June 23, 2008





I am a general contractor in the Detroit metro area. Two years ago I remodeled a kitchen, and that lady’s neighbor recently approached me to quote the remodeling of her own kitchen. After I met with her I sent her a SOC and thanked her for her time. I then again sent another card telling her I would be in touch soon. When I gave her the price of

$30,000, I was told I was $11,000 higher than the other guy. She said, “He said all that he quoted would be done.” I then said, “You did not only get a good price, but a great price.” I then went on to say, “I am putting down my sales hat. My material cost is more than what he is charging for a 5 week project. Please get another quote.” Weeks later she called to tell me that the third contractor came out and my bid was still $1,000.00 higher than the third contractor’s bid. Last week I signed the agreement for my asking price and Tomorrow June 24, 2008 I tear out her kitchen to remodel. I asked her why she selected my company and she told me she liked the cards I sent her. All of the cards were two-panel cards from the SendOutCards standard catalog, and I did not add any pictures to them. Thank you for not only a great product to keep in touch with people you care about, but also a great sales tool.


Ken Kowalski
Upstairs Downstairs Remodeling
Westland, Michigan


One beautiful thing about the team we are building is that we have professionals from virtually all walks of life joining our team. We have pro athletes, Financial Planners, Accountants, Producers and Directors in Hollywood, Famous Authors and Speakers as well as Educators and every other type of Entrepreneur that you can imagine. Well, when I sent my e-mail around telling everyone about the call tonight, I got a handful of concerns from Certified Financial Planners that I may be giving financial advise that could get me in some trouble.

First of all, I want everyone to know that I am not a professional financial advisor and I do not give financial advise. I am an independent distributor for SendOutCards just like you. I don’t work for the company and all the info that I provide on these calls are my personal opinion.

Here’s my official disclosure:

“Please remember that I am not qualified to provide professional investment or financial advice and that this information is provided as a guide only. It may not be suitable for everyone. Should you have any specific questions about your situation, please consult a qualified tax or investment adviser.”

All of this being said, I have no intention of providing any financial advise on these calls. I simply will offer fundamental principles for successfully building a SendOutCards business. Once in awhile I will offer my opinions regarding opportunities that exist in the marketplace and how those opportunities may impact your business building activities within your SOC organization.


Freedom is the cause not the effect. In other words, to achieve financial freedom, you must first perceive yourself as ‘free’ and not the other way around. The reason so many people struggle with financial freedom is because they believe that once they have the money, then they will be free. It doesn’t work that way. Freedom is a value that will attract the money you are looking for. I can remember being in my job at America West Airlines when my paycheck was about $20,000 per year. I had a revelation one day and walked in to my office and told my boss . . . “I’m officially retiring!” She laughed and said . . . ‘You can’t retire! You only make $20,000 per year!’ I told her that I thought retirement is a state of mind first. She thought I was crazy and so did everyone else.

You become free first and then the outcome of time with some work results in a lifestyle that supports what you believe to be true. The formula for wealth is not what most people think. Until you have Wealth and Abundance you won’t have the money. There are people that had hundreds of millions of dollars that committed suicide because they were so unhappy. There are also people that have jobs making $40,000 per year that are ‘Wealthy’. Wealth is not a function of how much money is in your bank account. Money is energy and to attract it you MUST have the feeling of abundance first. Some of you have experienced this first hand. Your bank account is the cause of your feelings of wealth and abundance. Wealth and abundance aren’t caused by the size of your bank account!


I had a personal breakthrough this weekend at Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery event. One of the speakers said . . . ‘It’s not the product or the widget that will make you successful. It’s your entrepreneurial and networking skills that will determine your success’ Its sad to see how many people will switch from company to company trying to find the right product or deal. In other words they look for the ‘widget’ that will make them successful. And for years and years they search unsuccessfully. This is what I did for 10 years and 11 companies. I would make the product the main thing. I would get excited about the idea and then share it. Others weren’t as excited as I was and so I would lose my excitement. The fact is, there are a few people making lots of money in many different things and there are many people making little to nothing. There are even multi-billion dollar companies with bad products that create many millionaires. For example, cigarettes make you die, they smell up your house and for the most part they are today socially unacceptable in most public places. Yet many people make millions off the advertising and sales of this product.

