August 6, 2007

2 THINGS THAT INCREASED MY PAY BY $150,000 PER YEAR (By the way, these can help you increase your pay in ANY BUSIENSS!):


BONUS TIP: Send Cards to GIVE vs to GET
BONUS TIP: Make your decisions based on your Commitment vs on how you feel

Back in the Early 90’s, I was told by a successful Network Marketer that if I mastered the 3 WAY CALL, it would increase my income by no less than $80,000 per year. At the time, I was already having some success in Network Marketing – My income was about $1500 per month and I had just left my job to pursue my last company ‘Full Time’. I was skeptical, but also excited that it might be true. I had never done a 3 way call. I can remember where I was sitting, who I was calling and how I felt at the exact moment I made my first call. Most phone services today include 3 way calling. Annette Dizino was a brand new Distributor in my group and she was excited about building her new business. I took down some basic notes that would help me through my first call. We were going to call Lisa Kneller. Here was the basic structure of the call:

1. I would call Annette and coach her on what we would be doing and how to introduce me to her friend
2. I would ‘flash’ over and call Lisa (Annette’s friend)
3. Annette would briefly introduce me
4. I would conduct the call
5. We would ask Lisa if she has any questions or if she was ready to get started
6. We would end the call

When I coached Annette on how to introduce me, I just had her say the following:

1. Say ‘Hi’ and ask your friend if he/she has a few minutes

2. Tell your friend my name. Tell them I’m on the phone and tell them
How we know each other.

3. Then say, “Jordan is a little more experienced than me and will take you through a few things and then answer your questions.

Again, I was told that this could increase my income by $80,000 per year. Although I was very nervous, my fear was worth overcoming if it were true! I figured I would just go for it (Larry King wrote in one of his first books, “Whenever I found myself nervous about meeting with a guest on my show, I would say to myself . . . ‘no matter what, I’m not going to die and it will be over in one hour!’)

We made the call and got through it. Lisa was very interested, signed up and brought in over 400 distributors over the next 2 years!
I started doing 3 way calls every day and continue to do them today!

Here’s why 3 way calls are so powerful:

1. It gives your new distributor instant credibility when you are on the phone with them on their first few calls.
2. It protects them from undue rejection in their first few days/weeks of the business – people they know are less likely to be disrespectful if a third party is on the phone with them.
3. Even though you may be relatively new in the business, you have been in longer and have more knowledge and credibility
4. It prevents you from having to do cold calls, because you can get a warm market ‘introduction’ to someone you don’t know from someone you do know.
5. There is power in numbers and whenever 2 of you are working together, your successes will be multiplied many times over.

Usually these calls are set up IN ADVANCE so the person on the receiving end isn’t surprised that someone else is on the phone with their friend/associate


This minor shift in my thinking allowed me to do in 10 months what it took me 4 years to do in my last company. I learned this in a course that I took on Business Networking. In other words, in my last company it took me 4 years to hit $10,000 per month in income. I did this in 10 months with my current company using this distinction. A prospect is someone you have to sell. Most companies and Networkers focus on Prospects and Prospecting. I spent many years prospecting and selling to grow my businesses. This is the most difficult way to build a business, because it involves convincing uninterested people that they need to join you in your program. In 2004, I learned the concept of ‘a referral source’. A referral source is someone that does business with people that would do business with you if they knew about you!. What’s the difference? A referral source already has relationships in place with people that do business with them. If they begin to like our service, they will begin to refer it to people in their network. Very little selling needs to occur here. The credibility and trust are already in place, its simply a matter of educating their network and getting them started. This compresses timelines dramatically.

About 2 years ago, we created a relationship with BNI (Business Network International). This is the largest network of independent business owners in the world. Ivan Misner has written many best selling books and is known worldwide as one of the premier experts in the field of Networking. Ivan has written about us in his new best selling book “Truth or Delusion” He uses SendOutCards and speaks about us from the stage. We currently have about 400 SOC distributors in chapters across the US. There are over 3600 chapters without SOC distributors in them. This is one of the most powerful referral sources available today! Consider PROMOTIONG BNI within your group and getting as many of your team involved as possible.

When I joined my first chapter about 2 1/2 years ago, I was blown away when 8 out of the 12 members expressed interest and eventually signed up. In fact I began to envision having one of our distributors in every chapter in the US. Can you imagine if you had 100 distributors in chapters and each chapter just produced 2 new users per month through referrals?? That’s 200 new users per month! That’s all I did and now I just promote BNI as a great referral source.

There are THOUSANDS of possible referral sources. Simply pick a few and then give a free Gift Account to that person in charge and show them how to use it!

If you want more info about BNI, go to www.thecoolbuzz.com and click on the BNI link on the bottom right.

You can connect with many other great referral sources at www.meetup.com as well.

BONUS TIP: Send Out to GIVE – This morning I met with a guy that sells promotional products from Mark Herderings Organization. He lives in Portland. He had his picture taken in Beverly Hills Dr when he was in LA. He’s holding a coffee. He sends people that he meets a picture plus card with him standing in front of the sign holding a coffee. He puts a $5 Starbucks card in it and says “Let’s meet for Coffee” Then he comments about Beverly Hills being a little too far to go for coffee, but how about meeting in Portland instead.

He says he would like to learn more about their business and possibly become a referral source for them. They always get around to asking him about his business as well! This is a simple Send Out to GIVE strategy that can expand your network in anything that you do!


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