May 18th, 2015


Periodically I will reflect on where I am in my life and what I am doing and ask myself . . . is this the best that I have? Am I living at my highest possible potential? And the answer is always no. Now I’m not talking about stressing out and killing yourself here. In fact, sometimes it’s just the opposite! Sometimes the best version of you means slowing down and being fully present with your family and friends. Your life may have spiraled out of control and you are running in 15 different directions. Maybe living the best version of you means finding peace with yourself and not beating yourself up so much each day! So when I talk about living your full potential, I’m referring to you being the best you you can be! The truth is, I am rarely living up to my true potential. There are always areas that I can be better or contribute more. But tonight we are not so much going to explore getting better as much as we are transforming your life into your perfect life. The life you want.

I have found that no matter how great your skills are and no matter how much training you have received, you’ll fall short if you don’t possess the energy and beliefs required for long term growth in our business. Let’s say you have been through a lot of training and you know the business inside and out. But you don’t possess the motivation necessary to keep going when things get tough. Your DRIVE is waning and you lack the energy to keep going. This applies to all areas of your life. My most recent example involves learning to fly the helicopter and ultimately getting my pilots certificate. Many times I had to remind myself WHY I was getting my license. Sometimes I had to remind myself that if I KEEP GOING BACK regardless of how I had been feeling, it was the only way I was going to win. There were so many times that my energy was low and I had no drive to keep going but I knew that if I was going to achieve my dream, I had to keep going back. I had so many setbacks, I can’t even count them. These principles can be applied to anything. Tonight I’m going to take you through an exercise that can help with your motivation, drive and energy. It’s somewhat of a visualization exercise. You won’t need to take notes. You can just sit back, relax and listen. You may want to listen to it again in the near future and if you find it helps you with your energy and drive, you can keep it handy to listen over and over again. I’ll be speaking the truth so you will resonate with what I’m going to say. Even if you have been feeding yourself negative thoughts, deep down you’ll know that what I’m saying is true about you. Again the power of energy can’t be measured. If you have hunger and drive, the facts don’t matter. You don’t have to have knowledge or skills when you are driven to succeed. You will find that over time, you’ll acquire all the tools necessary to succeed once you have the primal hunger in your spirit. So let’s get started. Sit back, relax and just take it in. Listen to my words and FEEL what I’m saying as I say it.
“You are living your perfect life. Everything is falling into place exactly the way it’s supposed to. You are confident and have an inner knowing that you are on the right path. Relax. Breathe. Feel what it feels like to have the life of your dreams. How does it feel? Now you know. All those areas of question melt away. What just a moment ago may have been confusing or unclear is now in perfect focus. In fact your life is in perfect focus. You might close your eyes now and in your minds eye begin to see all those people that are important to you . . . your friends . . . your family. Even your business partners and people in your exploding organization. They are smiling at you. They are proud of you and what you have accomplished. You feel pure love for them. They have an admiration for what you have accomplished not because of your achievements but because of the amazing contribution you have brought to their lives. Their lives are better because you took a stand for what you believed in. Although in the past, some of them doubted you, they can now see why you did what you did. And they are thankful for you . . . and you thankful for them.

Every moment in time you get a fresh start. Your power is in the present. Open. Relax your muscles. Allow your mind to slow down. Accept all the boundless resources life has to offer you. Picture your career. You are at the pinnacle of success. Notice your surroundings. Permit feelings of triumph to permeate your being. Watch it all come to life right in front of you. It’s all coming together perfectly. You feel abundance. The abundance of the universe and nature confirms what you already knew. There are no limits and you have boundless potential. You can feel this in every interaction you have with another human being. Even the ones that we don’t see eye to eye with. It takes all kinds of people and the opportunity is what it is today because of the diversity of people. If everyone understood our profession and wanted to do it, it wouldn’t offer the opportunity it does today. What makes it so special is that not everyone wants to do it. And you are good with that.

Your life is in motion. The motion of life. Like flowing water or wind. Movement is life and you are fully alive. You are making things happen. You are free. Pay attention to how it feels to be free . . . to be in motion . . . to be successful and alive. You are in the flow of life. You carry this into every moment of every day. You now know what it feels like. You are a contribution to the world. You are sharing your wealth with family, friends and those in need. The world is a better place because you are in it. And you are in a state of appreciation for all that this means.

