2007 Plan for the Year

Conference call summary 1-1-07

First I would like to congratulate you on an amazing year. Over 75% of you joined the business in the last 12 months, so most of what I am going to share with you tonight was accomplished with 25% of our existing team. Imagine what will happen as our newest team members get up and running. Kodys vision to become the largest greeting card company in the world is well on its way! This year will be the year we grow up and go from a small company to a big company. You are all on board at the right time.

I want to publicly thank our company employees that did an amazing and accurate job of making sure over 60,000 cards per day were delivered on time over the Holidays (all cards were sent within 24 hours of us hitting send). Make sure you send them a card to thank them . . . and especially let them know when you talk to them!

Basic Team Stats and State of our Organization:

I believe there is a potential market for at least 2-3 million SOC distributors in the US. With Canada and the rest of the world we could potentially have 10 million or more distributors in SOC. SOC currently has less than 15,000 distributors. This is based on my previous experience with other Network Marketing Companies

One year ago our team had 1565 Distributors and as of yesterday, we now have 8568 Distributors. We are still by far the fastest growing and largest team in the company. Your groups represent over half of the entire company.

One year ago our monthly volume of cards was $97,000 for Dec. December of 2006 was $458,000. That represents over a 400% growth from last year to this year. Our team is responsible for over 6 million in revenue to SOC over the past year.

Kodys goal for the company is to become a 30 million $$$ company. My team is a subset of his team
and your team is a subset of my team . . . so for me to grow, we both need to grow. My number 1 priority in this business is to offer you the tools, training and support system to expand your income and your business.

Hear are some of my plans and goals for the New Year The reason I share these with you, is for me to meet my goals, you must meet yours!

1.Offer at least one earned incentive program that will allow a whole bunch of us to take a fun trip together for a few days and give you a chance to network with the top leaders on our team . . . maybe out at sea!

2.With the support of our top leadership establish a network of monthly leadership gatherings for
training and networking. As we grow there are many opportunities for us to help each other across North America and eventually the world.

3.Offer another special leadership training for Senior Managers and above just prior to our Annual Convention in Salt Lake City.


1. Monthly Card Volume per month by Dec of 2007 1. 6 million
2. Total Team Distributor Count by Dec of 2007 – 30,000
3. Number of Distributors joining per month 1500
4. Number of Distributors earning $10,000/mo 30
5. Number of Distributors earning $30,000/mo 5

This means that if you are in the Top 20 Eagles Nest, you should be earning more than $10,000/mo


Lets talk about what its going to take for you to meet your goals . . .
Today is Day One of 2007. What story will you write for yourself and your family this year??

The problem with New Years Resolutions is that people dont keep them. They write them down and then after 2 or 3 weeks they see they are not following through so they quit them all together.

I saw the new Rocky Balboa movie today and during a very emotional scene with his son (his son was blaming Rocky for his failures) Rocky says Life is not fair and its tough and it will knock your feet out from under you over and over again. Your success doesnt have to do with avoiding getting knocked down . . . life will knock you down. The Heros are the ones that keep getting back up to fight again.

I have a personal experience of this. When my last company went away, many of my peers didnt have the heart in them to do it again. As a top earner and having been with my company for 13 years, I had established a pretty amazing lifestyle. My overhead was over $20,000/mo and in one month, my cash flow was gone. It completely disappeared. I was devastated and despondent for weeks. A few of you saw me in this state. I got knocked on my ass and so did many others. Many lost everything. At these times, you need to trust and follow your promptings.

I did . . . I chose to go in the opposite direction of my peers. It was tough, because the masses were going in one direction and I chose to go all by myself in the other direction. I saw that FEAR was driving the decisions of most . . . I needed to act on faith, not fear. I needed to go after what I wanted vs running from what I was afraid of. This was one of the toughest times of my life, because at the time there was no one that saw what I saw except Kody and my sponsor.

I’m talking about a fairly BIG situation in my life, but we are all faced with little jabs and punches daily that take us to our knees. Most people eventually cave in and give up. That’s why most people live lives of mediocrity. It takes and true winner to get up stronger each time they get knocked down. One hit wonders are dime a dozen. I really respect those people that can find the heart in them to do it again and again until they get what they are after.