Most people would agree that McDonald’s doesn’t have the highest quality burgers in the world. In fact most of you probably could make a better hamburger if put to the test. Yet McDonald’s sells more burgers than any other restaurant in the world! Its not how good the product is that determines their success. So you see, its not the product that ltimately will determine your success (even in SendOutCards). You will make money off your entrepreneurial and networking skills. Your ingenuity, creativity, ideas, resourcefulness and leadership will ultimately determine how well you do. The proof of this is, with the exact same product and same marketplace, some make LOTS of money and create a huge passive residual income and others don’t. Why? If it were our company or the product, wouldn’t it make sense that EVERYONE would make money? It doesn’t work that way in any business. And again, in most industries, there are people making millions and others

making nothing. So as Jim Rohn always says, work harder on yourself than you do on your business. My second breakthrough came as a result of listening to a conversation about how to increase your income in ANYTHING that you do. One of the speakers said . . . its simple, “Add More Value!” When you add more value, you make more money. Period! In SendOutCards, the people that are great at adding value and impacting more people in a positive way, ultimately make more money. How does this look in SendOutCards. Ideas add value. Creativity adds value. Touching more people in a way that is meaningful adds value. Helping a business grow, get referrals or retain their customers adds value. When you are able to leverage yourself through the work of other people and get others involved in our opportunity, you are touching more and more people which brings more revenue to the company. The value you have created

results in bigger checks! So here was my big breakthrough. When I joined our company, the first thing that I saw and continue to see is the amazing power that SendOutCards has to impact someone’s life when used effectively. So my mission has always been to get the word out and show people how SOC will benefit them in their lives. Pretty simple. When there is a true benefit to someone that makes a difference, they want to share it. Here’s the problem I see emerging in a few of our smaller teams. When someone gets in to SendOutCards with the sole purpose of making money (some people even try and recruit this way), if their recruits don’t make money in the first 90 days, they drop off their autoship and quit. Or if someone from another company makes them an offer that sounds better (whether its true or not), they quit. I have some teams that have been recruiting based solely on the money coming to me wondering why all their people are

quitting. Its very simple. Teams with strong growth AND retention (which is your true

residual income) focus almost exclusively on the value that SendOutCards can bring in to someone’s life. They share it and teach others to share it. Those that don’t make money are still VERY excited about the value it is bringing to their life, so they continue to use the service even if they are not making money. Does this make sense?? We are not in the greeting card business. We are entrepreneurs showing others how they can be more successful in life by being part of our company and using our service.


I don’t know how to build a car or really how it works. I couldn’t take one apart or put it back together, but I do know how to drive one. This is how I look at my SendOutCards business. I am not sure why or how it works, but I do know how to drive it. Answering all the ‘How’ questions that I get in emails every day would keep me in front of my computer 20 hours per day. Most of the answers to these questions really don’t matter. I’m not trying to be funny here, but knowing all this stuff just makes you smarter but it won’t make you any more money! Simply do the basic steps outlined in the Daily 8 ( and you’ll be driving the car just like Adam Packard, Judy O’Higgins and Chuck and Nicki Pousson!


I met a realtor named Vanessa that saw my book and asked how she could become a more successful realtor. She asked, “What should I be doing?” and “How do I leverage myself?”

Here’s what I suggested she have a do:

1. A Vehicle with Leverage
2. A strong work ethic (discipline and time)
3. A Network With Quality Relationships
4. A winning attitude (its 80% psychology and 20% mechanics)

THIS IS THE SAME ADVISE I WOULD GIVE SOMEONE WANTING TO BUILD A SUCCESSFUL NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS. This is why I love SendOutCards so much. It gives us the leverage and tools necessary to exercise our resourcefulness and creativity in growing any business or relationship.

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