November 10, 2007


This past weekend I was at a reunion in Texas with a group of friends, most of which I had not seen in over 7 years. It was the first time we were all together at one time since 2000. I didn’t go there to talk about SendOutCards . . In fact I left my business cards at home! I made a decision to not say a word. There were about 3 out of 20 people that were already using the service in our group. As we reminisced and shared stories of the past around a campfire, the topic of the cards came up. I kept my mouth shut. Although each of those at the retreat, had received a few cards from me, I chose not to discuss SendOutCards or bring up the topic. Guess what happened. One person said . . . “Jordan, I love those cards you have been sending!” Another said, “Yeah, they are awesome!, you are doing such a great job of staying in touch with everyone!” Then someone asked . . . “How do they work?” Another asked, “How long has the company been around?”. Then someone said, “I would love to see those, do you have any with you??”

Within a few minutes, there was a ‘buzz’ about SendOutCards going around the entire ranch. Lots of questions were being asked and a handful of people that had no interest at all began to get interested. How did this happen?? I have been sending this group cards for the past 3 years. Although we have not spoken or seen each other, there was a familiarity and an interest that had been created and then the flames were fanned by those that began to talk about it. I didn’t have to say a word. Others brought up the topic! Why?? Because I had sent heartfelt, interesting cards to the individuals in attendance. While I was sending them, I had no idea we would all be getting together, but once we did . . . It was over!

The cards I had been sending were unexpected cards . . . Cards to say ‘Hi’ and to bring them up to date on what’s going on in my life. I also sent a card introducing my first book which I’m fumbling through but should be ready in March in time for my birthday. Virtually none of the cards I sent this group were cards to ‘recruit’ them. When you send cards in to a network of people that all know each other, they talk and with SOC, that’s a good thing. You really don’t need to say much . . . Just let them do the selling for you!


This afternoon, I asked myself . . . If I only had 15 minutes to teach someone the business, what would I teach them? In fact, in many cases, you only have 15 minutes to teach someone the business. If my time is limited, I will give a new distributor a short assignment prior to us having a full length training. The fundamentals are so important. In fact, if you were to only focus on the fundamentals, your business would grow faster and there would be much less confusion about what to do. When you offer the basics to

someone who is motivated, they figure out all the details necessary to proceed. How much is too much?

1. If you give someone more than they can remember

2. If you teach them something they can’t explain to someone else

3. If you teach them things that are not relevant. In other words, focus on a few short things that are easily remembered and explained to someone else. When someone asks me about the Compensation Plan, I have a problem.

1. They won’t remember it due to its complexity

2. They can’t explain it to someone else without confusing them

3. It’s not relevant (Its only relevant to teach them the next step). How much someone gets paid as an Eagle is not relevant if someone has not even gotten their first promotion. Nothing matters until we get someone’s money back.

When someone asks me about the Compensation Plan, I direct them to the Website and have them watch a short movie about it and read about it if they want to. Taking time to explain something that will confuse them and they won’t remember is a waste of your time and theirs. In fact, with the limited time people have to build a business, you’ll want to be as efficient as possible!

Here’s my 15 minute training on THE FUNDAMENTALS:

1. Grab a pen and write this down . . .

A. Send Out at Least 1 Unexpected Card Every Day (No selling – Just to make that persons day a little better)

B. Send Out at Least 1 DVD every day (Send a card describing the Business and include a DVD in it. Share a story and your excitement)

C. MOST IMPORTANT: Walk at least 1 person per day through sending a card on a ‘Gift Account’

2. Get familiar with the Eagle’s Flight Pattern: Check out 3. Go through the ‘Quick Start Set up’ at (under ‘DUPLICATE’)

4. Be on our Monday Night Team Call each week . . . If you can’t be on it, than listen to the replays at the top of www.thecoolbuzzcom

5. Schedule yourself for a Treat ‘em Right Seminar as soon as possible

I will then take 5 minutes to show someone how to use their SOC Walk-Through Banner Account (this is important for duplicatability)

A. Log in

B. Click on Management Tools

C. Click on AUTOMATIC GIFT ACCOUNT and create and save your settings

D. Under Management Tools, go back and Click on BANNER OPTIONS and set up your banner

E. You can now have someone go to and turn up their speakers. Have them click on ‘CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR FREE CARD’
Get your sponsor to help you with this if you are not sure what to do!

IMPORTANT: Instruct your new people to be with their card sender while going through the SOC Walk-Through if you want them to complete it.


The teaching begins when you have them send their first card. Taking the time to train your new distributors will pay you back many times over. If you sign them up and don’t train them, they won’t use the system and they probably won’t do much. Make sure you train them! That’s what you are getting paid the $120 for!


