a glimpse of the miracle of SendOutCards!

February 2nd, 2009-HOW TO MAKE SURE YOUR CARDS GET THROWN AWAY (you read that right!):

I always ask myself how the other person will feel when they receive my card. Do you ever get those cards in the mail from retail establishments making you an offer you can’t refuse. For example, it might be a card from your insurance agent letting you know how much they value your referrals. Of course they have put their business card in the greeting card. Maybe you got a card from the local tire shop asking you to come in for 20% off your next tire rotation. Honestly, what do you do with these cards? Do you cherish them? Do you display them proudly on your fireplace mantel? Of course not.

Now let’s say you got a card from the same insurance guy with a picture of himself and his family on the front of the card. He has a voice bubble over his head saying . . . “YOUR NAME is the BEST!” Inside the card is a personal note from him thanking you and telling you he would enjoy just getting together for lunch or coffee sometime just to get caught up. There is no business card in the card . . . simply his phone number typed in under his signature. If you received a card like this, what would you do with it? Most likely you would save it and probably NEVER throw it away! Do you see the difference.

What we do is leaps and bounds more effective than what the experts teach people to do in their expensive seminars! “Appreciation will win over self-promotion every time!”

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