So you are really beginning to live into the energy life. Your business isn’t growing unless you are growing and each day your are creating quantum leaps in your personal and business growth. You know this is possible because you are completely open to it. In fact those things that were holding you back are gone. You can’t even remember what they were and it doesn’t matter because you are on a different track now. Your life is working the way it’s supposed to. You recognize setbacks and challenges as opportunities to grow. You let go of the restriction caused by holding on to your limitations. Limitations are not real and they are self imposed. You now know this and immediately release them. You’ve learned that they can not hold you back . . . they can only propel you and make you stronger. You can feel your personal growth and so can everyone around you. You are acknowledged often for making a difference in the lives of those around you. You don’t seek recognition, but it seems to be happening all around you.

Life is easier and you are enjoying more free time to do the things that are most important to you. You feel a rush of love and gratitude for the beauty of life without the normal stresses brought on by a philosophy of scarcity. You make your decisions based on love and not fear. You don’t run and hide . .. you embrace life without hesitancy. You lean into opportunity. You are at peace in knowing that you paid the price and today you can make choices. Alarm Clocks are optional in your world and you love having the freedom to write your own schedule without anyone telling you where to be and what to do with your time. You smile knowing that you have mastered time and money not by taming it but by letting go of it’s significance and focusing on bringing value to those around you. A dollar can be worthless or infinitely valuable based on how you use it. The same goes for time. In the past, others controlled what you did with your time and money and today, you make those choices. Because you LOVE LIFE, and all of the choices we make involve either how we use our time or how we use our money, you realize that you must appreciate your time and money the same way you appreciate life. You must use your time and money for things that inspire you. You are generous with your time and money and in ways that contribute positively to the well being of others. You are okay with pampering yourself and others because you know that what you appreciate expands.

Each night when you lay your head on to your pillow you are calm and at peace knowing that you did all you could that day to leave the world better than it was when you woke up earlier in the day. Feel how your efforts are magnified each day through the contributions of all of those that you came in contact with earlier in the day. Life is a gift and each day is a reason to celebrate. As you look back on your successes, consider how you have achieved many things in your life that you can be proud of. And placing those feelings of accomplishment out in front of you you can achieve even more. In advance, you can feel those feelings of achievement and for things that haven’t yet even happened . . . things that have the potential to change the world.

You expect a breakthrough every day. Each day is an opportunity to view things differently and see opportunities where there were none. This is what entrepreneurs do. You can see the potential in others that they can not yet see in themselves. Sometimes they appear as disabilities or limitations. They represent the small embers that can turn into a blazing fire of success. In fact, you have noticed that all great success stories started with a handicap or serious struggle. So when you meet someone that can’t yet believe in themselves, give them the gift of belief. This is what breakthroughs are made of. You have the gift to see into the future. You have vision. In fact you may not have known it until now. But you do . . . because you are here. To imagine a better life for you, your family and those around you, you must be able to see the invisible.

Breathe in the feeling of triumph and success. How does it feel? What do you see? Step into your perfect future. You are unstoppable. You don’t care what others say or think. You know the truth. You know there are two worlds out there. There is a world of abundance and love and there is a world of fear, cynicism and doubt. You choose the world of abundance and love. When you encounter someone who is skeptical or doubtful, you realize that they just aren’t ready to see what you see. But you may be the one to help them have a ray of hope. By acknowledging their feelings and planting a seed of hope, you have the power to change their life. And you know it’s possible because you have experienced it time and time again. You have seen others come from the depths of depression and today have a life of possibility. In fact this is exactly why you do what you do.

You fill your calendar not to be busy but to make a bigger impact on the world. You know that ultimately your income will be a reflection of the value you bring in to the world. And you also know that your legacy is a reflection of what you get started. You feel energized in knowing that thousands of people will be touched by your efforts today and every day. You are not building because you have to, but because you get to . . . you get to share a business idea that can transform someone’s life in many ways. And you are inspired each day as you expose the business to new people.

Your energy is ever expanding and you can feel the power of motivation welling up inside of you. You are propelled into a world
of bountiful opportunity and abundance. Nothing can stop you. You have faith in people and believe in them even when they don’t.
When life kicks you down, you catch your breath and get right back up. You start fresh each day as if it was your first day in the business.
Why? Because you have the power to reinvent yourself each day and bring a whole new transformational perspective into the world. You know this is not about being smart or educated. It’s about having faith and understanding in a world of negativity. It’s about connecting with your source and helping others to have hope again. You have the power to change the world. Expect a breakthrough. You are confident and driven.
You are a masterful builder of relationships. You have no more questions . . . you just have a job to do. Confusion, doubt and fear melt away. You have fun and laugh a lot. Life gets easier the more you share. You are engaged, involved and connected. You don’t just believe, you now know.

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