You get what you focus on consistently. Have you ever noticed that right after you buy a new car, it seems that there are more of them on the road than the day before! That’s because you begin to notice what you are FOCUSING your mind on.

So all of this being said, I think it’s important to WRITE OUT WHAT YOU WANT to accomplish in 2007. Write out what your life will look like 12 months from now in the present tense. Who will be in it? What will you be doing with it? How will you be spending your time?

To make it easy just for this call, I’m going to have you do an exercise that will help you to get started. Some of you may have already begun to put this together.

Right now, write out 5 things you must do this year and 5 things you want to do this year . . .

Now pick 3 things that will absolutely be done within the next 3 months. Month 1, Month 2, Month 3.

You may not currently have the resources to do them . . . that’s okay. Write them anyway. Miracles will begin to happen and you’ll see opportunities (they will actually emerge and become visible right before your eyes when you right these things down!)

You ALWAYS get what you focus on consistently even if you focus on NOT getting it. For example . . . DON’T think of Pink Elephants. Try really HARD NOT TO THINK OF PINK ELEPHANTS. Pink Elephants become vivid clear and real in your mind even though you are trying not to think of them.

The same is true for your life and business dreams and goals . . . most people focus on what they DON’T want . . . like, “I don’t want to be broke in 2007” . . . guess what you keep getting more of?? So when you are doing this, do not write out what you don’t want, write what you do want.

We did this exercise a few months ago on one of our calls and I’ve been getting e-mails ever since from people that have accomplished what they wrote down in their 3 month simple plan.


We all strive for balance because we have a need for certainty in our lives. Balance gives us certainty. So we spend a lot of time worrying and stressing because our lives are out of balance. So we work and work and work trying to get balance . . . then once we have true balance one of two things happens.

Something changes and our lives are out of balance again We get bored and we seek to do something that will put our lives out of balance

The quest for balance is healthy. Balance is not healthy. There is no growth in balance. Growth happens when we are out of balance. Striving for balance will keep us fulfilled. Trying to keep balance will actually cause us to lose what we want, because it is motivated by the fear of losing it.

So we are all working to reach a certain level of success which is defined by our arbitrary rules of what success looks like. When we ARE successful, then our lives will be in balance. And once we get there, something changes or we get bored.

I realized recently that my quest for balance is an awesome adventure but achieving balance is actually impossible to do . . . so if I have an EXPECTATION that to be HAPPY I need to have BALANCE, I will never be happy, because balance doesn’t really exist.


You get back what you send out . . . If you send out forgiveness, you get forgiveness. If you send out Love, you get Love. If you send out Money, you get Money. If you invest in others, they will have the confidence to invest in you. If you give friendship, you’ll get friendship. . . do you get the picture?? SendOutCards is a mechanism to do everything and anything you want to do. When you give support, you get support. You get back what you send out. MOST PEOPLE SAY TO THE FIREPLACE OF LIFE . . . YOU GIVE ME HEAT AND ILL GIVE YOU FIREWOOD It doesn’t work that way.

You can become the catalyst for quantum leaps in fulfillment in your life if you become proactive and Send Out What You Want!

HERES THE KEY: What do you want? (HINT: Look at your New Years Resolutions) Send it out! If you are not sure how this translates, look at it more carefully and figure out how you can send it out into the world. You get back what you send out . . . 10 fold. If you want a new House . . .how can you send that out? Ask yourself WHY you want a new house. Get to the real reason behind your wants and SEND THAT OUT.

You cant give to get . . . you must give to make a difference and then allow the universe to do its work.


SendOutCards is not a mass mailing company
SendOutCards is not a promotional company
SendOutCards is not a marketing company
SendOutCards is not a greeting card company
SendOutCards is not a printing company

SendOutCards can be used to do all of these things, but its really not about our mission. Yes you can mass mail, promote, market and send greeting cards but that is not what it is designed for . . .

SendOutCards is a way to quickly act on your promptings and make a difference in the life of one other person today. I encourage you to watch the DVD with Kody one more time if you are not sure why you are doing this.

The decisions Kody makes are designed to help you send a card out today to someone that will make them smile or cry a little out of happiness for getting your card. The cards are designed to make someone feel good . . to motivate someone . . . to help them feel wanted and appreciated . . . to empathize.

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