Hi! First of all I want to acknowledge that I am aware of how difficult our first card flurry is. And thank you all for participating in this project. I can’t even imagine the nightmare that family is going through? It’s inconceivable. And if we can make a tiny difference to give them a ray of hope then it will be worth it. We become card angels by letting them know how much we care. I know when I watched the video, I lost it. Not all of the “Card Flurry”s” will be this difficult. Next month we will celebrate a hero . . . someone that deserves acknowledgment for making a big difference in the world.

Also I want to be clear that this is the one time we will send a card each month as a coordinated effort. I’m getting 100 people a day that are registering and we almost have 1000 people. Of course we will continue to send cards to anyone that we feel inspired to send to. We are only sending one “Card Flurry” per month (this month I have over 20 suggestions). So when you get a prompting to send a card . . . send the card! And feel free to ask others to do the same though Facebook. But as far as this project goes, we will be doing one per month as a team.


I want to ask you a question . . . what is it that you would regret not being able to do if you could never do it again.
For example . . . let’s say you have never taken a trip to Europe in your life . . . and one day, the opportunity to for you
to go to Europe was taken away from you. You can never ever take that trip. Would you regret having not ever gone?
Think about what those things are that you would regret having never done if the the opportunity to do them was taken away.
I want to encourage you to put those things on your list of things to do (or at least schedule to do) this year.
Because there will come a day that you will never again be able to do them.


In case you are still refining your list for the new year or never got to it . . .
here’s a simple list of things you can do in the new year to quickly ramp things up:

1. What are the three things you want to accomplish or do in the first quarter of 2017.
Write them down. I recommend dreams vs goals. What are three dreams you would
like to see come true in the first quarter of 2017. It’s okay to right down a couple of goals
too, but goals typically don’t inspire . . . dreams do. And dreams do come true!

2. Launch the quarter by filling your calendar with personal and business activity:
Start by going through your past lists, your friend list on FB and your phone contacts
and sending out a ton of texts. Block a full hour to do nothing but send texts.
Schedule coffee or lunch with people you have lost touch with. Schedule some presentations
and follow ups. Schedule some business meetings with guests with your team members.
Fill your calendar for the next 3 weeks and get excited about your what you can create by connecting with the people
in your business and in your life!

3. Commit to sending out at least one MEANINGFUL card each day. And gifts are great too.
If you are lost as to who to send to, just go on Facebook and find something to celebrate in someone
else’s life OR look for someone who needs a lift.

4. Clean up a mess – Messes tend to get in the way of personal and business growth.
We all have them. Some examples are, a relationship that is always in crisis, a messy home or car
or a friendship that has gone south because of a breakdown in communication. Commit to cleaning up
a mess. It may mean moving on from a bad relationship, sending a card to an old friend that you had a falling out with
or simply taking an afternoon and just throwing or giving away a whole bunch of stuff that is cluttering up your life!

5. Schedule your next 3 events! This is a big one and a very important one! Most people are living paycheck to paycheck
and not thinking much past next weekend. Entrepreneurs have vision and must plan things out. Successful company leaders
plan years into the future and you must do the same for your business. At the very least, commit to your next 3 events
by putting them on the calendar. Use these as impending opportunities to grow your team. Invite people to go with you and get commitments
in advance from others to participate in their future growth. Las Vegas and Atlanta have just been added but not posted yet. Vegas in on Feb 11th and Atlanta is on Jun 10th. When you put it on your calendar it changes everything. Begin to commit IN ADVANCE to the essential business
building events. That’s what Leaders do.

6. Choose to engage – Become an active leader on the SendOutCards team. Begin to see yourself as a leader and do what leaders do.
Become very active in the SendOutCards Official FB Group AND at events . . . contribute things that will help others. Be an example of success to others. Teach and help and be VISIBLE not invisible.

7. Give more than you take – In Og Mandino’s book, “The Choice” Og talks about drawing a circle round yourself . . . and each time you reach outside of that circle, strive to give vs to take. Abundant blessings will flow to you.

8. Master the presentation – Do this by practicing on REAL POTENTIAL DISTRIBUTORS. Become masterful at showing the business and dancing with the situational obstacles that present themselves. This is where your growth and opportunity lie.

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