4 Types of Cards

July 2nd, 2007

4 types of Cards:


Tips for each type –

1. UNEXPECTED CARDS – No expectation to get anything in return. Send Cards just to make a positive connection with another human being. Cards to say “I appreciate you” or “Thank you very much” or “I’m thinking of you”

2. INFORMATIONAL CARDS – Cards to let others know about something of interest, an event or a new product Launch. Cards that inform. Upcoming Seminars, Baby Showers, Parties, Conference Calls or a amusing story, fact or Announcement. May include tips and ideas for helping a business owner be more successful.

3. RECRUITING CARDS – Cards to let someone know about SOC. Include a DVD. Explain a little about the business. Tell a story or explain the benefits . . . .why you like SOC. What SOC can do for them. How it will help them attract more business or keep their existing customer base happy. Do this in the spirit of contribution. Take 100% of your focus off of what you are going to get. Be forthright. Do not MIX unexpected cards with Recruiting Cards.

4. MOTIVATIONAL CARDS – Designed to keep your distributors focused on the Big Picture and the Future. Messages of Hope and Encouragement. Success Stories. Examples of triumph over struggle. Send something to your team at least once every 2 months. Be creative. Get them excited about what they have their hands on and how it can make a difference for them.


(front of card – “You can count the acorns in a tree, but you can’t count the trees in an acorn!”)

“How’s it going? I’ve been thinking about you lately.

You know, when you talk to one person and they are not interested or you sponsor a few and no one does anything, its easy to get discouraged. Sometimes acorns lie dormant and then miraculously sprout and grow into a mighty oak.

Please just remember, that it only takes one to build a team of thousands. The challenge we all have is that we ‘know’ but can’t ‘see’ the potential in an acorn.

Remember, when you bring someone on board and plant a seed by showing someone how to send a card on a Gift Account, you have set in motion the forces of the universe to grow a forest that will provide shade for a lifetime. Just some things to think about!”


(front of card – Jessie, “Will they remember you??”)

“A little while ago, I was invited to a networking event. There were 40 people there and a guy walked over to me and shook my hand. He acted as if he knew me. I could not remember who he was or where I had met him in the past. He looked vaguely familiar.

As they went around the room and had each of us introduce ourselves, I realized who he was. About 1 year ago, he called me to show me his incentives program. I put him in my contact manager and over the course of the past year, I had sent him 3 cards (cost me $3) with pictures of me in them.

As soon as he saw me he IMMEDIATELY remembered me and my name. He treated me like a long lost friend. Well . . . I couldn’t remember him at all. One year ago, I had no need for his services. Today, I possible could use him.

The bottom line is, if I had not run into him at this event, I would never even think to call him in need. For about $3-$4 per year, he could be almost 100% sure that I would call him when ready to do business . . . but I didn’t remember him, because he didn’t stay in touch! Instead, he will go continue wasting valuable time meeting new people and losing touch with them over the course of his career. I know . . . I did this for many years. How many thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars has he lost because he failed to maintain those LONG TERM relationships with the people that he has met along his path?

I’m just one of many that he had completely lost touch with.

I’m convinced that I could get involved in any company and within a matter of months, become the top guy using sendoutcards to build relationships.”

(On the Right)

“Hi Firstname,

I hope we can get caught up sometime soon. I was inspired to send you this.

I see most people in Business miss some really great opportunities to double or triple their sales with some pretty simple steps.

Please let me know if I may be of assistance to you as you grow your business.

Best to you”


A. Sending out cards each day (use pictures and handwriting)
B. Setting up a gift account and walking someone through sending a card
C. Signing someone up

These are the foundational elements to the SendOutCards business. If you are flying a plane you need
To learn to:

A. Take off
B. Land
C. Fly

If you are an Architect, you need to:

A. Assess Clients Needs
B. Create Designs
C. Communicate Specs so Designs can be built.

In most things, there are fundamentals that need to be mastered. Once they are mastered its possible for
virtually anything within that discipline to be achieved. However, the fundamentals are only a part of the equation.

In fact by just mastering the fundamentals, you may or may not achieve success. I have seen countless
people that have mastered the fundamentals only to struggle with their results. What’s missing??

You must also be in the right state of mind to attract the success you are looking for. Here are some
things to consider.

1). You must be able to see your outcome as if it were already in existence (present tense).
2). You must be determined to see the job through
3). You must take responsibility for your results.
4). You must STAY IN ACTION. Starting and stopping in a business makes momentum a tough thing to achieve.
5). You must EXPECT AND ALLOW good things to happen to you each day (this is the most important one)
6). You must focus on simplicity and continually strive to remove the complexities of innovation.
Innovation is good as long as it doesn’t make things non-duplicatable.

