May 9th, 2016


When I was a child I had a Children’t Book my mother would read to me called “This Is What Would Happen If Everybody Did!”
It was an illustrated book that showed some type of bad behavior exhibited by a child on the left hand page followed by the consequence of that bad behavior on the right hand page. For example, the left page would say, “Stomp on the Cat” (showing a child stomping on a cat) and the right page, “This is what would happen if everybody did!” (showing a bunch of freaked out stomped on cats all over the page). Then the left page would say, “Leave a mess” (showing a child not picking up his things) and the right page “This is what would happen if everybody did!” (showing a world with clutter and trash everywhere! I think it taught me the meaning of consequences.

Well on this call we will explore WHAT NOT TO DO in your network marketing business. I am going to name this call . . . “Don’t do that!” Or it could be called “Stop it!” Bob Newhart played a psychiatrist in a famous comedy skit where the patient comes in with some complaints and in need of some counseling. Bob Newharts advice to him is STOP IT and then he charges him a ridiculous amount of money for his advice! It’s worth watching. You can Google, Bob Newhart “Stop It!”

Some of these things will be things to be aware of and avoid doing and and other things, if I were with you and observing you doing your business, I might yell at you to STOP IT! Just STOP IT!!


1. DON’T MAKE EXCUSES FOR WHAT WE DO – In other words, never ever ever apologize for it being network marketing. You are better off facing it head on with confidence and conviction than beating around the bush. It’s time to stop avoiding the topic. It’s a real business with real potential and it has benefits that are astoundingly appealing to many business owners once they understand it. Don’t tip toe or tap-dance around this business model. And if they start to give you a hard time, no more cowering or being wimpy. You don’t need to fight, but stand up for what you believe in and don’t back down. It’s one of the best kept secrets in business today. It’s time that we come out of the closet. Stop apologizing!! Stop it!!!

2. DON’T “DINK AROUND” ON THE INTERNET – If you find yourself spending countless hours on social media you may be unconsciously be using your busyness as an excuse to not face your fears. Don’t let your busyness get in the way of your business. Most people could become wildly successful in 3 years if they would cut their social media time from 3 hours a day to 1 hour a day. You may be able to free up 10 hours a week by just spending less time on social media. It’s an addictive black hole and it could keep you from living your dreams. I’m not referring to the time spent putting pictures on cards that you get from Facebook or PMing people to set appointments. What if you set up one appointment for every 2 hours you spent on FB, Instagram or Twitter? No more time allowed until that appointment is set!!

3. DON’T CUT CORNERS ON THE IMPORTANT THINGS – This is a big one. Some days I want to shout, “Ahhhhhhhh!” (with lots of H’s!!). When I learn of someone that buys a ticket to convention and then tries to sell it in the Company FB Group it breaks my heart because I know that if that person would just bite the bullet and go, it could transform his/her life forever. And many times not going is a death sentence in the business. Don’t not not buy and ticket AND don’t buy a ticket and then decide not to go for money reasons. Bad decision! Cut corners when it comes to Starbucks. Cut corners when it comes to eating out. Cut corners when it comes to the cable bill (downgrade to a lower package). Cut corners when it comes to completing the remodeling project. Even cut corners on Christmas gifts . . . but don’t negotiate with your future. Don’t cut corners on your personal development. Don’t cut corners on attending the annual convention. Don’t cut corners on tools. I can honestly say that one of the reasons I am here today is because I NEVER took shortcuts when it came to investing in myself and in my business.

4. DON’T QUIT WHEN THINGS GET TOUGH – One thing I guarantee. Things will get tough. And you will want to quit. You will want to quit many times. And I have seen people quit at all different levels. I know lots of people who quit making no money at all. And I even have a friend that quit that was making $100,000 a month. He got into a fight with the founder of his company and he chose to walk away from a $1.5 million a year business. People quit at all levels. Because many people are quitters! I also know that the #1 reason for failure in the business is throwing in the towel. Most every failed network marketing business happened because someone chose to call it quits. And almost 100% of the time it was when things get too difficult to continue. This is when your most valuable lessons are learned. No one is immune. You will think that your situation is different but it is not. Never look back. Hit the reset button daily if you have to.

