July 13th, 2015


Bart Miller, New Executive is a high performance cyclist. He competes at the highest level as an athlete. He asked me the questions, “What are the two things I can do to get this thing to go faster?” This is what got me thinking about doing this call.

Before we get right into it, I want to reference two things that may help. First, your business is meant to grow. Usually when it is not growing its because of something we are doing to impede its growth. A good idea is meant to grow. Let’s say you have this beautiful ficus plant. It’s growing slowly but you know it has the potential to become quite large. You give it a little extra water hoping that this will speed up it’s growth. Nothing seems to happen. So you move it to a different location. Again, you don’t notice much difference. So you water it a little more and even add some fertilizer. You wake up the next day, and from your perspective, it still seems to be about the same size. You figure it probably needs replanting into a bigger pot. So you replant it. About 2 days later it loses all its leaves. You’re frustrated so you give it twice as much water as you know it needs and move it again. And again. And again. About a year later your plant is completely dead. We do the same thing in our business. We push it and prod it. We uproot it and change things up . . . over and over again. Your ficus plant needed a little water each week and a little sunlight each day. That’s it. Over and over and over again. One day, you have a giant ficus tree. True your business is meant to grow . . . as long as you don’t mess with it too much. Give it the basics each day. Continue to stretch your dreams. Add new people to your list each day. Show the business every day. Follow up. Sponsor distributors and train them the basics. Over and over and over again. The reason I have such a big business today is because I truly didn’t know it was supposed to go slow. I have learned that the slow way is the fast way. What this means is doing the little things EACH DAY, consistently OVER TIME, creates very fast growth. And it creeps up on you. Lots of people doing a little represents momentum.

The night before our training I was meeting with a woman and her sponsor (will remain anonymous). She was working on her next promotion. She had been working on it for awhile. And I could tell that she was exhausted from trying. It seemed to me that they had gotten used to how hard it was to grow the business. Your business is meant to grow . . . your only job is to plant the seeds and then give them just enough to feed them but not so much to kill them. Then get out of the way and plant more.

After the training I was sitting with Bart, Demarr and BJ from Wyoming. We were sitting outside and Bart asked the question again. Then BJ asked me, “What am I missing?” That’s an interesting question and not a bad one to ask. Most of the time, the problem is not so much what someone is missing or what they are doing wrong but let’s explore the question . . . what’s missing that if put in could make a difference? Usually it’s not what someone thinks. In other words, sometimes it’s more about your focus and what you are thinking about than what you are doing. OR you may be doing something out of desperation that is killing the growth.

So BJ asks, “What am I missing??” She was implying that she is doing all the right things, but it’s just not growing the way she thinks it should.

I asked her, “Do you think Demarr could build an exploding organization starting in Casper Wyoming in the next 18 – 24 months?” She said, “Yes!”. I said, “Okay then, what would Demarr do that you are not doing?” She said, “Hmmmm . . . not sure. Maybe he would do more??” I asked, “What do you mean?” She said, “He would show the business more often!” Okay, now we are getting somewhere. As we talked, the truth came out. BJ is showing the business . . . but not showing it nearly enough. When you go fast and build with some urgency, your team seems to want to do the same. Demarr would show the business 3 – 5 times a day.Think about it this way. If you have 5 people on your team showing it 3 times a day that’s 15 exposures a day (300 a month). If you have 5 people showing it 3 times a week that’s only 60 exposures a month. Over a year, it’s the difference between 3600 exposures and 720 exposures. Do you see the difference? YOU must set the pace for your group.

Then I asked . . . “How would Demarr’s thinking differ from yours? In other words, what do you spend your mental energy on that he is would not be?” She thought for a moment and said, “I’m not sure?”. I’ll ask again, “What would Demarr NOT be doing with his mental energy that you are doing?” She said, “Thinking about what he is doing wrong?” I said, “How many hours a day are you toiling over this question?” You know the answer . . . you’ve been to all the trainings. You’ve listened to all the conference calls. It’s time to get out of your own way. You are spending most of your mental energy each day trying to figure out why it’s not growing! Versus spending that same energy on helping others see a a better future and how we can help them get there!

The one thing that can make the biggest difference is A BURNING DESIRE TO WIN. In the context of “a burning desire to win”, the question of “how to do it” doesn’t come up. The question of “what am I doing wrong?” doesn’t come up. That burning desire drives you!

So here it is:

1. Do more presentations
2. Stop asking “What’s wrong?”
(instead ask, “What can I do better?”)
3. Tap into your burning desire to win
4. Make this your highest priority


1. How many new people are you meeting each week?
(Meet more people)

2. How many people are you appreciating each week?
(Appreciate more people)

3. How many new people are you presenting to each week?
(show more people)
a. Look for leverage opportunities – show to more than one at a time
b. Get out of the conversation in your head that’s holding you back

4. Track yourself – Any tracking sheet will do
(Grid on wall or MPP Tracking Sheet)

5. Plug in and get your team plugged in
(Read Books, Listen to Conference Calls, Attend ALL events)

You won’t build a large business with the attitude of, “I’m in it for the long haul.”
I think it’s great that you are in it for the long haul, but that attitude gives you permission
to slack off and do it later. And then you’ll beat yourself up each week knowing that
time is slipping away. You want this and you want it now! Pulling an adhesive bandage off
slowly is painful. It’s time to get off the fence. Dig deep and find your burning desire.
YOUR BURNING DESIRE TO WIN will overcome all obstacles. You’ll access all the resources
(internal and external) you’ll need. You will have major setbacks but those won’t stop you.


Let’s say you focus on getting 2% better each week. What can you do this week
to be 2% more productive in your business. What can you do this week to be 2% more skilled this week
in your business. Do this for 1 year. You are 100% better after 1 year. 500% better after 5 years.
What can I do better TODAY? Get 2% better each day and in 60 days you are over 100% better and in
1 year you are 500% better. That’s 5X the person you are today. If I asked you what can you do to become
2% better today . . . if I asked you that question each day, I’ll bet you could come up with something. Like
meet one more person today. Or follow up with one more person today. Or read 2 extra pages in a personal development book today OR listen to a call on www.thecoolbuzz.com today OR book myself for convention today.
Just 2% a day can completely transform your life!

Today I hung out in a cabana at the pool all day at the Mirage Casino with Eric and Marina Worre and Tony Robbins CEO and his girlfriend. Today is Monday. Most people did a commute and are working a job that barely pays the bills. . We had salads and burgers and talked about our dreams, told stories and laughed a lot! At one point I said to Eric, “This is our life! . . . If they only knew how good it was, they would work 10 times harder to get here.” Not that long ago my tiny paycheck determined what my life looked like. And it wasn’t too pretty. I made a choice and put my head down for a few years. Today, I get to call the shots. You deserve to call the shots in your life. Stop playing around with this and make it your business. Don’t wait. You may have to work harder than you have ever worked before. But not for too long. Do it for 18-36 months so you can have the life of your dreams. It’s within reach.

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