Remember, duplication is the key to big income. Anything hard to figure out or ‘Do’ will slow down
or stop growth. If it can’t be explained by a 8 year old, don’t explain it.

Remember, DOING the fundamentals is important, but also will become boring, uninspiring, discouraging
and frustrating without a crusade. If you are focused on DOING vs who you are becoming and where you are
going, you can get disouraged and want to quit. If your days become a ‘Checklist’, watch out. You are probably
going down. What’s your ‘Intention’? What are you building? Are you inspired by something BIGGER than
just a day in and day our ‘grind’?


Now for a Reality check. Simple concepts that will motivate you and also give you a short term path to run on. Long term plans are great, but if they are too lofty or too far out into the future, they are harder to envision and stay focused on. If you can master a 90 day plan and achieve SOMETHING WORTHWHILE TO YOU, during those 90 days, you can keep resetting 90 day plans until you reach your ultimate goal. The magic, is that you get to enjoy it along the way!

STEP 1: Right now, write down 3 THINGS you want to buy or do in the next 90 days (this is the most important STEP:

Register your kids in a private school
Go back to school yourself
Make some repairs on your home (things that have been bugging you!)
Buy front row seats to a concert of play that you have always wanted to see
Hire a housekeeper
Give away $500 to your church or a family in need
Drive up the California Coast and stay in Beach lodges along the way
Take a hot air balloon ride with your honey
Take a weekend getaway in the woods
Take a wild trip to Las Vegas
Rent a condo on the beach
Open a College fund for your kids
Upgrade the Sound System in your car
Buy a swingset for the kids
Attend a 4 day Tony Robbins event

Buy a second car
Put a down payment on a house
Buy a new Bedroom Set
Get some new Appliances


1. It must get your really excited
2. You must be able to do it or schedule it within in 90 days
3. Don’t be practical
4. Permission to Splurge

STEP 2: Answer the following Question:

What actions will you take right away to begin to move you towards these things you will be getting in the next 90 days??

1). Send Out UNEXPECTED Cards every day

2). Send Out FIRST LOOK Cards every day (with a DVD in them)

3). Do at least ONE GIFT ACCOUNT WALKTHROUGH every day

If you just take action around these things, you may or may not get the results you are looking for. There is a difference between asking What do I do? OR How do I do it? AND having an INTENTION then stepping into it.

The actions (The how to) are things you must know, but the spark that ignites the results you want are found in your INTENTION!

You act around your Intention REGARDLESS of what others think or say. Your INTENTION is rooted in your WHY. You know where you are going and nothing will stop you. You see obstacles as an opportunity to learn but not as something that will stop you.


This weekend, I was asked the question . . . When there is no more ground in front of you what has you keep going?

18 months ago, I was backed up against a cliff. My overhead was as much as most people make in 1 year and my income went away. I went through $80,000 in savings in 4 months. I then refi-ed a home, and borrowed money against a credit card to get me through the toughest 9 months of my financial life. I was backed up against a cliff with a big drop off . . . when I heard the news of what was going down, I experienced the GASP. Gripping fear. It was the fear of uncertainty and do I really have what it takes to do it again?

I was asked . . . What has you keep going under these circumstances?

Here’s my answer (It may be different for you): I stepped way back and took a birdseye view. . . . just like an eagle. I wrote out my intentions, values and priorities. I specifically described what I needed to be inspired again . . . and then I stepped into that future. So I went from be gripped with fear to excited about my new direction.


Panic Confidence
Chaos Relief
Fear Excitement
Doubt Certainty
Will this work? I am now the recipient
Of all the good that
I am doing in the world


You have now begun to create a context for your actions. So although the 3 action steps are simple, you must approach them with an empowering context. You must send your cards in an empowering context. You must call people an talk with them from an empowering context.

This is a very simple exercise. What words move you? What words. deplete you. Step into the words the Inspire and Motivate you. What words bring you energy and life? What words drain your spirit?

Each day I am reborn. Each day I re-invent myself so that I can fly to new heights in my life and in my business.

This TALK is more important than the how to do it. Get aligned with what MOVES you and brings you life and others will follow.

STEP THREE: Take Action

Do something every day and track your results.
Begin to SCHEDULE the 3 things you wrote down (What you plan to accomplish in the next 90 days) When you schedule things (put them on your calendar) they become real. Consider that they don’t exist until they are scheduled. Put them in writing on a specific date. You will discover the resources necessary to fufill on your dreams when you put them in writing and put them in front of you.


Happy 4th of July!

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