Jeffrey Davidson – 400 Distributors


> Brigitte Ades
> Heidi Tesdahl
> Nina Ten
> Donna McGill
> Colleen Killpatrick
> Andrew Sommervile
> Stephen and Paula Todd
> Sarah Berry
> Tom LaGalbo
> Elayne Lieberman
> Thomas Burt
> Candy Brandon
> Michael Sees
> Nadia Capone
> Troy Warren


> Barbara Starley
> Tammy Delorme & Joel Marcoux
> Patti Glick



I encourage you to check out the gifts you can now send with your cards. I sent two today. The company has added a whole line of gift items. When sending a card, drop down the ADD AN INSERT and click on GIFT. In addition to the Avenue Sweets which SOC has been offering, there are now gourmet coffees and teas, as well as nuts and cookies….You can now send a gift to someone with a card inside without leaving your computer! And there is more good news…especially if you have accumulated a lot of points in your account. You can now pay for these gifts with points, not with money in your expense account. You pay for the shipping from your expense account, but not for the gifts themselves. Think about what that means:

1. If you have accumulated points, you can use them for the gifts without having to pay more money for them;

2. If you have an organization that you are building, commissions are paid on points purchased, but not on money from your expense account. Thus, when the gifts are purchased, more points will be used and more in commissions will be paid;

3. If you have a retail account and are going to be sending gifts, you might want to consider upgrading to a wholesale or entrepreneur account. Retail points are $.49 each while the points in the other two accounts are only $.31. Thus, for example, on a 50 point item, you will save $9.00 (50 x $.18).


As you know, when you purchased your Entrepreneur Package, you received the DVD Program which allows you to send out unlimited DVD’s to recipients of your cards. In virtually all other companies, you are required to PAY for your DVD’s (up to $7 per DVD). With SOC, you never pay for a DVD. The new DVD is really good. You simply drop down the ADD AN INSERT and click on the DVD option. It will be out in the next few days, but in the meantime, you can view it on line. Demarr got me interested in SOC with a DVD. I watched the 2nd one he sent me and that caused me to call him. I didn’t even know him! The DVD’s will work if someone is looking for something to do!

– Go and watch the new DVD presentation! – From the Home Page, click on Watch our DVD.

– You will be able to add the new DVD to your greeting cards in the next several weeks. Until that time, use the one that is currently available!

2008 TREATEMRIGHT SEMINARS (Tentative Dates) The Treat ‘em Right Seminar is a one-day Personal Development Seminar offered as part of the Entrep Package. In an interactive way it teaches the principles of the “Law of Attraction” and how to have success come to you easily and effortlessly in life and in business. There will be more, but this is the preliminary schedule:

> 01/12 Houston Texas- KODY
> 01/19 Sacramento California- JORDAN
> 01/26 Connecticut- KODY
>02/02 Phoenix Arizona- JORDAN
> 02/09 Denver Colorado-KODY
> 02/09 LA California- JORDAN
> 02/16 Detroit Michigan-KODY
>03/01 Atlanta Georgia-JORDAN
> 03/08 SLC Utah- KODY
> 03/29 Ontario CANADA- JORDAN
>04/05 Providence Rhode Island- KODY
> 04/12 Chicago Illinois- JORDAN
> 04/19 San Francisco California- KODY
>05/03 British Columbia CANADA- KODY
> 05/17 Dallas Texas- JORDAN
> 05/17 Pittsburgh PA- KODY
>06/07 Las Vegas Nevada- KODY
>09/06 Fort Lauderdale Florida- KODY
> 09/20 Charlotte NC- JORDAN
>10/04 Kansas City Missouri- KODY
> 10/18 Portland Oregon- JORDAN
>11/08 New York City New York- KODY
> 11/22 Scottsdale Arizona- KODY

Don’t forget to let people know how to order Chicken Soup for the Network Marketers soul at a discount. Special pricing for you from us on the new Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul To order Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul invites you to be the first to order this groundbreaking book. The book is complete, ready to order and is shipping NOW!

> Regular price is $19.95. Our gift to you is a 15% discount no matter how many books you would like to order. That means you are able to buy this book as low as $11 depending on the volume you order. What a great Holiday gift for your leaders and loved ones.

November 30th the promotional discount stops. Please DO NOT wait.

ENTER the code SOC to get the discount.


The TBN’s are an opportunity for Distributors in a Region to come together to Network, Share Ideas, Train and Inspire Each other. Check out for a full schedule:

Upcoming Cities include. Typically they are $10 per person

Tues Nov 20th Bethel Park, PA

Sheboygan, WI

Troy, MI

Tues Nov 27th

Coer d’ Alene, ID

Thurs Nov 29th

Tucson, AZ

I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for this year. I am grateful for you in my life . . . My number 1 goal is for you to get everything you want from your SendOutCards business and I will work tirelessly to see that that happens. I’ll take 2 steps for every one that you take. We have thousands of people on our team and I would like to challenge each of you to go a

little out of your way this week to do at least one nice thing for someone that is not as fortunate as you or I. Find someone in need and send them something or do something for them that will lift their spirits. The world will be a better place and you’ll have made a difference. You guys have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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