Are you Positioned? THE MONEY CALL

July 18, 2011- Are you Positioned? THE MONEY CALL – Are you positioned?

First of all I have a 2 messages for you:

1. BE VERY SELECTIVE AS TO WHAT YOU SIGN UP FOR AND PROMOTE ON YOUR TEAM – It’s important to understand that your email address and phone number are for sale! Do you want people from other companies calling and emailing your downline to get them into other things? This can, at the very least distract a team and get them seriously side-tracked. Your job is to keep your business simple and be sure that your team has as little distraction as possible. When you sign up for other sites and systems offered by the “gurus” on the internet, you have set off a chain of events that can ultimately kill the growth of your group. I find that my group grows quicker when they focus on the fundamentals of networking. I met with the #1 earner of another network marketing company recently and he was expressing concern because his team was somewhat distracted over another deal that was being pitched within his organization. Their rationale was that it was a “complementary” product. On the surface, to a novice, this doesn’t seem like a problem however it’s a BIG problem. It’s a cancer within a group and it will eat away at a group from the inside out. First of all, email addresses are being collected and then often times sold to network marketers in other companies. Sometimes they get sold over and over again. Now they don’t all do this, but if you don’t know them well and trust them implicitly, you are playing with fire.


You’ll learn that in network marketing, the businesses that keep things simple grow exponentially. You will never see top earners in companies going off and promoting websites, lead generators and special tools outside of their own companies. Why? Because it’s destructive and counterproductive.

Donna Johnson, Ken Dunn, Sarah Robbins, Randy Gage, etc all use the tools and resources made available through their companies. They have all made millions in their respective companies and they are clear that you don’t need a bunch of outside stuff to be successful. In fact usually those that I want to go over a story that I’ve told many times because it drives home the importance of this message. (Steve Smith Story)

There is a wave of growth coming that you’ll want to be prepared for. How do I know this wave is coming? Because ALL the fundamentals are in place and there is an excitement percolating like never before. It’s the perfect storm. We have a unique and special product. We have a superb leadership team. We have a mission that is bigger than any of us. And we have the environment is ripe for explosive growth. There is way less competition in a tough economy AND more people are hurting and looking today than in our entire lifetimes!

So when all of this is perfectly in place, why oh why would anyone quit?? Because in reality, people quit things! People quit little league. People quit, boy scouts. People quit college. People quit diets. People quit the gym. And people quit network marketing.

People quit just about everything. Everyone wants a better life and is looking for financial freedom and yet many keep quitting long before they even have chance!

There are a couple of reasons why people quit:

1. They stop believing in the opportunity

2. They stop believing that they can do it

3. They get lazy

I received a text from an old friend in SOC that told me after a few years that he doesn’t think he has what it takes to build the business. He’s had some success but it’s not going fast enough.

It was clear that one of the 3 things mentioned above was the problem. I have never seen anyone attract or build a large team with hesitancy and doubt. What would happen to SOC if you saw Kody hesitate or begin to doubt. An unsure leader will attract no one!

Imagine what would happen…

There is a lot of blaming that goes on when one decides not to continue to build. There is always a good reason to quit. And I hear them all! A guy walked up to me at the Tony Robbins event I attended this weekend and was telling me all the reasons why SendOutCards won’t work for him. As I listened, I realized that all the reasons why it wouldn’t work for him were the same reasons that it did work for me!!

“I don’t have the time!” (YEP, THAT’S WHY I DO IT!

“I don’t know very many people!” (PERFECT, THAT’S WHY I HAVE SENDOUTCARDS AND I NETWORK)


And I realized that we had completely opposite beliefs about the opportunities out there and what I believed was possible.

Here are a couple of examples. Some people go into a networking event and because they see that half the group is already using SendOutCards, they believe it’s saturated. I see that half the group is not in SendOutCards and believe I can go in and over time sponsor or sign up all of them. I also see that each one of those people is connected to at least 250 others in which most have never heard of us!

If there are 20 people in the group, I can potentially connect with 5000 new potential people that have never heard of SOC!

So, one belief leads to quitting the group and the other belief leads to signing up many people!

Here’s another example:

Some people will sponsor 10 people and then quit because no one is doing anything. They begin to believe that no one will ever go to work, so they lose their motivation. They deduct that if they have sponsored 10 people that are doing little to nothing, that means no one will ever do anything-it’s not worth it and they quit!

What I see and believe is that there are people out there that are connected and can build a group of thousands. I just need to find them. As long as I don’t quit and I keep sharing my business with others, I will find them and guess what?? I do find them because I keep looking. I have found that normally I must consistently sponsor a few people a month and about every 10 months I sign up someone that puts thousands or tens of thousands of distributors into my team.

So someone’s beliefs can cause them to take massive action and other beliefs can cause them to quit. What’s interesting, is it’s sometimes the EXACT SAME BELIEF that causes one to grow quickly and another to fall flat!

Here’s a few more examples:

Some people believe that when a company gets to certain point, it’s over. Other people believe that the sign of a great company is one that is resourceful enough to bust through any barriers to the next level of success.

