Nov 14th,  2016


#1 – Have a plan . . . grab your calendar and begin to get things scheduled out. Just by having a plan it can take the edge off the stress.
#2 – Check out the HOLIDAY CHECKLIST in the RESOURCE CENTER – It’s at the very top.
#3 – Clean up your list. Text and email friends, family and business associates for their MAILING ADDRESSES. Do this NOW. Don’t wait. There were marriages, divorces and some people moved (Discuss my first year and subsequent years) Also, make a short list of those you want to send GIFTS to this year. Be Santa 🙂

#4 – If you don’t know how to CREATE AND SEND A CAMPAIGN, watch the tutorial NOW. Again, don’t wait. Figure it out so that you are ready.

#5 – Make a list of customers you want to train to send their campaigns and get them on your calendar right away. Some will spend $200-$2000 on cards and gifts if they know how to do it.
You’ll get 20% so it’s worth your time! If they send out $1000 worth of cards and gifts, you make $200! Want some extra holiday cash? TRAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS!

#6 – Make a list of 20 people that don’t use SendOutCards and just ask them (in person or by text) if they know about SendOutCards Holiday Signature Series. If they don’t, share the app with them, demo it and tell them how they can send out their cards this year.

#7 – Take LOTS of Photos (It’s family time!)

#8 – DECIDE how many new bundles you want to sell between now and the end of 2016. Finish strong. How many will be distributors? Set a goal and get that much closer to our trip to Cancun!

#9 – Enter in to the holidays with a spirit of giving and not a spirit of getting. Who else can you love and appreciate this year? Stop hunting people and instead begin enjoying people.

#10 – Meet more people and be inquisitive. There is a direct correlation between the # of people one knows and the success of their business. I have found that when I shift my energy from selling to relating, I do much better. Ask questions and really listen. Learn as much about the person you have just met as possible by asking great questions. Figure out a way to “stay in touch” by getting an email address, business card or putting them into your phone.

#11 – Figure out your holiday budget this year . . . what will you spend on cards and gifts? Plan accordingly. Are you sending out gifts? 2 panel cards? 3 panel cards? Don’t wait til the last minute. Figure this out now so you can plan things out. It’s much less stressful. Be prepared to go a little over budget . . . we always do. Remember, you get back what you send out! Don’t be a scrooge!

#12 – Schedule your campaign. Pick an exact date. Are you sending a Christmas Card? Generic Holiday Card? New Years Card? Get it on the calendar! When are you going to hit the send button on your campaign?

#13 – Your BEST distributors will come in during the busiest holiday time so continue to build your business. through the holidays People that are committed to finding a business to launch into the new year are committed like no others. We double in size between Oct and Dec. Closing your doors for business is a big mistake that will cost you dearly. Do you see toy stores closing up in Nov and Dec? Of course not! This is the season that they clean up not close up! This applies to you too!

#14 – Be the organizer . . . leaders put things together. The holidays can be a lonely time for many people. Use the holidays as a reason to get people together to celebrate each other. Getting people together is the most powerful accelerator of growth in your business. Host a holiday party for your team, guests and your customers. Make it a potluck if you are on a budget. This is great way to get people in the spirit and engage people in the spirit of the holidays

#15 – Schedule a late Nov- early Dec Holiday Card sending training for your customers. Many of you are already doing this. Even if it is just 5 people, start where you are.

#16 – Check out SENDCERE.COM for ideas. Log in with your SOC USERID AND PASSWORD and then you can type in any search term on the upper left.

#17 – Schedule at least one opportunity to donate your time to people in need . . . volunteer at a homeless shelter or visit an home for the elderly. There are many lonely hearts out there and the holidays are the toughest time when they are missing their families the most.

#18 – At least once a day, pray, meditate, do yoga or take a walk in nature. Your holidays will be much better . . . and just like your cards, schedule it. I will be doing at least 2 of these each day.

#19 – If you are still watching TV, consider turning it off. Watching politics and the news creates about 80% of the holiday stress and anxiety you are feeling. Replace it with sending cards, demo’ing the app and being with your friends and family.
You’ll feel better, your stress will go down and your business will thrive.

#20 – Integrate these 19 things into your life over the holidays and your holidays will be less stressful, way more enjoyable and very productive. You will be really happy.

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