All Successful People Do…

Stepping out of their comfort zones…

It’s very simple…they are always stepping outside of their comfort zones. You probably think that it comes very easy to all of them. Well, most of them had to learn how and it didn’t happen for them overnight either.

There’s a few ways that you can do this. I’ll go over a couple for you to get started.

One…always try and find something that you don’t like doing and just do it. When I was in the Marine Corps, I always completed a task that I didn’t like doing every day. I thought it made me a better person and looking back, it did. So I encourage you to do something that you don’t want to do or have been putting off since forever and “just do it” as Nike says.

little-boy-readingTwo…professional reading. There’s so many books out there to read to help you succeed and get out of your comfort zone. The most popular one in the success circles is Think and Grow Rich. Henry Ford read the book 34 times in his lifetime. There are lots of TAGR mastermind groups to discuss the book and put it into action. I’ve been on a couple of calls and in a group myself. It’s amazing what you get accomplished in them.

If you don’t have time to read or attend a group, there’s a Think and Grow Rich call that I’ve gotten on many times. Click here for the details.  They even have a replay number.

Professional Development in Small Steps

FacebookThe last one I want to discuss is my Facebook page I’ve put together. I’ve posted some simple challenges for you to do to help you one your road of getting out of your comfort zone. Go to it. Like the page, find an exercise, do it and post your experience on it there. If you know anyone that would benefit from one of the posts, feel free to share it with them.

This is for everyone.  You don’t have to be a team member to benefit from my personal development challenges.  I’m looking forward to see how they change your life!

See You on the Beach!

Bess Marie



P.S. Don’t look back a year from now and regret that you didn’t get started today?


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