Some people believe that a plateau is a sign of weakness and others believe that a plateau is a natural part of the lifecycle of a company and a company that grows through multiple plateau’s over time will be much stronger and resilient.

Some people believe that to be successful you must find network marketers that have had success in other companies and bring them over. Others believe that the biggest leaders will come from those that have never done network marketing.

Some people believe that you have to get in early to have success. Other people believe that those that get in early usually don’t make it because the company is usually not around to pay their paychecks after their first or second major challenge (which all companies have)!

Some people believe it’s a lottery. Others believe that you control your own destiny by what you put into it, the products that move through your organization and the size of your team..

Do you see how one’s beliefs will ultimately shape their outcome?

So I want to answer 2 questions for you:

1. Where did the top earners ($100,000/mo) get their beliefs?

2. How can I (you) get those same beliefs (beliefs that will empower you to take action and get great results)?

Our beliefs come from many different areas in our lives including our friends, family, peers, the media, etc. The stories we make up about our beliefs play a big part in whether they empower us or shut us down. (You’ve heard Kody’s quote, “The stories in your mind become the stories of your life!”) My personal experience was such that I aligned myself with top earners in network marketing.

I read many books and listened to many audios put together by top earners. I began to adopt their beliefs and especially their “view of life”. I began to identify with them and see things through their eyes.

I can identify many books, audios and events that shaped my thinking around this. In fact, my beliefs today are perfectly aligned with that of a top earner and therefore I continually take top earner action and get top earner results.

I can remember in 1994 when I had a fairly small organization in my last company going to an event in Scottsdale put on by the author of “The Greatest Networker in the World” and meeting 10 or so top earners from many different companies. This was a life changer for me. I got immersed in the culture of network marketing and 2 very, very small shifts resulted in me having MASSIVE success.

There are 2 things I’m going to strongly recommend that I believe will make the difference for you:

1. Come to the convention in Las Vegas. You’ll get to experience what our top earners believe and the meanings they place on those beliefs. You can spend time with them, ask them questions and really get into their heads. You’ll get immersed in the culture of our company.

2. Order the GREATEST NETWORKERS IN THE WORLD audio download off of This is 21 hours of uncut interviews with 21 of the top networkers in the world. These people ALL make over $1 million per year in network marketing. We set this up so that commissions are paid on the purchase of these. This is LIFE CHANGING content that will blow you away. Your views will shift and major changes will occur in your business. It’s $98.00 for all 21 hours and again, commissions are paid to you and your organization when these are purchased.

You must have the ability to play MP3’s on your computer to download these and you can put them on your iPod or iPhone as well.

These are UNCUT and company names are mentioned in the audios. They are not perfect production because the interviews were done over the phone but they are compelling and life-changing.

When I was a hang-glider pilot, and running all over the country running off mountains, I learned that much like steering a car, a very small 1/8″ shift pressure on the downtube could mean I was either sinking rapidly or gaining altitude. Let me explain. There is a triangular frame that you are hanging in from at the center of the glider. A strap is connected to your harness and the glider above you. You place your hand lightly on the tube that extends across underneath you. There is no need to have a tight grip because you are simply hanging from the bottom of the glider. The tube below you is simply for shifting your weight. If you lightly pull the bar in, it shifts your weight forward and the glider tends to go nose down and increase speed. If you push out on the bar, it shifts your weight back and slows the glider down. That small shift of less than 1/8″ can result in a disastrous stall or a spectacular flight!

Tony Robbins said many times in his event that the difference between success and failure in business is usually 2 millimeters. He gave example after example of how the little things can have huge impact.

It will be a “thin thread” that will determine how well you do with us. A very small shift will be the game maker. You are capable of creating a true legacy with us that will last for years. I believe that you will find that shift at the convention and on the Greatest Networker Audio interviews. Most likely the ground won’t move, but you will find something that will represent the 1/8″ shift that can cause you to soar to great heights.

Here are a few of things I have learned along the way:

1. Most top earners have quit over and over again but long before they were successful. Once they committed to breaking through their personal challenges with ONE COMPANY and learning the lessons, their incomes sky-rocketed.

2. All top earners found more joy in the cause than in the income. That’s why they have the income.

3. All top earners know that it’s their network that will determine how well they do and not their products or their company.

If it were the products, compensation plan or the company that determined one’s success, then everyone would be successful.

It’s about leadership.

4. The top earners all found power in their challenges. Most were not overnight successes. They continue to learn and break-through their challenges. This is what GROWTH is all about.

5. Virtually, all top earners have learned to love people, have fun and be grateful for life.

6. Most top earners were not overnight successes. They made no money or a little bit of money for a long time and then they broke through to become a top producer.

7. None of the top earners got there by quitting. Jeff Roberti started over about 23 years ago when his company completely changed product classes. Virtually all of his leaders quit. He stayed around an ultimately made over $70 million with his company

Get to convention – I’ll see you in Vegas and please order the 21 Greatest Networker interviews (download) off :)

Have a great week! See ya on the Beach!


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