5. DON’T GO ALL THE WAY ON THE FIRST DATE! Relationship must come before marriage. Focus on getting to know the other person and understanding a little about what makes them tick. I know you are excited and you want to share it with the world.
You’ll have a better chance of acceptance if you get to know the other person BEFORE you tell them all about the business. Just saying. If you find yourself “presenting” all over the other person and you don’t know anything about them, STOP IT!

6. DON’T SAY, “I JUST GOT INTO THIS NEW LITTLE BUSINESS . . . “ – It’s not a new little business. This statement plants a seed in the mind of your potential distributor that what we have here is not such a big deal. It’s a BIG DEAL. It’s a multi-million enterprise that is transforming a long standing and powerful industry. Heck . . . we have our own US Postage Stamp! We are the #1 purchaser of First Class mail in the world! Do you realize that your “little” business could someday have 1,000,000 users in it. Do that calculation. Conservatively, your checks would be millions of dollars a month. That scenario is conceivable. Someone will do it. “I just got into this new little business . . . “ really doesn’t do it justice!

7. DON’T “TALK” ABOUT THE BUSINESS – Talking about the business can be the kiss of death. First of all, it doesn’t usually work because the person you are talking to hasn’t seen what you have seen. People need to SEE IT. I don’t know about you, but I have caught myself a number of times beginning to tell people about the business and I can see them drifting away as I continue to explain more and more. I try and catch myself when this happens. Instead, I tell them I will get with them soon and then I just drop it. As were are parting, I say, “I may get in touch with you and we’ll set up a time to chat” Then I text them and set up a time to SHOW THEM EVERYTHING from start to finish. Giving people the business in bits and pieces is not effective or professional. Refrain from talking about it. Set up a time to meet and take a full 30 minutes to show all of it to them from start to finish.

8. DON’T DO NOTHING (This is what would happen if everybody did!) – Imagine a business where everyone did nothing. This would be a company with no growth. Your business starts with you. Always. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. So you are better off doing it horribly wrong than not doing it at all . . . Why? Because at least when you are doing it wrong you will get feedback that will teach you what not to do. So rather than waiting around doing nothing. Do something. What I have observed is that most people do nothing. And guess what the result is of the people that do nothing? You guessed right – NOTHING!! So a big don’t in this business is DON’T DO NOTHING! On a day you find yourself doing nothing, catch yourself and go do something. Try and do something that will advance your business. Look through your friend list on FB and send 10 messages asking each person to take a look at what you are doing . . . you could even say, “If I were to send you a video about a way to make money would you watch it?” Now this wouldn’t be my first choice to show the business, but it’s WAAAAAY better than doing nothing!!

9. DON’T STALK OR BUG PEOPLE THAT TELL YOU NO! I was at an event recently that had about 200 business owners. A young professional photographer walked up to me and we talked for a few minutes. She asked me what I did. I told her and I may have well said I was a vampire . . . the cross came out!! She gave me three reasons in about 10 seconds why she would never do my business. I was like . . . “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I have no interest in recruiting you! You just asked me what I did and I told you!” She calmed down and we talked. I asked her a bunch of questions about her business and everyone left happy. But I realized the reason this happened is because she told one person in the group that she was uninterested yet that person kept trying to recruit her! DON’T DO THAT! Stop trying to recruit people that tell you no. They know you want them. Stay in touch. Be kind. Be generous. And look for ways that you can help them grow. They will watch you and it’s possible over time that they will come to you when they are ready if you keep the doors open!

10. DON’T SETTLE – Most people shrink their dreams down to meet income instead building their income up to meet their dreams. This could take work and time. But it will be worth it because you didn’t settle. Settling means giving up on your life. You were born to fly. I was told once that God will not give us dreams that we weren’t meant to fulfill. Sometimes it takes the wind out of me when I watch people stop fighting for what they want and buying in to the small thinking that is all around them. Settling is defeat. Settling is giving up. Winners don’t give up. And most people settle. Most people stop trying. Most people lose heart. And this is why most people don’t make it. But this doesn’t have to be you. Stop selling out. Stop settling. Stop buying in to the negativity. Which sounds better . . . “(insert your name) Steve didn’t settle. He wasn’t a sell out. It was tough but he persevered. And today Steve has his dream life” OR “Steve settled. He decided he didn’t want to work that hard. He didn’t see the job through and his dreams slipped away forever. He’s older now and has lots of regrets. He’ll never have a second chance. Oh well.” Which story is most inspiring?

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